A Quiet Friday – His Story (Part 4) by Ebert O

A Quiet Friday Part 4 – His Story


Overview –

My wife’s younger sister, Susan, was staying with us for an extended weekend. Home alone together on Friday, what began for me as innocent flirtation had led us to a morning of intimacy I could never have imagined. With all that already happened – the kisses, the touching and the shared intimacy, Susan’s plan is on track. This morning, she planted the seeds of seduction. With the whole afternoon before us, Susan has planned to move things to a very different level.

In this part of my story, Susan finishes the job – telling me exactly what I want to hear. I abandon any pretense of innocence and faithfulness to my wife. Susan has led me to an afternoon of love-making that we both want and neither of us will ever forget.


Except from the end of Part-3

…the muscles surrounding my urethra involuntarily clenched hard and squeezed out a long stream of semen. I let out a loud grunt as my whole body stiffened and a good tablespoon of semen from my first ejaculation shot forcefully into Susan’s hand. Then a second, with only slightly less pace. And, a third. And finally, several more before the semen dribbled down my hand onto my pubic hair. My orgasm was over. It all happened so quick. I was totally spent. My heart was pounding, and my chest was heaving as I tried to catch my breath.

When I recovered, I opened my eyes and dreamily watched Susan smelling the semen in her hand. All the sexual urgency I had felt just moments before was dissipated.

I asked, “How ya like my scent?”

She looked at me, “Love it.”

She must have felt self-conscious with me watching her. So, she wiped my semen off her hand with her panties.

“Shall I clean you up?”

I nodded. She refolded her panties to wipe the semen from my penis and pubic hair. Then, carefully refolded them again and held them to her nose.

“Now it’s my scent and your scent all mixed together.

She held it close for me to sample.

“Smells nice, doesn’t it. Like they belong together.”

I was feeling very tired.

“Ummmm. Nice.”

I rolled onto my side and drew up my legs. I felt her kiss my shoulder and then my cheek. She covered me and tucked me in. Just as I had done her. Not that long before.

“Sleepy-time.” — were the last words I remember her saying.

She left her panties in front of me on the pillow to guide my dreams and for me to find when I awoke.


Part 4

It was past 11 when I opened my eyes. For a moment, I didn’t know where I was. My mind raced – Why am I in the front bedroom? Why are the shades pulled down? What time is it? Then I caught the scent of Susan’s panties lying on the pillow next to me. The morning’s activities with Susan came flooding back. I had fantasized about bedding Susan for years. I had masturbated thinking about her. Now, I was waking with a raging hard-on and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

It’s not unusual for me to wake-up in the morning with an erection. I had one this morning. But I was a little surprised so soon after the orgasm I just had as Susan watched. Barbara’s attempt last night to quench my sexual fires had had the opposite effect. Feeling her artificially-tightened vagina had reminded me what she felt like when she was Susan’s age. That would be what Susan would feel like now. This morning had left me feeling a mix of love and lust for Susan. Something I hadn’t felt for years. There was still a lingering doubt in my mind about what I really wanted. I had had the foresight to buy condoms. The only questions were whether Susan really wanted it and if I had the nerve to do it.

The sounds of a summer day came trickling in through the open bedroom door. I knew Susan would be waiting for me out on the porch. I used the hand-towel to wipe the remaining semen from myself, put on my tee-shirt, undershorts and pajama bottoms. I went to the bathroom, pouring cold water on my erection so I could more easily pee. When I joined her at the café table out on the porch, Susan was dressed in shorts and a light cotton top. She had a cold pitcher of orange juice that Barb had made for us.

“Hey, Sleepyhead. That was quite a little nap. Does one little orgasm always put you out like that?” She didn’t wait for an answer, “Want some juice?”

I nodded.

She was being playful — feeling more confident and obviously enjoying our new and growing intimacy. Once I sampled my orange juice, I couldn’t resist asking,

“Well. Was it what you expected?”

“Pretty much … Kathy told me how it would squirt out during your orgasm and I already knew how much to expect. She didn’t tell me you’d squirt several times. Is that how it works?”


I was surprised by the casual way she talked about sex, particularly ‘my orgasm’. This wasn’t the kind of teasing Susan usually dished out. It seemed more serious, making me think she was really interested in having sex.

“I really wanted to watch you when you were coming.”


