Alone Time: Jean and Lou by sandstorm3636

Lou was sitting at his desk looking at his computer screen when he heard his phone buzzing. It was a message from his step sister Jean telling him to go downstairs to talk to his step mother. Rolling his eyes he put his computer to sleep and descended the stairs very slowly, making as much noise as he could on his way down.

When he entered the kitchen he was met with the sight of his step mother standing on her tiptoes as she reached for something in the cupboard above the sink. She was wearing green yoga pants that showed off the shape of her legs and butt quite nicely. Lou rolled his eyes in annoyance. He and his father were definitely two of a kind. They both liked their women to be shapely.

After watching her struggle to reach something for a while, Lou finally spoke up. “Let me help you.” He pushed her out of the way and grabbed the item she had been searching for.

“You’re so tall, just like your father,” she praised him.

“Jean says you want to talk to me?” he grumbled while averting his eyes from the front of her shirt. Her v-neck was quite low cut, revealing her large cleavage. She always looked like she was about to burst out of her clothing. Was there anything she wore that was the correct size?

“Jean? Oh, was that today? I forgot.”

“Was what? What’s going on?” Lou was utterly confused.

“Jean asked me to bring some of her things over to her flat downtown. I said I’d make a trip of it tomorrow but she demanded you bring them down today.”

Lou rolled his eyes again. He knew what his step sister was planning. She wanted to get him out of the house so their parents could be alone. His father, Bill, was just coming off of a long work week. The two honeymooners had little to no time to themselves since their marriage a couple of months ago. Lou could not honestly care any less but Jean was different. She wanted to give her mother as much space as possible, which prompted her to move out on her own when their parents got married. Her excuse was she did not want to move uptown to live with Bill and Lou like her mother. Instead she moved in with one of her friends from college.

Lou wished he could do the same, not to be friendly to his father, but to get away from the annoyingly loving couple. Every day he had to deal with watching them making out in the mornings at breakfast. Jean’s mother, Joyce, loved to cook. She would stand in front of the stove talking to the father and son pair as they ate breakfast. Bill would always finish quickly and go to hug his new wife from behind and hold her waist. Lou tried to ignore it but he was sure he saw his father pinching her rolls of fat often too.

Calling Joyce fat was not exactly true. She had a wide butt and breasts that could flatten a tin can. Lou’s friends that had met her said they could hear her thighs squeak when she walked. That was exactly what Bill liked though and his tastes definitely rubbed off on his son. Bill was extremely skinny but his first wife had been just as plump as Joyce. Lou was tall and lanky but less of a stick than his father. Jean took after her mother but only in shape. She was not plump but the word thigh gap did not apply to her at all.

Thus was Lou’s dismay at having to visit her. She was, after all, a college girl 3 years his senior whom he had no real relation to; yet he was going to have to spend a whole day in her apartment pretending not to be attracted to her perfectly proportioned body.

After receiving a box of useless things that Joyce had kept for Jean when they both moved out of their apartment last year, Lou boarded the ground rail passenger train for downtown. It took nearly an hour with all of the stops along the way. All the while he cursed himself for not getting a head start in order to catch the express train that only made one stop before downtown. Since he was going to have to stay all day to give Bill and Joyce time together, he planned to catch the express back at least.

Though he had not been there since helping Jean move her things last year, he still remembered the way to her apartment. She answered the door wearing a towel and with her dyed blonde hair dripping with water from the shower. The towel was tucked into itself right above the nipple line of her breasts, leaving little to Lou’s imagination. “Where do you want this?” he held up her box, pretending he was going to just drop it off and leave.

“Get in here, silly,” she laughed as she yanked him into the apartment by the wrist.

“Shouldn’t you wear something more modest?” he asked. “Doesn’t your roommate’s boyfriend live here too?”

“They’re both out at the moment,” she assured him. “You can just dump that anywhere. I’ll probably toss it all anyway.”

“Thanks for letting me know how useless my time is,” he grumbled.

“Oh don’t be like that, little brother. Don’t you want Mom and Dad to have a good time?”

“Call him Bill,” Lou ordered her. He did not like Jean calling his father so familiarly.

“You can call Joyce Mom if you like,” she jumped on the opposite end of his complaint. “You already look like a mother and son.” She was referring to the fact that Lou had black hair and glasses like Joyce, although his hair was somewhat gray while hers was shiny; probably due to her taking better care of it. Jean tilted her head as she pondered on the similarities between her mother and her step brother. “Maybe you’re actually the product of an affair our parents had when I was a babe.”

