An older guy cheated on his GF with me and he fucked me soo good that I had to bite the pillow. [MF][F19]

A group of our friends went to the mountains last winter and I started talking with an older guy there who was with his GF. He was around 30M.

I could tell he knew how to talk to a woman right but his GF rarely sat with him on our trip to the mountains and that let me know that I had a big chance to have sex with this guy. I always found something sexy in competent men who are older than me and who are organised.

I gave him all the signs and I could tell and he was into me too, but didn’t want to do anything in the public with his GF there. He was also my friend a bit so we went a bit more private when we got to our chalet.

We quickly went to my room and got straight naked. As soon as he put his big cock inside me I had to bite my pillow not to scream and after that he went even harder on me, grabbing my hair and pulling it back. It was so fucking hot to have that older man’s energy around me and him giving me the best sex session I ever had.

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