Affair with my friends Mom

This all started last year at a costume party. I was invited to my friends place and dressed up a little. When I arrived the party was already going a little and it was quite crowded. I was chilling with my friend, drinking a little and playing some games. When I went to get some food I ran into his mom and talked with her a little.

I’ve known her for quite some time too and always thought she was nice, but that day for the first time I saw how good she actually looked. She was wearing a shirt that showed quite the cleavage, a short skirt and leggings with heels on.

After our chat I went back to my friend and chatted with him for the rest of the evening. At around 2 am I wanted to go since I was a little drunk and I went to get my coat. Then I saw his mom, sitting on the ground as she clearly had drunken to much so I decided to help her. I wanted to carry her to her bedroom but as I lifted her up and was about to drop her on the bed she kissed me. I don’t know if it was because I was drunk or just because I was overwhelmed with the situation but I kissed her back and we had Sex, right there in the room next to my best friends room
The next day I snuck away before any of them were awake and I wanted to forget about the situation, but later that day his mom send me a nude of herself asking if I enjoyed last night. And since that night her and I have been doing it a few times, secretly chatting with each other and swapping nudes
I feel kinda bad because of my friend, but it’s so hard exciting and the Sex is really good
If you got questions, advice or just want to talk about this situation, I’m happy to chat about it

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