“It was nice. You closed your eyes as you descended into ecstasy. I liked seeing what the orgasm did to your body – making you squirm and shake.” She paused for amoment, “Feeling you shoot your cum into my hand was totally over the top.”

“Thanks for covering me. Knowing I could trust you really helped.”

“I had no idea how fast it would shoot out or how warm it would feel.”

“Susan, it’s been a while since I have had such an orgasm like that.”

“Really. Not last night?”

“Well…” I paused, “feeling your finger tips really put me over the edge – been a long time since someone did that.”

“Barb doesn’t?”

“No. We haven’t played that game since we were dating. Once you’ve had real sex, it’s hard to go back.”

“So, did Barb have a special treat for you last night?.”

I was a little taken back. I hadn’t thought Susan and I would be discussing my love life with Barbara – and how did she know about last night? But, I liked talking about sex with Susan and sensed it would help get to say yes when I made my move.

“Well Sue, I guess Barbara told you she had some surprises for me.”

“She told me she was gonna ‘drain your tank’, so you wouldn’t give me any trouble today. …said it would make my day easier and yours too.”

“She said that!”

“Uh-huh. She wouldn’t tell me what she planned to do. But she said you were gonna like it. So, did you?”

“Yeah. I liked it. She made me come like a mule. Twice!”

“How’d she do that?”

“Well, before we went to bed, she did something to make her inside very tight. She also bought special condoms – ultra-thin and sensitive. It felt really good. I came quick.”

“Then you did it again?”

“Uh-huh. The second time we decided not to use a condom. It’s been a couple months since I been inside her without one and it felt even better.”

“Isn’t that taking a big chance?!”

“Not really, we know how to play safe.”

“Well, however much she got out of you last night, didn’t seem to slow you down this morning. You had plenty left to give me a big warm handful.”

“Something special happens the first time with someone.”

“Did you like my little ‘panty trick’?”

“Oh God, Susan. That was amazing. I was having trouble ‘getting into it’ with you watching me. Your panties changed everything. Where did ya learn that?!”

“My girl friend, Kathy – her boyfriend likes her panties on his face when she’s masturbating him. He even likes a little breather, like I gave you, once in a while.”

“It sure worked on me.”

“Yeah. It sure did. ”

I told her all about the rush I had felt — how it radiated through my entire body and how I had never experienced anything like it before.

“Kathy says, there are hormones in my scent that cause you to release your own sex hormones – must’ve been the rush you felt.”

“You were so assertive. Feeling you hold me with your hand so firmly on my face really turned me on. I forgot about everything else.”

“I liked watching you surrender yourself to me. Do you remember telling me you were fantasizing about having sex with me.”

“No. But, once I took your scent, all I could think about was you.”

“You mean having your little ‘dickie’ up inside me and letting me have all that cum.”

“I was totally lost in the fantasy.”

“Well… It didn’t have to be just a fantasy. You have condoms. Why didn’t you take me? I was expecting it.”

“Sue! No way! That’s wasn’t our deal. Besides, I had no idea it was what you wanted.”

“I would’ve never have guessed, the way you kissed me.”

I felt my pulse racing, this conversation was moving too fast, and suddenly I felt scared. She was making her intentions clear. This wasn’t how I expected it to happen. I was epecting to be in control. Then, she sprang her next little surprise.

“Look what I found.” she said setting a familiar box of Trojans on the table.

My heart nearly stopped.

“Where did you get those?!” I demanded, as if I didn’t know.

“Your night table. You sleep on the right, don’t you?”

Actually, I don’t. Barb sets up our contraceptives before we go to bed each night, so they’re kept on her side.

“Susan! You shouldn’t be going in other peoples bedroom!” I tried but failed to sound stern. She ignored my reproof and simply went on…

“Last night when I took my shower, I found a condom wrapped in a tissue right on top in the wastebasket. That’s where you put them when your done. Isn’t it.”


“How come you’re using ‘em with my sister? I thought she was on the pill.”

“She stopped taking the pill last month. It was making her feel sick all the time, and she was gaining weight. So, now we are back to condoms.”

“Anyway, I took your used condom back to my bedroom last night, so I could look at it. I never touched one before. I was surprised how big it was and I could feel your semen inside it. I was playing with it, when I heard you and Barb going at it. When I heard you coming, I masturbated holding it and had a pretty intense orgasm just before I fell asleep.

“Then when I went to the bathroom early this morning, I saw the one from last night – a different color and even more sperm. I was holding it when you heard me masturbating this morning. That’s why I was interested in watching you come. So, when you took your little nap, I figured it wouldn’t be very hard to find your stash. And, here they are.”