“That’s rude to my real mom,” Lou argued.

“I forgot. That sumo wrestler still doing drive bys or does she not fit in the car anymore?” Jean pulled no punches when talking about Bill’s ex-wife. Carla was always a large woman but she had gained a lot of weight in her later years. Bill had done everything to get her to take better care of herself. He even first left her in order to motivate her to get fit in order to win him back. However, she instead became obsessive and began sending horrible threats to all of the female workers at his company. She used Lou to try winning Bill back multiple times until Lou just had to cut off all ties with her.

When Joyce and Bill first started dating, she used to drive by the house and take pictures of Joyce’s car in the driveway. All the while she kept putting on more and more weight. According to her the stress made her eat more. Last time Lou was in contact with her she was in the hospital for gout.

Lou sat down on the couch while Jean left the room to change. When she came back she was wearing extremely short cargo shorts and a thin tank top. One look is all it took for Lou to realize she was not wearing a bra underneath. “Could you wear something more?” he asked.

“Why?” she acted confused. “Are you worried about your big sister? Thanks for the concern, but I’ve been without a little brother for a long time. I don’t need you to suddenly force me to be all modest.”

“That’s not…” Lou stopped himself short of admitting his true opinion. The last thing he needed was for Jean to make fun of him or call him disgusting. She had fallen into the role of a big sister much more easily than he had of a little brother. “Are you really happy this way?” Lou asked a different question.

“You mean the fact that I moved out?” Jean tried to guess what he meant. “I miss my mom but I’m not going to be a child forever. If I’d gone to another college, I’d have already been living on my own. I can’t very well force Bill to look after two full grown women.”

“And it’s fine for your mom to look after me?” Lou asked.

“I never said it was. Hurry up and get older, little brother.” She ruffled his hair as she sat down next to him. He had thick and dusty looking hair that always bunched up around his ears and the bows of his glasses. With her touching it, some of the bunches sprung out and covered the lenses of his glasses, forcing him to take them off and put them back on just to see properly. Jean laughed at him as he tried to straighten them, causing him to blush. He hated being treated like a child by her.

When he could finally see again, he noticed Jean staring at him with her feet propped on the edge of the couch and her knees under her chin. He quickly realized that she wanted to watch TV. It took him a while to get used to her quirks. Jean was used to living alone and therefore always acted like she was a guest in anyone else’s presence. To her that meant she would not touch anything without being given permission. Once they had sat on the couch at home for over an hour as she watched him play on his phone. She was smiling the whole time though, which confused Lou.

Feeling bad, Lou reached for the remote and turned on the TV. The glow of the pixels reflected in Jean’s eyes as she turned to look. Lou sighed as he examined her excited expression. She was really a simple person. Though he still felt this whole situation was forced on him, this was the one thing he liked about his father getting remarried. He would have never met Jean and definitely would have never sat this close to her if their parents had not gotten married.

Lou quickly switched his attention to the screen, chastising his own brain. How could he have admitted to something so embarrassing, even to himself? Jean was being selfish by dragging him all the way here. If he let himself, he would forget that. Why did he want to let her off so easily? Everything about her should have annoyed him. Just by humoring her he was spoiling her.

“I’m leaving.” He stood up suddenly.

“Wait, where are you going?” She grabbed his hand. “Is it the TV? I’ll turn it off.” She reached for the armrest on her side where the remote would normally be, only to remember that he was the one who turned it on. She had been watching it so intently she had forgotten.

“You just don’t want me to go home, right? I don’t have to stay here then.” He walked in front of her toward the door.

“But…” She gripped his hand tighter. “Shouldn’t we… shouldn’t we hang out once in a while too?” she suggested.

“Why?” he was confused.

“Isn’t that what siblings do?”

“No, they hang out with their friends or their girlfriends. They might stay home if it’s raining or they may watch TV when it’s late at night but they don’t really enjoy each other’s company.”

“Okay, let’s pretend it’s late at night.” She pulled him back down onto the couch again.

“We’d have to pretend we even live together first,” he argued.

“Fine, stay over tonight, no this whole weekend. I’ll text Bill right now.” She grabbed her phone. Lou watched her type out the message and send it. He himself was confused why he did not stop her. “What?” she asked when she noticed him smiling at her.

“You’re sure you’re the older sibling?” he chuckled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She puffed out her cheeks in annoyance.

“Nothing,” he hummed as he laid down on the couch, placing his head on her feet. She stared down at him in confusion. “This is how siblings act. They hog the whole couch to themselves,” he made an excuse.

