A Wild Gondola Ride (M28/F20 + M20/F20) – [Sex games]

The day had only just begun for me, and it was about to take an unexpected turn. Out on the mountain, I bumped into an ex-girlfriend in the lift queue. Well, I say girlfriend, but she was someone who lived in the resort that I had fucked a few times and then kind of drifted away from. Her name was Dolores, although everyone called her Lola, and she was half Spanish and half English. She worked as a liftie, operating the ski lifts, and today was her day off.

She was a beautiful Latina girl, a lot younger than me, probably only 20 years old. She had amazing long black hair in a plait down her back. I’d really enjoyed fucking her; she had nice breasts with very dark nipples and a black bush between her legs.

Today, she was with two of her Spanish friends, whom I vaguely knew, called Isabella and her boyfriend Alejandro.

Being a liftie was the worst job on the mountain. Apart from the odd day off, you were working when the mountain was open, and you had to stand out in the cold. On powder days, you got up early to shovel snow. It was better suited to people who liked to party in the evenings than skiing or snowboarding, but for a lot of people, it was the only way they could live on the mountain.

The thing I remembered most about Lola was that she had a huge cum kink. She always wanted me to come on her face and tits, and was so delighted when I did, rubbing it all over herself and sucking it off her fingers.

We took the main gondola that runs from the town right up to the top of the mountain. As the gondola came slowly through the station, we took our time putting the snowboards in the pockets on the outside so that there wasn’t time for anyone to join us, and we’d have it to ourselves. It was a six-person gondola, quite fast and modern, but it went so high up that it still took a good ten minutes.

As we settled into our seats, the gondola bumped through the exit of the station and then suddenly picked up speed, racing up the side of the mountain as it clamped onto the steel cable. Isabella and Alejandro cuddled up on one bench, and Lola sat next to me.

Lola and I were chatting away, catching up on what we’d been up to, while Isabella and Alejandro took the opportunity to make out. Seeing them kiss was actually turning us on, and our conversation soon turned to our own sexual past together. “Shall we hook up again later?” Lola whispered, her hand on my thigh, “I always had a great time with you.”

“I’d love that,” I agreed, “I don’t know why we stopped.”

With the gondola approaching the top station, we stood up, and Lola surprised me by leaning up and kissing me, her warm tongue in my mouth. The doors opened, and we grabbed our snowboards.

We had a fantastic run back down the mountain, overtaking each other and doing small tricks off the bumps at the side of the piste. The others were all great snowboarders, and it was a lot of fun. To get back to the town took around 30 minutes, including a short chair ride over a ridge. When we got back to town, we went straight back to the gondola queue.

This time, as soon as the doors closed, Lola and Isabella exchanged a naughty look. “Shall we play that game?” Lola said.

“What game is that?” I asked.

“El juego de la mamada” she said laughing, but I didn’t know what that was.

Alejandro was just grinning. As the gondola shot out of the station, Isabella reached over and undid the buckle of his belt, and he lifted up slightly to allow her to pull his snowboard trousers down to his boots. “The game is; who can make their man come first.” she laughed.

To my shock, Lola was doing the same to me. Isabella pulled Alejandro’s cock out of his pants and knelt in front of him, completely engulfing his cock with her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down quickly, while holding his balls in one hand. He had a massive smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Lola had my cock out too, and it was quickly stiffening. She started sucking me, but couldn’t get the whole thing in her mouth, so she was wanking my shaft with her hand at the same time. Her mouth felt amazing on my cock, warm and wet. Bolts of pleasure were running through my body as she sucked me.

Most of the gondolas passing us on their way down the mountain were empty, but the odd one had people in. I wondered if they would glimpse what was happening as we flashed by.

As the gondola ascended the mountain, the atmosphere grew more charged. Alejandro’s breaths became increasingly ragged, and he closed his eyes in blissful anticipation. His hand instinctively found its way to the back of Isabella’s head, where his fingers entwined in her hair.

A low, guttural groan escaped him as waves of pleasure coursed through his body. Finally, in a moment of climax, he released his load into Isabella’s mouth, the intensity of his release evident in the primal sounds that accompanied it. “We, the winners,” he said, in his strong Spanish accent.

After a few seconds, Isabella turned to us and opened her mouth, proudly displaying the mouthful of Alejandro’s cum. With a teasing smile, she swallowed it down. Lola, who had turned to watch their provocative finale, redirected her attention to me, her hand still firmly on my engorged cock. With renewed determination, she resumed her blow job, and before long, I found myself on the brink of my own release.

Isabella decided to help me by unzipping her coat and then lifting up her various layers to show me her tits. They were very small, but with large areolas. I loved them. This pushed me over the edge, and I let out a gasp and suddenly exploded. Lola had just pulled my cock out of her mouth, still wanking me furiously, and my explosion of cum caught her right in the face. She screamed, and then laughed, thrusting my cock back in her mouth to catch the rest of it.

When I had finished, I tucked my cock away, and Isabella handed Lola some tissues to clean up with. But we were practically at the top station, and when the doors opened she had to get out with some cum still on her face. We were all finding this hilarious.

We boarded back to the town again as the midday sun cast a warm glow on the snowy landscape. It was lunchtime so we found a little French café with a view of the pistes. As we enjoyed our galettes and beer, the air seemed charged with a subtle undercurrent of sexual tension. Laughter and casual banter couldn’t quite mask the lingering glances and playful touches that hinted at the shared desires among us.

The mountain was huge, with lots of options of where to go, but we were drawn back to the gondola. As the doors sealed shut, cocooning us in the metallic cabin, a mischievous grin played on my lips. “This time we should switch it round and it’s the boys that have to make the girls come.”

