A scorching Wednesday night with my [31F] FWB [33M] after a month apart

I open the door and after a brief greeting, his mouth is on mine, work-roughened hands quickly meandering to my ass as I loop my arms around his neck. While I have always had office jobs, he has always worked outdoors. Our lives are so different but our bodies come together perfectly, and I find myself more turned on by him than almost any other man that I’ve ever been with. Just before he got here, I had changed into these particular leggings because I know they’re his favorite – buttery soft, navy blue, and fitting me like a glove. I know it’s a complete cliche, the city girl in Lululemon and the country guy in his faded jeans and boots, but as they say, opposites attract.

We break away long enough to quickly eat dinner, knowing that if we go upstairs too soon, hours will go by and the food will be cold and unappetizing. After we’re done eating, I lead him upstairs, lighting a few candles as I bend over slightly, showing off for him. I can feel his gaze on me.

Once the candles are lit, we start making out again. It has been almost a month since we’ve had each other and there is a greater urgency, a more intense hunger than usual. I step back and meet his eyes, slowly unbuttoning my shirt, letting my lacy bra and ample cleavage come into view. Lust flares in his eyes as he pushes me down onto the bed and takes off his henley, then his belt, the large buckle glinting in the candlelight. He leaves his jeans on, low on his hips, and then joins me on the bed, his weight on me as he sucks and bites my nipples. I’m grinding my hips against him and moaning. I can feel the bulge straining against his jeans. He pulls my leggings and now-soaked thong off in one motion before moving down my body, tasting me, sucking my clit, getting me even more ready for his cock, as if that were even possible. After a couple of minutes, my impatience grows and I tell him that I need him inside me. He shucks his jeans and rejoins me on the bed, hands on either side of my face, kissing me deeply as he works himself deep inside me, inch by inch.

I love everything about his magnificent cock (he is long and as thick as a soda can) but we’ve been together enough times that he knows I need a bit of an adjustment period during that first round. After thrusting into me agonizingly slowly, he bottoms out and my moans grow louder. Everything feels too goddamn good for me to have any self-consciousness about how incoherent or loud I may sound. He slowly starts to move as my hips rise to meet him. I am completely present, unable to think about anything but the delicious pressure of him inside me. I crush my mouth to his and he returns the kiss, wild and passionate and wanting. As he fucks me harder, the rest of the world melts away. There is only this bed, only us.

He’s balls deep inside me as we kiss almost roughly, his lips and tongue slightly muffling my cries of pleasure. My legs have wrapped around his waist, seemingly of their own accord, pulling him to me. I’m digging my nails into his shoulders. Sex with him is so good, especially after this month-long dry spell, that all I can do is moan, grind my hips against his, and hold his body against mine. I have told him before to please tell me if I am ever being too harsh with my nails or causing him pain. He has yet to tell me to stop.

I continue to moan. I am never capable of staying quiet as he fucks me. I love missionary with him but I suddenly crave getting on my knees, arching my back, and feeling those big hands grasping my hips as he pulls me onto his giant cock over and over.I whisper into his ear that I want it from behind and he slides out of me. I feel the absence of his cock immediately as he rises to stand at the edge of the bed while I get into position on my knees, toy in hand. I wiggle my ass impatiently and I feel his hands on my hips, gripping me as he maneuvers himself into my still-dripping pussy, one inch at a time.

We always start out slowly in this position as well. As much as I like taking him deep and hard and fast, I need time to adjust. I arch the hell out of my back, feeling him sigh in approval, and decide it’s time for my toy. I hold myself up with one hand and begin using my favorite clit sucker as I get even more wet, soaking his cock. He begins to thrust harder and faster as my moans grow louder. We stay like this for several minutes.

I don’t know if it’s because of the time apart or if I’m just having an off night, but my orgasm remains elusive. I have been close once during missionary and a couple of times right now during doggy, but then it slips away, frustratingly enough. I decided to tell him this, possibly sounding a little whiny, letting him know how good it feels but that I just can’t get there.

One of my favorite things about him is how calm and laid back he is. The first time we went out, I noticed this immediately. I don’t know if it’s his rural lifestyle, just the way he is, or both, but he’s a good contrast to my Type A, often high-strung nature. His voice easy and relaxed as usual, dipping down slightly so that he’s closer to my ear, still fucking me expertly, he tells me to “just keep trying. I’m not going anywhere and I want you to get off even more than I want to. We have time.”

Maybe it’s because of the reassurance that he’s not a selfish lover, or his patience, or just how fucking incredible this all feels, or all three? Either way, it’s not long before I start to feel an orgasm building, and this time, I’m determined not to let it slip away. I focus on the sensations of our fucking as well his amazing cock, which is now tapping my cervix, something I have previously discovered with him that I love.I moan to him that I’m getting close and he doesn’t change a thing about his speed or depth. I feel the first waves of orgasm hit, my pussy squeezing around him like a vice, and I’m pretty sure I’m screaming because this feels absolutely sublime. It’s almost as though the extra time it took me to get here tonight only made for a bigger buildup and an even more intense orgasm. It feels like I cum forever, each wave almost more intense than the last. Finally, my orgasm subsides and I sigh, relaxing slightly.

“My turn,” he growls, voice slightly ragged and thick with arousal, as he grasps my hips and holds me to him, as deep inside me as humanly possible, stilling his movements, his cock pulsing as he starts to cum. He creampies me almost every time as it is massively arousing for us both, and he has had a vasectomy, so it’s a plus not to have to worry about anything in the realm of pregnancy. I can feel it, his cock growing even larger as he shoots rope after rope of hot cum inside me, so incredibly deep. He always cums a lot and I love every drop.

My toy is still on and still pressed to my clit, and while I’m no stranger to multiple orgasms, they don’t usually happen this quickly – except right now. As he continues to give me the creampie that turns us both on so much, I cum again, even more intensely than the first time, squeezing his cock as we orgasm simultaneously. Looking back, I think the main cause of that quick second orgasm was that the situation was such a huge turn-on – he held his pleasure back and refrained from cumming until I did, ever the gentleman. He’s still hard as I orgasm almost violently, my pussy gripping him in those delicious waves, crying out until the pleasure subsides.

Both spent, we collapse on my queen size bed, breathing heavily, our bodies glistening with sweat. He loops an arm around my shoulder as I snuggle into his side. I gently run my fingers through his hair, massaging my scalp like I know he enjoys, and thank him for being so patient. He gives me an easy smile.

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