She cautiously scooted to the side so she was barely occupying any space. Eventually she shifted herself until she was sitting on the armrest with only her feet next to his head. He continued to stare up at her with a smug expression. “Alright, you’ve completely kicked me off of my own couch, now what?”

“Well, if you don’t like it, you could kick me out of your place,” he suggested.

“You’re still just trying to leave,” she moaned. “Why do you hate your sister so much?”

“Do you really think we’re siblings?” Lou asked skeptically. All Jean wanted was for their parents to get along but she was not the type of person to do something with half effort. She had put her mind toward dragging her so called brother out of the home for their sake so having him disappear from her sight was not within her plans. To make sure he did not go right back, she had to baby-sit him.

“Do you hate me?” Jean asked while reaching down and running her hand through his hair. Startled, he sat up, giving her the opportunity to drop off the armrest and back onto the couch cushion. Lou quickly laid his head back down, this time on her lap. This was a game of chicken and he planned to win.

She placed her hands on either side of his head and began to play with his hair. His cheeks turned red but he pretended to stare at the TV so she could not see very well. “I guess this is fine,” she sighed. “Siblings can watch TV like this from time to time.”

Lou cursed himself in his head. If Jean put her mind to it she could put up with anything. He was doing more mental damage to himself than to her with these games. If he wanted to make her mad, he had to do something else.

“Siblings also try to steal each other’s spots,” Lou spouted as he stood up and then sat down behind her, pushing her forward with his knees, trying to edge her off the couch.

Laughing, she tried to grip the armrest so he could not push her. She brought her feet back up onto the couch and pushed against the ledge as hard as she could. Lou put his hands on her back and tried to push her off again. She leaned forward so he could not get a good angle. She was giggling at the feeling of his hands on her.

The situation continued for a while, the two of them messing around like little kids, though one was in high school and the other in college. When Lou got tired, he moved his feet to either side of her so he was no longer pushing. She leaned back and rested against him while looking up at his face. Her own face was red from struggling and she was panting.

At that moment, Lou could not help himself. He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. Jean did not move away at all. When he pulled back she simply smiled at him. “You’re finally treating me like a sister,” she spouted proudly.

“We’re still pretending,” he assured her.

“Okay, what’s next then?” she was almost eager.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, tucking them under her large breasts. They were nowhere near as big as Joyce’s though. “This is kinda comforting,” Jean mewled while closing her eyes and resting her head against Lou’s chest. “Do all siblings just cuddle when they watch TV?”

“No, they only hug each other when it’s hot and they want to wipe their sweat on someone,” Lou made another excuse.

“Well, I just showered, so I’m not that bothered,” she assured him. He rested his chin on her head and absorbed the scent of her shampoo. He had not been this close to a girl in quite a while. Whenever he had a girlfriend, he would go through an awkward phase of not knowing how close he could be with them. He would usually just hold her hand unless they were alone, at which point touching under clothes became his objective.

Jean raised a confused eyebrow as she felt Lou’s hand sliding up under her shirt. She tried not to be bothered by it though. Perhaps he just wanted to be even closer to her than her clothes would allow. It was not until his fingers brushed one of her nipples that she realized something was not right.

“You’re a naughty brother,” she breathed out.

“I’m just teasing you,” he assured her.

“Do siblings normally tease this way?” she was skeptical.

“If I had a sister, this is how I’d tease her. It’s fine as long as you don’t actually take off your clothes.”

“I see. So touching like this between siblings is perfectly okay,” she nodded while speaking. She did not sound convinced in the slightest. She also did not seem to care what he was doing to her. Perhaps she still could not see him as anything more than a naughty little brother.

Annoyed, Lou punished her by twisting her nipple, causing her to let out a loud moan. “How long are you going to keep this up,” she panted to catch her breath.

“Until you kick me out,” he suggested.

Jean seemed to ponder the idea for a moment. Lou was almost surprised when she scooted backwards to sit in his lap properly. He immediately felt his groin swelling with blood in response to the sensation of her soft butt pressing against his thighs. Jean smirked when she felt the tip of his cock pressing into the crotch of her shorts from below. At the very least she was proud of herself for being able to arouse him so easily.

Lou felt like she was laughing at him. She was litterly in the lap of a horny teenaged boy. Where was her sense of danger? She gasped when he lifted the hem of her shirt, exposing her round perfect breasts to the air. “I thought you said I had to keep my clothes on,” she reminded him as she covered her nipples from view with her hands.

