Anyone wants salad?

As she made the salad for lunch. He wasn’t big on salads, but she had told him she was making it fresh for him as a special surprise. It was a garden salad, with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. She was standing there in a translucent negligee gown, the light shining through it. She made sure he watched as she chopped up each of the vegetables, putting them in the salad and mixing it up.

She served the salad with a drizzling of salad dressing, raspberry vinaigrette.

“Eat up, we’re going to work that off later” she said with a wink.

As he started eating the salad she had a funny smirk on her face.

“I have something to show you” she said as he ate the last of it. She picked up her smartphone, and started playing a video as she turned it towards him.

The video showed his girlfriend in bed, with her knees up, a hand touching herself. She stopped, reaching for something, next thing we see her holding a cucumber in her hand, she begins rubbing herself with it, before sliding it into herself, slowly. Plunging it in and out several times.

As he sat there watching the video he felt himself getting aroused.

“Did you like the salad?” She asked, a glint in her eye as she smiled at him.

“I only had one cucumber, and now it’s gone”.

At that moment he realized what she meant.

He was however rock hard.

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