Enthusiasm sparked in their eyes as the proposition resonated with each one of them. Alejandro started kissing Isabella and pulled down her trousers and underlayers. Her bare, exposed ass met the cold surface of the bench, legs spread wide in eager anticipation. Her pussy was trimmed very short, almost like stubble. Opening up her folds, Alejandro started to circle her clit with his fingers. She kissed him back passionately, moaning into his mouth.

Meanwhile, Lola had also lowered her trousers but not her knickers. I slipped my fingers inside the waistband and could feel her thick bush. I rubbed her clit and then slid a finger into her slick cunt. “Do you remember how you made me squirt before?” she whispered. “That’s the quickest way to make me come.”

With the memory vivid in my mind, I pressed a second finger inside Lola, curling them to apply pressure against her G-spot. Simultaneously, my palm worked magic on her clit, creating a rhythm that echoed the wet, squelching sounds of her arousal. My cock was hard in my trousers and Lola put her hand on it.

She held me tightly as I finger fucked her as hard as I could. Then suddenly she let out a cry as she squirted in her knickers, soaking them through. I didn’t let up as her cunt clenched and pulsed around my fingers. Lola’s unrestrained cry echoed in the confines of the gondola as she succumbed to the intense pleasure surging through her. Her essence continued to flow, running down the bench onto the floor of the gondola. “Fuuuuck,” she moaned, the explicit declaration of satisfaction lingering in the air.

Eventually, I stopped, withdrawing my soaked fingers from the intimate embrace of Lola’s core. I brought them to my mouth, savouring the lingering taste of her essence. Lola pulled her trousers up and we cuddled up, watching the other two. Alejandro was still kissing her and rubbing her clit back and forth as fast as he could. Isabella sounded very close, moaning and gasping.

Peering out the window, I observed the top station rapidly drawing near. Was she going to come before we reached it? Just as the gondola disengaged from the wire and slowed onto the station track she let out a loud scream and her legs clamped shut on Alejandro’s hand. Her whole body shook as she closed her eyes and rode out her orgasm. When the doors opened, she was still doing her belt up.

After another adrenaline-fueled race to the town, Lola suggested, “One more run? It’s one point each, and I’ve got an even better idea for the decider.”

I think we all knew what Lola was thinking. As soon as the gondola left the station, Isabella pulled her trousers and knickers down and bent over the bench. “Both have to come, es verdad?” she stated.

“Correcto,” affirmed Lola, also stripping off her lower half.

Alejandro exposed his cock and positioned himself behind Isabella. While his length was pretty average, I noticed he was very thick and bent upwards. He spread Isabella with his hands and slid inside her, eliciting moans of pleasure from her.

Lola sat facing me on the bench, her legs open and her cunt exposed. I knelt between her legs, my own cock standing erect from the top of my pants. Usually, I was really good about wearing protection, but I hadn’t brought any condoms out snowboarding. However, her wet cunt was begging for my dick. “Fuck it,” I thought, and thrust my cock inside her. It was the first time in about six months I had fucked someone raw, and I had forgotten how great it felt. I could feel every inch of her smooth, wet walls as they gripped and massaged my cock. I entered her as deeply as I could, perhaps too deep, as she grabbed my head, and her fingers gripped my hair painfully.

I fucked her, a bit more gently now until I knew she was enjoying it, and then built my pace and rhythm. Still, I had to moderate my movements so the gondola didn’t swing about too much. Her hand went to her clit, and she began to circle it with her fingers, massaging the swollen nub nestled in her thick bush.

Both girls were making a lot of noise now, moaning and breathing heavily. I glanced over at the other two and glimpsed Isabella’s lips stretched tightly around Alejandro’s thick cock as he took her from behind. The incredible atmosphere of us all fucking in such a tight space meant I felt confident I could come quickly, but I knew I needed to get Lola off first.

I knew from our previous encounters that Lola liked me to be in control, so I put my hand around her throat at the top of her chest and pressed her firmly against the glass window behind her. Her eyes widened, and she looked at me lustily. “Oh my god, yes,” she gasped. I tried to up the pace, but felt the gondola swaying, so I had to back off a little, and instead focused on solid thrusts up inside her, concentrating on stimulating her G-spot with my cock.

We fucked like this for a while, the top of the mountain rapidly approaching. Both girls sounded like they were getting close. I was really enjoying the sensation of fucking her without a condom, the raw intimacy heightening the pleasure. I found myself having to consciously block my own impending orgasm, wanting to ensure Lola reached her climax first.

Suddenly, Lola let out a scream of ecstasy. I could feel the walls of her vagina contracting around me as waves of pleasure washed over her. The sounds of our mutual pleasure filled the small space of the gondola, blending with the moans and gasps from Isabella and Alejandro.

Able to stop blocking myself, I surrendered to the rising tide of pleasure and felt myself releasing inside her. There’s a distinct sensation that comes with climaxing inside someone without a condom – it feels more intense, more intimate, as if the barriers are stripped away, allowing a heightened connection. The warmth of the release is accompanied by the wonderful feeling of wetness, a cascade of sensations as you gradually descend from the euphoric high. It had been a while since I experienced this, and in that moment, I realised just how much I had missed the raw and unfiltered intimacy of it all.

My cock still deep inside her, I stole a glance at the others. Isabella was in the throes of climax, her legs trembling beneath the pleasure. Alejandro, holding her hips and maintaining his position, let out a guttural groan as he released his own climax into her tight cunt, marking the culmination of our shared ecstasy.

The windows of the gondola were misted up, and the air was thick with the heady scent of our passionate encounter. Hastily, we scrambled to pull up our clothing, preparing for the inevitable as the gondola sped into the station. What a wild ride it had been.

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