“You do, but I didn’t say I’d make it easy for you.” He pulled her shirt off entirely, leaving her completely topless. Her eyes went wide as she turned to look at him. The moment her face met his, she felt his lips pressing hers. She was too surprised to react. When he pulled back, she was frowning at him. It was the first time she had shown any sort of annoyance with him that day.

“Are you still teasing me?” she asked bluntly.

“You’re the one who dragged me all the way out here!” he snapped at her.

“Oh, so this is payback. I see. I did not realize you were so expensive. Alright, if that’s what’ll make you happy.” She took her hands away from her breasts, letting him have a perfect view of her stiff pink nipples and her slightly swollen areolas.

Lou was again stunned by her lack of resistance. Though he was nervous, he was not going to let this opportunity go. Jean could hate him for the rest of his life but he would not care. He touched both of her nipples at the same time, causing her to gasp. He kept eye contact as she blushed.

She did not seem experienced with being touched, despite what he would call the perfect body for seducing men. In the time he had known her, she never had a boyfriend. His thoughts spilled out as he played with her breasts. “You’re single?” he asked almost calmly.

“I’ve never really thought about relationships before,” she admitted in a raspy voice. “Mom has been taking care of me by herself since Dad died so I thought it would be disrespectful to show off a boyfriend to her.”

“Now that your mother is happily married, you’re going to start dating?” Lou surmised.

“I thought about it but the idea still didn’t make sense to me. I guess I missed the point in my life at which the opposite sex was supposed to become appealing. I just thought boys only wanted one thing from me and I want nothing from them.”

“What about now?” he pinched her nipples and rolled them, making her moan.

“Well, you’re someone I want something from, so it’s an okay trade, isn’t it?” she responded breathily.

“If you’re trying to make me feel bad, it’s not going to work. A guy would publicly humiliate himself for far less than this opportunity.” He ran his hand down her chest, in-between her breasts, until he reached the hem of her shorts. She gasped when he plucked the button, unburdening her waist. She lifted herself onto her knees so he could slide her shorts down over her round ass, leaving her in nothing but her panties.

“You’re really aggressive,” she complained.

“You’re not resisting at all,” he argued.

“I don’t want you to think I’m mad at you,” she explained.

“But you are mad?” he confirmed.

“I’m not mad, just disappointed. I didn’t expect you of all people to do this to me.”

“You sound like you place a lot of value on your chastity,” he surmised.

“Don’t you?” she asked.

He shook his head. “My chastity means nothing to me. Your chastity only matters to me if I’m the one who takes it, and I plan to do just that today.” He pushed on her back, making her lean forward so he could get a better view of her butt. She sighed as he grabbed the back of her panties and yanked upward, giving her a wedgie.

She looked back at him with a slight pout. Though she was slightly aware that boys her age found her attractive, she had always assumed Lou would value their new family enough not to hit on her, let alone try to sleep with her. Still, the fault lay with her for not turning him down outright. She felt bad for forcing him to go along with her schemes for their parents.

It was not as if her current situation was unpleasant. As he had said before, only if she was overly obsessed with her chastity would she find sleeping with him deplorable. If she thought about it properly, this was a perfect chance to have some fun without having to get an actual boyfriend. With that thought a slight smile spread across her face.

Lou had already begun to tug her panties aside, revealing the thin slit of her cunt from behind. Jean was definitely embarrassed. No one of the opposite sex had ever seen that part of her. To think the first would be her own step brother. Still smiling she held back her embarrassment. To be honest there was no person she would rather share this period of practice with. Despite the fact that Lou obviously did not feel the same, she considered her and him to be kindred spirits. He was the only person who could possibly understand why she was still single and why she was obsessed with her mother’s happiness before her own.

For the first time since they met, Jean’s opinion of Lou as a younger brother was pushed aside when she felt his fingers entering her. His hands were definitely bigger than hers. She was surprised when he moved her hand to the crotch of his pants. He obviously expected her to touch him as well. “Is this what couples do?” she giggled. “I can masturbate by myself, and so can you.”

“Does it feel like masturbating?” he asked while curving his fingers, digging into her spongy flesh and making her gasp. She shook her head. The sensation was entirely different than her own fingers. Something about not being in control made it feel more exhilarating.

“I could get addicted to this,” she moaned while leaning backward against him again. “You shouldn’t go back home. Just stay with me forever,” she suggested jokingly.

