An old tenant comes back to see me by bob144333

My yard sale

I own an apartment building and every so often in the summer I would have a yard sale. I would mostly sell items that tenants would leave behind . Last weekend while sitting on the porch watching visitors mewing around I saw Casey walk up . Now being a landlord I had to deal with all kinds of people with all kinds of problems . Casey was one of those tenants that I didn’t mind helping.

When Casey moved in she was 23 recently married. She was always well dressed and took great care of herself and the apartment . They were quite respectable and paid their rent on time, a blessing for me as a landlord. Unfortunately about two months later her husband was arrested and sent to prison for a few years. Casey struggled to make ends meet and was starting to fall behind on her rent.I felt a little sorry for her and since she was a good tenant and a good looking young girl , I gave her a break.

It all started innocently as she came to me and offered to do me favors in return for lowering her rent. Of course those favors eventually turned sexual and were very enjoyable for both of us.We had a lot of good fun for two years until hubby got out and they bought a home in the next town over .Our fun times ended leaving me with only memories and a vacant apartment.

Well here is where this story gets more interesting . I was sitting watching her walk around and couldn’t help seeing how she had changed. Her small body had filled out , her breasts were a little bigger and her blonde hair had gotten longer.She was a little wider between her thighs a sign that she was still playing with her large toys.

She walked up to me seemingly happy to see me ,smiling when she said hello.I offered her a chair and she sat down and crossed her legs “How’s my princess doing .It has been a couple years since I have seen you hasn’t it” I said.

I got her a soda and she began to tell me about how her life had changed. After she bought her house by making videos and doing podcasts .She had to tell her husband how she made the money. Explaining to him how she was exposing herself on line .At first he understood and forgave her then she quit and got a real job.But as time went on money got tight and it forced her to start making those videos again. It got to the point where he was bringing men by charging them for her services. Well she got pregnant ending up having twins . He left her because they weren’t his children, things got messy from there and he left her alone to raise them by herself .

Well I was sure she made a lot of money selling her talents as I knew from experience she was good at it. But if you were to see her in public you wouldn’t think she was that kind of girl. Even today she was dressed well and looked like the normal woman,mother .

“Well you are still very pretty even after all you have gone through” I said “I am happy to see you”. Casey took my hand, “My mom watches my children and she has been urging me to go out and meet someone. But I prefer not to have strangers around my children, I want to raise them the right way”she said. “Although you know how I can get lonely at times and after seeing you well”She said “I was just wondering if” again she paused ,”well use your help” and squeezed my hand .

Now Casey at 27 still looks hot and after the fun we had in the past I didn’t hesitate to tell her I would be happy too.”Great”she said looking around before she gave me a kiss, then again a deeper kiss. “Thank you “she said “I can come by around nine tonight if that’s okay,nine is fine “ I said.

As I walked her to her car she turned around”I just want you to know that I dont sell myself any more.It has been two years since I have been with a man and I remember how you pleased me”.I gave her a quick kiss” I will see my princess ay nine then” She smiled “thank you” she said again as she started the car giving me a wave as she left.

Wow I thought to myself then started thinking how we had a lot of fun together years ago. My dick was hard thinking about how her thin body looked naked.The many times I watched her lay on her back fucking her self for the camera. How wet and stretchy pussy felt as we screwed there in her cum soaked bed.She wasn’t a whore she did it to support herself and I understood that.She wasn’t the kind of girl that would have men over every night,she wasn’t a whore .She just used the internet to support herself and her fantasies .

I closed up my yard sale, went home showered and even shaved my privates. Made my supper, iced down a bottle of wine and waited patiently for nine o’clock.Casey was right on time and I opened the door when I heard her soft knock .As usual she looked beautiful wearing a dress, her long blonde hair was in a pony tale . I gave her a kiss inhaling her perfume”wait right here “I said .She gave me a puzzled look “Why”she asked “because my kitchen has never smelled this nice “ then kissed her again. She laughed then put her arms around me and we kissed even longer.

I finally walked her into the living room where the lights were low and I had soft music playing.I offered her some wine watching her hands shake a little when holding her glass. “Nervous “I asked, holding her hand still,”no just excited,” she said .”Like I said earlier it has been years since I have been with a man. And never since I have been with such a kind and romantic man as you”. Casey smiled then took a sip of her wine, she then sat back against the sofa.She still had her legs crossed as most women do exposing just enough for a man to adore them.Her dress was so it showed just enough cleavage to get one aroused.

