Anyone ever thought of banging their medical doctor?

I had my dermatology appointment yesterday and this is the second time I’ve desired this. She’s so effing hot. She’s very sweet & loves when I cum in to see her lol.
I’m required to undress down to my undies
Which I wore my sexy red with the band at the top. She checks down the back of my undies for my skin check I feel like asking her to check down the front especially if I’m rock hard erect. I want to see her expression hehe. Go ahead check my front pull my underwear over my erect cock oh my she’ll say, yep that’s for you all yours open your mouth 👄. Mouth full of penis now. Get that coat off her & make her strip. Going to get her in that patients chair spread her thighs eat her out till she moans and groans . Then I’m going to shove my cock in her pussy while she gasps in ecstasy . I’m going to pound her pussy to pieces until I unload my load . This her checkup now with a creampie ending. While she sucks me off . Oh I’m cumming again that one in her mouth 👄 and the rest on her amazing tits.

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