Lou rested his chin on her head again while laughing. “When did you get so spoiled? You’re supposed to be a strong independent only child,” he reminded her.

“I don’t want to be an only child anymore,” she whined while adjusting herself against him, moving his fingers around inside of her on her own.

“You know this is not what siblings normally do, right?” he teased her.

“Which is probably why real siblings don’t get along very well. They have to put up with each other but they can’t fuck each other. What about you? You find me annoying, right? Would you put up with me if I didn’t have curves and boobs and an ass like this?”

“Listen to you bragging about yourself like this. Are you trying to advertise yourself to me? Is there a limited time sale or something?”

She nodded while leaning forward and placing her hands on the coffee table in front of the couch. She made sure he had a perfect view of her butt and her slightly open cunt, dripping a little from his stimulation. “Hurry up, the sale ends soon,” she made an exaggeratedly seductive voice.

“What’s the cost?” he tried to hold out on her.

“You’ll have to put up with me for life,” she almost sounded like she was threatening him. “No more avoiding me and pretending we have nothing to do with each other. You get this body but you get the bitch attached to it too. Don’t expect to have a peaceful relationship with any future girlfriends either. I intend to let them know that I come first.”

Lou almost burst out laughing. He could not imagine Jean being jealous or possessive of him. The fact that she was saying all of this with a straight face was proof enough. The most serious thing in her life was her mother. For herself though, she could not care at all about her own happiness. She was giving up her virginity on a whim after all. In fact, Lou almost felt saddened by the knowledge this was not something special for Jean. If their parents had not gotten married, she might have been in the very same situation with a different step brother.

With Jean’s bare ass right in front of him, Lou did not have to think hard about how to vent his frustration. Jean moaned as she felt something larger than his fingers sliding into her from behind. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she sighed contently.

“Don’t act all satisfied yet,” Lou warned her. “This means you’re mine forever too. This body is mine. You don’t get to refuse anything I want.” He pushed his thumb into her butthole to iterate his point.

She groaned as she felt her tiny hole stretching painfully. She had never masturbated with that part of her body before. While she did not have a problem trading sex to get Lou under her thumb, letting him treat her whole body like a toy was a little bit much. She was already regretting not trying to bargain when he first started touching her. She probably could have won him over with a simple hand job or even some money. Why had she willingly offered her whole body to him? Furthermore, she probably could end things right then and there and just walk away. The only thing holding her to the agreement was her own morals.

She crossed her eyes as she felt his thumb digging deeper into her butt. She really wanted to stand up and slap him and then kick him out. It was her apartment and she would have been fully within her right to change her mind. Something kept her from doing so. She had wanted so badly to connect with Lou. Just because it turned out to be in a sexual way did not mean she had not achieved her goal.

“That’s a good girl,” Lou praised her when he felt her anus relaxing a little. She was definitely uncomfortable but she was giving her best effort for him.

He pulled her into his lap and pushed her down so she sank onto his cock slowly. She winced when she felt the tip pressing against her hymen. She looked back at him with an unsure expression. He put his hands on her waist and lifted her up so only the tip of his cock was still inside her. She felt slightly cold with her wet cunt so exposed. She braced herself as he dropped her, letting her own weight bring her down on his cock again. It tore through her hymen in one thrust, leaving her clutching her stomach and groaning loudly.

It had happened, she had given her virginity to her step brother. She knew it was supposed to hurt but after his earlier stimulation, she thought she would be able to endure it more. She was wrong. It did not matter how turned on she was, having a hole tore in her flesh hurt regardless.

Lou turned her head and kissed her, interrupting her groans and distracting her slightly. At the same time he lowered himself beneath her, pulling out a little, before pushing back in. She whimpered against his lips as she felt the torn remains of her hymen scraping his cock. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She wondered how long it was supposed to be before sex started feeling good for her.

Lou tried his best to stimulate her. He kept pinching her nipples and even tried playing with her clit. He kept kissing her and even pushed his tongue into her mouth. After a while, Jean jerked her head away and began to scold him. “You’re such a bastard. Since kissing feels good I must like it? Well I can’t really concentrate on it with your goddamn dick shoved inside of me, can I? All I can think about right now is how you’re literally stabbing me with it and how quickly I can get you to stop.”

Lou gripped her waist and begun to thrust into her faster. “Ouch. Didn’t you hear what I just said?” she complained.

“If you want me to stop, I have to get off first,” he explained.