When she held out her glass again her hand was not shaking while I poured.This time I held her hand “not shaking this time” I said when I filled her glass,”no but still excited”. Her free hand went down to my thigh when I put the bottle down.I turned and looked at her smiling at me “you are so beautiful I said then leaned in and kissed her.

Each time we kissed they became longer until she set her glass down.She then pushed me back and started kissing me more passionately.That was when I reached up and cupped her breasts and she let out a low moan. I could feel her nipple harden as her tongue pushed farther into my mouth.

We kissed like that for quite a while until her hand moved up even farther on my lap.She gave my cock a few rubs before taking a sip of her wine .When she finished she set the empty glass down and smiled.”Take me to your bedroom “ she said softly “I have been waiting all day for you”

In the bedroom we stood by the bed kissing while I unzipped her dress and she stepped out of it.Her hands moved down slowly and seductively unbuttoned my shirt .She kept giving me kisses and smiles all while I cupped and massaged her breasts through her lace bra .

There was no ripping our clothes off jumping on the bed and quickly fucking. Everything was slow and pleasurable as she pulled my pants off.She had sat on the bed kissing my belly as she slowly pulled my shorts down. Then softly caressed my hard cock rubbing it against her cheek as if she was worshiping my man hood.

She looked up at me as she smiled then began stroking my shaft lightly squeezing it . I heard her moan as she began to suck down on my cock. I let he suck away at me, enjoying the feeling of her hot mouth again. I moved my hand up on her head lightly following her movements as they became faster.I began to remember how good she used to do that to me in her apartment. I remember how hot and wet it made her pussy get by sucking cock and how juicy it was when she would take me inside her.

I finally moved back, removing my cock from her mouth and stepped out of my pants. I lifted her legs up kissing each one as she placed them over my shoulder working my way down. By the time I was on my knees she had moved her lace panties to the side.She had her fingers holding open her lips waiting for my tongue .

She let out a louder moan when she first felt my tongue lick up between the folds of her pussy. She started rubbing a finger around on her hard nub slowly at first. Her finger seemed to follow my tongue down her slit spreading it as I licked my way back up. When I stopped near the bottom she would stick two fingers inside her wet hole. Then drawing her juices back up leaving me a trail for me to follow.

Several times when I would just stop she would push her fingers in deeper and finger fuck her self . Soon she was pushing her hips up and having a small orgasm then slap her hand on her hole .I would then suck hard tasting the results of her playing. She would hold my head tight to her pussy even as I moved up and back down.

“Fuck me now “she finally said moving her legs off my shoulders.As I reached and started lowering her lace panties she lifted her self and moved up father on the bed. As I moved in between her spread legs she grabbed my head . She pulled my mouth down onto her nipples and pushed her chest up .”You do me so well, just like I remember”she said moving her head from side to side.

“I love how it feels” and moaned when she felt my hand go inside her pussy. “Oh yes “she cried “that’s it make me cum, oh yes,yes “she started saying over and over.She then pulled my mouth up to hers and we kissed as she was coming down from her orgasm.

With my cock easily finding its way into her sloppy wet pussy she smiled. “You still know how to get me off .I don’t know why I didn’t come back sooner to have you do this to me”she said “Your cock feels so good inside me now fuck me like you use too”. I then started fucking her slow building faster until by balls were slapping up against her wet hole. I would hold them against it at times feeling one nut go inside. Then pull out and start the rhythm all over again.

I can remember back in the day how she had her pussy so stretched out I could get both of my balls inside her. How she could easily set herself down on a 15 inch monster cock fucking it as people sent her tips for watching her.As I again started fucking her hard she had 4 fingers along side my cock. I finally told her I was ready to cum “Cum in me “she cried out grabbing my balls pushing them against her pussy.

When I finally stopped cumming she was still rubbing my balls around in the juices seeping out . she laid her legs down “Damn I have forgotten how a real cock feels”she said smiling at me.She laid there when I pulled out and rubbed our cum around ,She rolled onto her side laying her head on my chest .She was breathing softly as I slid my hand up and down her back.She finally put her chin on my chest again smiling “thank you again”she said.

“Again” I said “give me a few minutes and maybe” she laughed “that’s not what I meant”.I cupped her cheek”that’s what I meant give me a few minutes and I am sure I can”.

