An unexpected punishment [FM]

It started out just like any other night, with Jake coming home from work and me in bed waiting for him. We started to makeout passionately and I was anticipating our regular routine after work sex. But I could see in his eyes a devilish look that I didn’t recognize. As he was kissing my neck he whispered in my ear it’s time for daddy to punish you. Being caught off guard , he got up and put me over his knees and starting to spank my ass over my tight black yoga Pants which really showed off my ass , after a few hard slaps he pulled down my Pants and exposed just my bare ass and started slapping my ass harder and harder , I could feel the heat. There was about a minute of pause and I was grateful the spanking was over because my ass was starting to get really sore but that is when I heard him taking his belt off his pants and telling me he was going to whip my ass with his belt next. I could feel myself starting to shake as he started beating my ass with his belt. As I started to scream he covered my Mouth with one hand and told me to shut up, so daddy could enjoy punishing his bad little slut. I kept squirming and trying to get away as the pain got so intense. He took my off his knees and turned me around and forced me to sit on his lap which was torturous considering how red and raw daddy just beat me ass. He reached his hand between my legs and said I’m not done with you yet. He reached back for his belt and ran the ice cold metal belt buckle across my glistening pussy and whispered i’m beating your pussy next since you were such a bad little girl as he slammed the buckle down on my clit. I screamed out in pain , only to have daddy spread my legs wider and belt my pussy until it was swollen and red , with my crying my eyes out.

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