Jean’s lips twisted as she thought about it. After a moment she began clenching the muscles of her abdomen. She also crossed her legs, trying to make herself tighter. Lou’s expression showed that he could definitely feel a difference. He pressed his face into the back of her neck and wrapped his arms around her stomach, pulling her fully down onto his lap as he sped up even more.

Jean wanted to cry out in pain at first. However, after a moment, she began to smile. She could feel Lou’s breath on the back of her neck and his arms pressing into her stomach, like he was cradling her. She knew he was just holding her as tight as possible while fucking her as hard as he could but she still felt cared for. She liked the closeness. At that moment she began to understand why people seek the opposite sex. She made up her mind then and there, if it meant he would keep holding her this tightly, she would let Lou have sex with her whenever he wanted.

Finally, she felt something warm flooding her insides. Panic suddenly set in. “I’m not on the pill!” she shouted.

“Aren’t all college students?” he argued.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend. I don’t need it.” She began to pry at his arms, trying to get away from him so she could check how much he had actually cum inside of her.

“Just wait,” he mumbled with his face still pressed to the back of her head.

She could feel his cock still twitching inside of her. She blushed as she felt slightly prideful and embarrassed. He did not want to pull out of her. She had never had sex before and therefore was worried she would not be able to perform to his standards but she need not have bothered. Her step brother was a simple person. All she had to do was be a girl with a hole and he would be satisfied.

With her eyes closed she reached over her shoulder and touched the hair on his forehead. She definitely felt like an older sister comforting her younger brother. When she felt his cock start to shrink inside of her, she finally pulled his arms away from her stomach and stood up. Lou watched with a slightly dazed smile as she stretched in front of him. Staying locked in his embrace for so long made her muscles sore. She also felt like she could feel the pain of her torn hymen in her whole body. Perhaps her nerves were just that sensitive.

“Are you mad?” Lou asked as he watched his own cum sliding down her thighs.

“Why would I be mad?” she asked coyly? He blushed as he tried to think of what to say. “I’m in my own apartment yet my brother takes off my clothes and uses my body however he wants,” she spouted sarcastically. “Why would that make me mad? It’s not like I mind getting fucked by any random guy or getting cummed inside of. It’s not like I have plans for my future that don’t include raising a baby.”

“I’ll buy you the morning after pill,” he suggested quickly.

“Really? That’ll be a nice conversation at the pharmacy, won’t it? Is this pill for your girlfriend? No it’s for my older sister whom I assaulted yesterday.”

Lou could not help but notice the slight smile on Jean’s face. She may have been scolding him but she was not so mad that she hated him. Lou began to smile as well after a moment. “I’ll buy some condoms and birth control pills too,” he added.

Jean stifled a laugh. “You think this is going to happen again?” she scoffed.

He nodded. “I’ll tell the pharmacist if you want. What are you planning to do with all of those, young man? I’m planning on fucking my older sister whenever I can.” Lou spoke with a straight face but he was still blushing. He was trying to call Jean’s bluff. He had known her long enough to understand her personality. She did not care about this sort of thing enough to get mad or get him in trouble.

“When did you get so naughty?” she asked. Instead of answering, he stood up and walked towards her. “What do you think you’re doing?” she tried to block him with her arms.

He grabbed both her hands and pulled them apart while also pulling her toward himself. He kissed her once before finally answering her. “You’ve been standing in front of me practically naked for a while now. How could I stay still?”

“You’re such an animal. What if I say no?” she struggled to break free, not very hard though.

“I don’t think you will. You don’t do things that don’t benefit you.”

“Letting you fuck me doesn’t benefit me,” she countered.

“It doesn’t hurt either, does it? Can’t you just let me? You don’t have a boyfriend. Can’t you just put up with it for now?”

“How spoiled are you?” she was astonished by his bluntness.

“Very,” he responded curtly.

“When asking for a favor, you need to be politer,” she was just blubbering pointlessly as he kissed down her neck and eventually her breasts.

“Please let me fuck you,” he was once again blunt.

Her face was completely red. “Why say it like that? Why does it sound like you’re doing something to me? Isn’t sex a group participation thing? Why does it feel like it’s just the guy picking a girl and shoving his dick in her?”

“If that’s how you want to think about it, go ahead,” Lou offered. “I’m just shoving my dick in you every once in a while. You can watch TV or play video games on your phone. Just pretend I’m not here. It won’t hurt you at all.”

Jean understood that it was her own personality that led Lou to the conclusion that she would simply let him fuck her with no strings attached but she still felt annoyed to have it said to her face. Part of her wondered if what he was suggesting was even possible. Could they remain platonic even if he was allowed to fuck her whenever he wanted? Would that make her just a tool to help him masturbate? Was he just a dildo for her as well?