She was more than ready, she had her own plan for sex, just as Barbara had told me. Now that it was about to happen. I began to have second thoughts and a big pit of fear in my stomach. I needed think about it a little more.

“Susan. I’m hungry and I’m gonna make us some lunch.”

I tried to conceal my mixture of fear and ecitement as I went into the kitchen to gather things for lunch and try to calm down. In a few minutes, as I worked on lunch, my mind settled. I had forgiven Susan for violating our bedroom. She was young and curious, especially after finding my used condoms and then watching me come this morning. I had regained my nerve. I was sure she wasn’t just teasing me, as she had done so often before.

I brought out deli meat, bread, pickles, a small bag of chips, mustard and two plates. Susan went inside to get silverware and napkins I had forgotten. The box of condoms was still on the table. It seemed plausible that she was wary of going back into my bedroom after what I said to her.

We were both hungry, having had no breakfast. So, we quickly dug in.

Halfway through lunch she piped up, “How about a beer!”

Susan wasn’t quite drinking-age, but given our morning activities, and my hopes for the afternoon, that hardly seemed important. I got us two frosty Genny Cream Ales, we clinked glasses and proceeded to finish our lunch. I smiled knowing a little alcohol might help move her along.

Having finished lunch, we cleared the table except for our half-full beer mugs. Susan did the dishes, while I re-wrapped the cold-cuts and put things away. When I returned with a dishcloth she lifted the box of condoms to let me gather the crumbs and wipe the table. So when I sat down to finish my beer, they were still on the table.

I settled into my chair and picked up my beer and took a sip.

She asked, “How come you have two kinds?”

“I already told you. The Trojans are what we use every night, but the Kimonos were the surprise Barb got for me, last night.”

Then she picked up the box of Trojans, “Well, there are eight left in here. I counted. Think my sister would notice if one went missing?”

I felt a jolt of adrenaline rush through me and countered, “If you want some, I can tell you where to buy them without a lot of questions — or I can even get some for you.”

“Thanks, but — I think you know that’s not my point.”

“Yeah.” I paused and looked at her, “So, what is your point?”

Another larger wave of adrenaline swept through me. I remembered the way we had kissed, just before my orgasm. So, this was how it would happen. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I tried to read her expression as she let my question hang in the air.

Then she held up the box of condoms, “Well? Are you interested?…or not?”

Her intention was clear, so now it was my turn to tease.

“Maybe. Are you?”

She didn’t hesitate, “Uh-huh.”

“Yeah. I am, too. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. You?”

“Since you started dating my sister.”

I said, “Then it’s agreed?”

“Uh-huh. It’s agreed.”

So – that was it. We’d committed ourselves to an act of adultery – this afternoon. It had all happened so quick. We both sat in silence for a moment contemplating what we had just agreed to do. She set the box of condoms on the table.

“I was counting on you to have some in the house. She’ll never miss one, will she?”

She paused for a moment, before adding more playfully, “…or do you think we might need two?”

She bit her lip as though the nasty thought of doing it twice had just crossed her mind. I smiled. Her playfulness put me at ease with what we were doing.

“Susan.” I paused. “Now that we’ve agreed to have sex this afternoon, we need to have a serious talk. OK?”

She sat back in her chair, not quite rolling her eyes, but impatiently waiting for the coming lecture.

“When Barb told me you were coming for the weekend, I realized we would have today together. The next day, I stopped at the CVS and bought a box of condoms. You are always teasing me, so I never thought we would actually use them, but I enjoyed the rush of excitement as I bought them. I put them in the night table next to your bed.”

Susan went to the bedroom returning the white and blue box in hand, putting it on the table between us.

“They’re special. I’ve only used them a couple times.”

“With Barb?”

“No… another girl I knew in high school.”

“So, what makes them so special.”

“It’s a little hard to describe, if you’ve never used regular condoms. But, for sure they are the closest thing I know to using nothing at all. Go ahead, open them. I bought them for you.”

She took of the cellophane wrapper and opened the end of the box. Out came three little blue capsules.

“Can I show you something else?”

She nodded. I went to my bedroom and got the box of contraceptive foam from Barb’s night table. I returned and put the box on the table between us.

She looked at the box, then at me, “What’s that?”