She moved her hand down to my semi hard cock”that’s it I am sure you can get it hard again.Casey moved up raking her hard nipples against my chest as I looked into her blue eyes. Now siding on me and smiling “I bet I can too” she said moving herself around on me.She then moved herself lower ,good I thought she is going to suck me back hard. But she continued to move off the bed reaching down putting her panties on then her bra. She tossed me my shorts “lets have some more wine we have all night”

I laughed “sure “ I said as she helped me off the bed and helped me with my shorts. She did stop and gave my cock a suck before standing up .She held me tight and kissed me “why are you not married” she said as we walked back out and sat down.I poured our selves some wine and sat down beside her “I am surprised you haven’t found another guy by now.How do you know I haven’t “she said before taking a sip of wine. “Because you told me you haven’t had a man inside you for two years”

“Caught me” she said” why haven’t you found a woman yourself.Oh never mind you probably have one for every day of the week” then laughed.”Thank you for squeezing me in”she said then leaned in and kissed me.Casey took another sip “I dont think a man would want me now that I have ruined my self.At first I thought it was fun using big things inside me. I made a lot of money and learned to enjoy it too.By the time my husband got out of jail I was so stretched that even he didn’t want me.

He started bringing men home so they could do me by putting both of their cocks in me.She took another drink “ I am even surprised you didn’t kick me out of bed”.I kissed her “Casey I think your a very beautiful woman and I have enjoyed having sex with you many times.Even tonight I enjoyed you ,yes you were loose but you made up for it with your fingers beside my cock”.

“Have you thought about seeing if a doctor can tighten you up” I asked not to get personal.” I have “ she said “but without surgery they said I should just stop using big toys”. I gave her a deep kiss “well why don’t you stop”.Casey looked at me “could you stop jerking off if you didn’t have someone. I laughed “ I see your point but you know I could help you” .

Casey thought for a minute” how can you help” she said waiting to hear my answer.”Well for starters how many times a week do you get yourself off .Again you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want too.”I said.”Only once a week but I can’t get off without the big toy.Well you got off tonight without it didn’t you “I said She turned placing a hand on my cock “Yes but I had you. Exactly next time you feel like having sex call me “ I said .

Casey set her glass down taking mine as well and climbed up on my lap”how about now”As she sat facing me she reached behind her undoing her bra. “I love these “I said cupping her breasts giving her nipples a suck. I spent a lot of time massaging and kissing them listening to her moan.She was grinding herself down on my cock while holding on to my shoulders.As her breaths became deeper she was holding me tighter .

At times I would stop to tell her how pretty she was.I told her how many times I jerked off thinking about her.I could feel her getting wetter as she slid back and forth on my cock. “Do you like the feel of my cock sliding along your clit? “ I asked . I knew she did by the way she was breathing but I wanted her to say so.”It makes you wet. I can feel it , I grabbed her hips and held her down hard on my shaft. I know you like it because it is making me harder: I gave her a deep kiss ,tell me you like it. I want to hear my princess say it ”I said .“Yes” she said weakly rub your nipples” I said “doesn’t that make your pussy tingle” again I knew it did my the way she bit her lip “yes “ she said again. “Louder tell me again I know you like what I am doing your panties are soaked.Tell me again does it make you want to cum all over my cock . “Yes “she said a lot louder as I felt her pussy get warm . She started riding faster as she was now saying yes over and over until she orgasm ed and laid her head on my shoulder.

I waited silently until she regained her composure then rolled her over on her back.She smiled as I laid down over her looking directly in her eyes,”there’s more. I am going to make you cum again without sliding my cock into.I want to prove to you that what I do next will want you coming back for more”. With that I reached down and placed the palm of my hand against her pussy . I kissed her as I began to rotate my palm around in her juices .

I should have pulled her panties off but I was hoping the soaked fabric would add to the pleasure.I was making constant eye contact with her “you like that dont you.You like to feel your warm cum sliding back in between your lovely lips”. I bent down and kissed her “that cum that you just squeezed out is now going back up inside you’. You like that feeling “I said “tell me you like it “. Casey closed her eyes “Yes I like that please keep doing that”.

She was getting wetter the more I rubbed ,then I let my thumb touch her nub. She gave a louder moan when I started rubbing on it, She cried out yes when I let a finger slip between her lips .I rubbed her like that feeling her legs moving up and down and wiggling her hips.