“Fine,” she finally answered.

“Really? I can fuck you whenever I want? Right now even?” he pushed his fingers into her cum filled cunt, making her squeak.

“Don’t forget your promise. I’m coming with you to the pharmacy. You have to say the pills are for your sister if they ask. Don’t even think of saying stepsister either.”

“Why?” Lou was confused.

“Because it will be funny. What else do I get out of all of this than a little humor?”

Lou sighed in agreement. So far she did seem to be getting the short end of the stick. He was right that letting him fuck her did not cause her trouble but it really did not benefit her either. He silently hoped that the pharmacist did not ask him any questions though. If he really had to say he was buying the morning after pill for his sister, he would die from embarrassment.

Assuming their agreement was a done deal, Lou lifted Jean’s left leg, exposing her wet cunt to the air and sending a chill down her spine. She shuddered in anticipation as he pushed his fingers into her again. “It’s weird to know that I don’t have rights to my own body anymore. You could do anything at all to me. Do you like just standing here or would you rather go to the bedroom? What is it like when lovers do this? Would you rather lie down and take your time or will you just keep pumping into me until you cum again.”

As if to punish her for suggesting he lacked skill in sex, he pushed one of his already wet fingers into her tight asshole, causing her to yelp. She looked at him with a pleading expression as he pulled both her butt cheeks apart and began to play with the tiny hole. Jean gasped as he pried her anus apart with two fingers, letting air rush into her empty bowels. The sensation of something going in rather than out was odd.

She knew she should be mad at him on principal but her own logical mind was asking her why. If she had allowed him access to her whole body, did that include her asshole? However, why did he want to play with her asshole? It was just another hole. She could feel the difference but he could not. What was it about boys that made them eager to force their partner to experience different feelings during sex? She had heard that guys loved knowing that they could make a girl squirt. She had no idea why that would benefit the guy at all.

Lou had just agreed that she could practically ignore him as he used her body. Why then was he doing his best to make sure that was not possible? Jean was brought out of her thoughts by the feeling of Lou pushing his fingers deep into her asshole. She crossed her eyes as the sensation assaulted her nerves. Her asshole was supposed to be used for pushing things out. The sensation of something going in reverse coupled with the pressure of her bowels constricting to prevent it was overwhelming.

The pain was sharper than she thought it would be, like a punch to the gut. Her body’s reaction was to try numbing her nerves. Her mouth fell open and her tongue rolled out, dripping with saliva, as she lost control of her body for a moment. The next time Lou jabbed the inside of her butt, she was still numb. It only felt like a dull knife pressing against her but not able to actually cut.

Her ears began to ring just from having her eyes crossed for so long. She tried to look at Lou but could not even focus. Her tongue felt like it was in the way as she tried to speak. “Ah can think strat (I can’t think straight).” she blubbered at him. “Yu ur making me ooped (You’re making me stupid). Mah brain ish melpin (My brain is melting).”

Lou kissed her drooling tongue before responding. “You’re adorable,” he laughed with glee. He tried and failed not to smile as he dragged her back to the couch. She did not even try to stay standing and simply collapsed on her stomach.

It was when her mind started to focus again that Jean realized she was alone in the room. Lou had disappeared for a moment. She looked up when she heard him enter the living room again. He was holding her electric toothbrush from the bathroom. “What’s that for,” she gulped nervously.

Rather than answering, he rolled her onto her side and pressed the bristles against her clit. She shook her head violently but he still turned it on, causing her to shriek as she felt dozens of pricks swirling against her most sensitive spot. She felt like she was being stabbed with a thousand needles. When she finally stopped screaming, she had to pant to catch her breath. Lou pulled her up so she was sitting properly and then sat down next to her, still keeping the head of the toothbrush pressed to her clit.

She stared at him with an exhausted expression, her tongue hanging out like a dog’s. Unlike before, she was not going numb. Her body was not treating this as an attack. Her only assumption was that the clit was supposed to get rubbed during sex. Of course, this was just too much. It was going to be too sore to touch for a week.

She was barely able to resist as Lou pulled her up onto his lap. She felt his hard cock between her legs and giggled while looking down. It was big enough to poke out in front of her cunt from below. She was dreading having it go inside her though because it would definitely brush against her clit. She imagined it would feel like sand paper.

