A Series of Letters: Andy 1 – [31M, 30F, 29F, 33M, 33M][Infidelity, Dom/Sub, Punishment, Chastity]

{This is the first chapter in a series of erotic shorts. For a full list of the chapters, and other original Reddit posts, check out the pinned post on my profile u/rvaanonguy1}
Dear Tamara,
Don’t open the box until you’ve read this letter.
You probably thought I was going to leave divorce papers on the kitchen island. Or, maybe, that I’d leave a heartfelt note on my pillow in the morning – something you’d find when you woke up after I’d already left. However, I am not passive by any means, and that was not how my – our – marriage was going to end.
Hell, I’d say that our marriage was going well until you started having an affair. Everything about it until then was almost exactly how I’d hoped it would go – starting with our wedding.
Your mother didn’t approve of your dress – and that so much skin and tattoos were showing, but that wasn’t particularly important. You probably didn’t approve of my suggestion of “No-limits” respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, but I know you embraced it the first moment you got the opportunity. I knew about your naughty side, but seeing it on display on Brynn’s phone…
I’ve saved those videos ever since Brynn sent them to me – after your party, but before mine – and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them. I’ve watched them many times before you and I made love. I swear the jealousy flows south inside me and just makes my cock swell. Think about every time I’ve fucked you as hard as I physically could… The times I’ve lasted the longest… The times your ass was so bruised or your pussy was so sore that you felt reminded of it whenever you were seated the next day… Me watching you suck and fuck that ex of yours dry is the reason why.
Yes, I knew he was your ex. Even though I’d never seen his picture, I remembered you telling me about how he fucked you. How he was always slow and methodical, and how he demanded that out of you. I also love how he made you film yourself sucking his cock. I love it more that you sent it to Brynn. And I love how Brynn keeps secrets better than you do.
Brynn came to my bachelor party. Well, she came to one of them: the party for two – just her and me – the night before my real one.
But, that isn’t why you’re reading this letter. I don’t want to dive into the family drama, job bullshit, or even what led you to having your affair in the first place here. Frankly, I feel like we’ve handled all of that we’ll, and you seem to think so too (based on what you’ve said in Couple’s Therapy). I’ll just simply say that I know that, of our four years married, you’ve been fucking Manny for the last year, at least. I suspect longer, but that’s immaterial.
I also know you didn’t have your affair because of something lacking within me or our relationship. I confirmed this with Brynn. Funnily enough, without her assistance, I probably wouldn’t have dreamt up this forthcoming proposal.
I know that you need more; that’s who you always were. You always said that when most people take up a hobby in their spare time, or make plans with friends or a social club, you, instead, hopped on Tinder and found someone to fuck. I knew that going into this partnership, and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t reap the rewards of everything you learned with those men and women.
However, I also know a thing or two about Manny. I don’t like him.
I get it: Most husbands would say, “No! Of course I don’t like the man my wife is fucking!” But I’m not like that. But, I also don’t feel like some jilted cuckold. I looked into him, and he’s… just… lacking – undeserving of you and all the things you do. Hell, I’d go so far as to say that I’d probably like some of your exes if we met (and I’m not just saying that because I’ve also seen your cell phone porn with one of them).
Honestly, I can’t figure out what you enjoy about him. He seems so boring. Could that be it? Is he the hobby that is something to give your mind a rest? An outlet to de-stress? I can imagine you going there after a long day of work when I’m not home yet and just saying to him, “Fuck me like a slut,” while saying to yourself, “I don’t want to think about how to please him; I know this will do.”
But, that doesn’t seem like you. You are more complicated than that. And we fuck like that every so often.
I’ll just say that I don’t need to know the Why right now, but I do want you to tell me when you’re ready because I do care.
But, that isn’t why I wrote this. I want to make things work. To that point, I’ve come up with a couple solutions – one of which might tingle the kinky parts of your mind.
The easy solution:
You can stop seeing him. We can say that I’ll forgive you, or punish you, or whatever you’d like and think is appropriate. Brynn told me that you are afraid of losing our marriage, and I’m telling you that it won’t happen if that’s not what you want. This whole thing isn’t enough for me to even want to end things. Which brings me to…
The interesting solution:
I thought a while about this, and something very simple occurred to me: You already know that I know everything. If Brynn told me everything, then surely she’s blabbed to you that she’s told me everything. And, that’s okay. I’d have to guess that he’s probably also holding this whole thing over your head too. He seems like the type.
Let’s turn that on its head. Let’s show him that he has no power at all. And we can do that by you inviting him to our place…
…tying him to a chair…
…telling him you want to put on a show, to be a little kinky…
…then pull out the chastity cage…
(It’s in the box beside this letter. I made sure to buy a smaller one for this. I have a hunch about Manny.)
…put his cock in it…
…tell him you don’t want him getting too excited too fast…
…tell him he’s only getting out of it when it hurts because he’s getting so hard…
…from watching you fuck me.
That’s the interesting solution. Fuck me in front of him. Let me show him how you should get fucked.
Then you can dump him. Or he can be our cuck. Maybe we can make him lick my cum off your breasts. I bet he’ll be leaking precum through the cage just from seeing what he’ll never get to do with you again.
I’m getting hard imagining it now: Our fucking, how you should be fucked, demolishing his hopes… Showing him what he could never be…
Anyway, the choice is yours. I suppose you could pick neither, and we could go through that messy divorce process, but I don’t see why that has to be necessary.
Your love,

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