After a while I noticed she has had a few orgasms and was now begging me to stop .She was moving here head back and forth gasping for air.Finally I stopped removing my hand and laid myself down on her. I was still looking into her eyes “I like seeing you cum like that”I said .

Her cheeks were pink and her eyes were glassy.”are you ready for my cock” I whispered to her.”Wait , yes but wait oh my god I want your cock but wait “she kept saying I kissed her over and over rubbing her cheek while she settled down. Finally she smiled and quietly whispered “I want you now” With her saying that I sat up and began slowly pulling down her panties revealing a very wet pussy.

She was staring in my eyes while I leaned over her admiring her long slit and puffy blood filled lips. I stood up taking my shorts off and bent down and put my arms under her.I lifted her slim body up and walked her back in the bedroom where I laid her on my bed.I was so hard I wanted to fuck this beautiful girl ,and I told her so.Though she wanted me too I knew I would cum with in minutes if I did.

As she lifted her knee’s up as I moved in between them I could hear her saying yes softly.She was waiting for my cock but instead lowered my mouth down .she grabbed my hair and pushed her hips up when my tongue touched her lips.Each time I sucked on a sensitive spot she jumped as if a volt of electricity was shot into her.I took my time finding each spot and would lick and kiss back and forth on each one. I carefully put one finger inside and started rubbing those spots from the inside.

After ten minutes or so with her begging me to tuck her I finally found the spot that made her cum hard.That spot was at the very bottom of her long slit ,a spot I don’t think she knew was there. I would slip my middle finger inside on that spot and my thumb on the outside. Each time I rubbed my fingers together she would jump,

Her badly abused and stretched out pussy had very few sensitive spots left but at last I found the right one. Then after giving her another orgasm I rolled her over . From her back side I took juices from her pussy and slid my middle finger in her ass. She jumped then calmed down until my thumb and my finger met each other at that spot . It started getting her worked up all over again . Each time she came it would take less time for the next and I was giving them to her with just two fingers. I stopped finally when she cried loud and her body went limp.

I have been making her cum for almost an hour straight and she was spent.I slid my body up her back and whispered in her ear “did you cum” . Of course I knew she did. I just wanted to hear her response but there was none. Thinking something was wrong I quickly rolled her on her side. Her eyes were open wide and her smile was wider “are you okay “ I asked she turned saying that she was . “You see little one you don’t have to feel my cock in you to cum” I said rolling her on her back and helping her sit up.

I moved up leaning against the headboard as Casey rolled over laying her head on my chest.”Why didn’t you fuck me “she said looking up.”I smiled because you wouldn’t have cum. Why” she said again “because I would have cum before I got it in you. And I wanted you to enjoy what I was doing to you”I said rubbing her cheek.

We laid there talking for quite a while when her hand started to rub my cock”Can I make you cum now “she asked, I didn’t have to answer.”I am already close to cumming ” I told her as she placed my hard cock in her mouth. “Making you cum kept me from doing it ,oh Casey you do it so well”I said taking a deep breath.I had my hand on the back of her neck as her head bobbed up and down.The slurping sounds from her mouth filled my mind imagining my cum dripping from her lips.”Oh Casey I have missed our monthly meetings when you used to do this to me. I have never had such a pretty girl like you do this the way you do.

I sat up now and was looking at her tiny butt, then ran my hand down her back. “Oh fuck baby I am cumming as I felt the first shot of cum spewed into her mouth. She began sucking harder as her small hand grasped my cock. I laid back as she continued sucking while my hips shook against her head.Finally her sucking slowed and she licked up and down the side of my shaft.She was looking up at me each time she licked up. Then she would open her mouth and let my cum run down my shaft., She then would go back down and do it again smiling as my body would shake.

Finally she collected all the cum in her mouth then sat up and swallowed. She wiped her lips and moved up giving me a kiss with her hand still gripping my cock.”I like your big cock”she said as she squeezed a bit more cum from it.

Finally she let go of my cock and sat up “can we do this again”she asked. I hugged her “I want you too,every time you get the urge ,you call me” I said .”bring those big toys over and we will get rid of them.We will get you pussy back to normal”I again kissed her deep .

I walked her back out to the living room and helped her get dressed.” I mean it, come back any time day or night” I told her as I watched her smile at me as she walked to her car and drove off.

About a week later I received a call “did you mean what you said? I heard her say.”Good I will be over at nine” then hung up

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