All of her expectations were subverted when she felt the tip of his cock, wet with precum, pressing against the tiny opening of her asshole. She did not even have time to complain before he had shoved it inside. The hole stretched and contracted around the head in a flash, sending her eyes rolling from the pain. Between the prickling of her clit and the stretching of her anus, she did not know where to focus.

When the head of his cock pressed against her bowels though, the familiar feeling of a gut punch set it. Lou lifted her up into the air and slammed her down as hard as he could, causing her to nearly vomit as her bowels contorted. She stared back at him with a ragged expression, daunted eyes and wheezing for breath. He could not tell the difference from her former panting though and simply prepared to shove into her again.

She grabbed her stomach as she felt the head of his cock moving like a lump in her bowels in the wrong direction. What kind of person first thought it was a good idea to force anything up into a poor girl’s stomach like this?

Finally, after the forth thrust, the numbness from before began to set in, delayed by her body still trying to process the intrusion as sex due to the stimulation of her clit. The gut punching lump in her bowels was replaced by the dull knife that could not actually cut her. At the same time, the pricks she felt on her clit changed as well. Rather than needles, she felt like dozens of bubbles were popping against her flesh, like her clit had been dipped in something carbonated.

She began to shiver as the nerves in her whole body tried to process the new sensation. She looked back at Lou with a wide grin while breathing through her teeth, splattering him with spittle. Mesmerized, Lou removed the toothbrush from her clit and brought it up to her face.

Unable to think straight, she instinctively opened her mouth. It was her own toothbrush after all. Not sure what else to do, Lou began to brush her teeth. She jolted when the rotating bristles touched her gums. Unlike when she brushed her own teeth the sensation was different, like being ticklish to another’s touch but not your own.

When she got tired of craning her neck to face him, Jean turned her head to face forward again. Lou leaned forward so he could keep sight of her mouth and keep brushing her teeth. She groaned as his cock slipped deeper into her asshole in the process. It was then that he finally recalled what they were doing. He was trying to brush his sister’s teeth while fucking her in the ass.

When he stopped moving the toothbrush, she opened her mouth to speak. “Wah ah you stomming fo? (What are you stopping for)?” she blubbered with her full mouth. Even without toothpaste she instinctively held her salvia rather than swallowing it. Lou pressed against her teeth again, however, with her mouth open, he accidentally pushed the head of the tooth brush into the back of her throat.

She clamped her mouth shut and swallowed half of her collected saliva while sending the rest squirting out of her nose. She quickly spat out the tooth brush and turned back to show Lou a pouting face with lines of saliva running down from both nostrils. Not thinking, Lou pressed the head of the toothbrush into one of her nostrils and turned it on again. She screamed as the bristles scrapped the inside of her nose. She tried to pull back but she was still impaled on his cock. She instead lifted herself up and then fell back down, slamming it further into her bowels.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as the numbness spread again. Rather than bristles tearing at her nose, she instead felt popping bubbles filling her head. She began to bounce up and down on his cock just to keep the numbness going so she could enjoy the feeling longer. Grabbing his hand, she pulled the toothbrush out of the one nostril and shoved it even deeper into the other.

She let out a shrill laugh that vibrated along with the device’s motor. “You’re fucking my brain!” she screamed. “You’re scrambling it. I’ll never think straight again. I don’t care. Don’t stop. Fuck up my head. I never want to think straight again.”

Watching his sister get off on being fucked in the nose with a toothbrush was more than Lou could take. He began to cum in her butt right then. She moaned as she felt the warm fluid spreading inside her. The numbness of her body began to subside and the feeling of bristles scraping her nose returned to her. She yanked on his hand, pulling the head of the brush out just before throwing her head back.

Clear liquid shot out of her cunt as she had her first ever orgasm, brought on by being fucked in the nose and the ass at the same time. She jolted on top of him repeatedly, accidentally fucking her own ass on his still semi hard cock.

When her orgasm finally subsided, she lowered her head to look at Lou. Tears streaked her cheeks while blood, snot and drool ran from both her nostrils. Her blonde hair was dark with sweat and her bare chest was shiny with saliva. Her nipples were fully erect and slightly swollen from being played with so much. Her cunt was wet from her orgasm and her clit was red from being brushed. Her asshole was still stretched around his cock. She looked like an absolute mess. He could not care at all though. He kissed her gently. She smiled at him but did not seem entirely present in mind.

Slowly he lifted her off of him and set her on her feet. She swayed from side to side as he stood up while making sure to support her. Their destination was the shower. She desperately needed another one.

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