A work relationship to improve the day (pt1)

Walking back to the backroom, my eyes roamed to see if my friend was working on this specific day. Not finding her for the moment. I set to tasks until I was able to see who I was closing with for the night. My heart jumped with excitement and also a little fear.

It had been several weeks since M had decided to play a very dangerous game of truth and dare and I honestly didn’t see myself falling into the clutches of her, but I have been craving for her even more. Time grew late and finally she walked in with her big purse and hair in all disarray but God, I could barely keep my heart in my chest.

Few words were spoken between us until she was the last cashier for the front of the building. As time dwindled to a few hours, I had to make my move and quick before either a customer or the our other coworker walked up.

“I have been thinking about the dare we did the other morning.” Literally shaking and staying quiet between us. Her eyes looked interested but she swallowed some water before answering with a “oh”. “What if we really try to do it at work like you suggested?” My heart shaking with absolute fear and even with the answer that may come up from. “Exactly where would you have in mind and when?” “Men’s bathroom and after all the tills counted for,” blurring out without looking around us.

I had to take a few steps back and walk around the store before I Literally collapse from such a bold action. I am not like this. Why would I suggest something way out of my character just to feel her tight pussy and incredibly soft lips. Thoughts disappeared as I continued with my nightly duties and somewhere in between them, a text message with a simple “yes”.

The night seemed to slow down to a near halt. Until finally 9pm came and the shut and lock. I wanted her now. She was to my chest and I’m standing at 5’11. Her eyes a lustful blue and lips wet and ready. “The last minute tasks ma’am”, kindly reminding her of the sodas to be filled and trash to grab. Upon multiple attempts of trying to focus and count money, I finished and locked the accounting office.

Nearly running to the bathrooms, women’s was clean and I shut off the light and close the door. I pushed open the men’s bathroom door and there she was. Leaning upon the 2nd sink out of the three that were in the bathroom. The door closed behind me and my lips found hers immediately. I tell her how I thought about this and I couldn’t wait to feel her again. Her smile got bigger as our lips found each other again.

I reached into my pocket, pulling out my cellphone and placing it into the 3rd sink. I feared of accidentally pocket dialing my wife and she finding out the truth, but I was lost from clear thoughts as her phone followed suit. Lips finding each other again. Letting her tongue slide into my mouth, and her fingers slowly tracing along my crotch and feeling me getting harder.

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