A rainy night part 2

one night you I message you saying come outside , you come to door see me dripping you tell me to come as we slowly make our way to your room you start to take my clothes as I undress you then our naked bodies touch as you feel my wet body touching all over you I pin you against the wall n put my lips against yours as I moan in your ear ” show me how bad you want me you slut ” you begin to neck on with me harder n faster then I push your naked body on too the bed as I lay above your body with my wet body dripping water all over you i kiss from your lips to your neck n bite n suck all around your neck as I start to make my way down your body slowly kiss each part of you to your pussy as I circle my tongue round your clit making it all wet as you start to moan n your legs begin to shake I start to move my tongue up n down faster as you feel it scrape up n down your tight wet juicy pussy filling you with pleasure

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