I opened the box and slid the contents part way out. There was an aerosol can that contained spermicidal foam and a plastic applicator.

“A contraceptive Barb and I use.”

“Last night?”

“I put it in her just before we got started.”

“So. You wanna put it in me?”


“OK. If you think we need it.”

“Sue, Is this your first time? I didn’t feel your hymen this morning.”

“Yeah. I know. Kathy and I had a little party one afternoon and took care of it.”

“You did?!”

“Yeah. It’s really not hard. We used her mom’s dildo. I did her and she did me.”

“She broke your hymen?”

“Yeah. It didn’t hurt that much and there wasn’t much blood. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.”

“Good, that’s gonna make your first time a lot easier.”

There was one more thing I needed to tell her.

“You know people don’t always come at the same time. Often the man comes first.”

“Kathy says her boyfriend always comes, and she doesn’t.”

“Well, I promise, if you don’t have an orgasm while I’m still inside you, I’ll make sure you have one afterward. OK?”

“Like this morning?”

“No. Better. Much better!”


“I promise.”

She stood up and took my hand.

“C’mon, let’s go do it.”

I picked up the contraceptives and followed her to the bedroom. I double locked the front door and put the contraceptives on the night table. Susan turned and came close to me putting her arms around my neck, “Well sweetheart. Ready to show an innocent little virgin the ropes?”

I put my arms behind her back. We stood there gazing at each other for a long moment. Then slowly she moved her head toward mine inviting me to kiss her. Our lips touched ever so lightly. After a few tentative light kisses, she tilted her head to the side and our passion began to flow.

With arms still around her, I leaned back to look in her eyes. “Susan, I can’t believe how much I wanna make love to you.”

“Good, I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

I glanced at the clock on the night table. I could see in the semi-darkness that it was almost 12:15. Barb wouldn’t be home until about 5:30, so we had lots of time — at least four hours before we would need to clean up. There was no reason not to take our time. But sex seems to happen on it’s own schedule – always over sooner than we want.

I sat down on the bed and began to arrange the things we would need on the night table. Susan sat down alongside me. I wanted to tell her everything I was feeling, but I didn’t dare. She looked straight ahead, her long hair hiding her eyes.

“Susan. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes, Robert. I’m sure. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Don’t worry, no one’s ever gonna find out. I promise. It’s our little secret, forever.”

I brushed her hair behind her back, turned her face toward me and kissed her. She returned my kiss, placing her hand on the lump in my pajama pants.

“Let me show you how Barb and I get ready.”


“Before we make love, Barbara gets our contraceptives ready on a silver tray. Once the lights are out, there’s no awkward interruptions. Did you see it?”

“Yeah. I wondered what it was for.”

“Well now you know. So, put these condoms back in the drawer where you got them and get the tray. OK?”

Susan was soon back handing me the tray and snuggling alongside me. I pulled two tissues from the box under the table, folded them and placed them on the tray. Then I put two little blue capsules on them. Then I took the can of foam and the applicator out of the box.

I shook the can, “Wanna fill it?”

“No. You do it. I’ll watch.”

I removed the cap, and positioned the applicator, “Push it down like this… just enough so it fills slowly. It’s expensive — so ya’ don’t wanna waste any.” We both watched the plunger rise as the applicator fill with the white spermicidal foam. When I put it in, it’s gonna feel cold.” She nodded.

I placed the foam-filled-applicator on the tray. It could see she was getting anxious. It was time for me to “make my move”, as Susan might put it. I put my arm around her, turned her face toward me and kissed her lips. Our mouths joined in long deep kisses. There was no rush. I caressed her breasts through her shirt and bra. My kisses moved to her face and neck. She closed her eyes and her body gave a little shiver. Every woman’s body is unique. I was sampling the taste of Susan’s skin for the first time. I gently slid my hands under her shirt, reached behind and unhooked her bra.

Now, my fingertips caressed her breasts. They were small, but her nipples were already erect. After a few moments, she lifted her shirt over her head and I helped remove her bra. She came back into my arms for more kisses. This time I gently probed her lips with my tongue. She understood my intent, parting her lips and let my tongue intertwine with hers. I lightly ran my fingers down the side of her face, then her neck to her breasts. She let out a soft sigh. Then with one hand supporting her back and the other gently pressing on her breasts, I pushed her back onto the bed. I could now caress and kiss every part of her naked upper body – for the first time fondling and sucking her dainty breasts. More little shivers as I sucked each nipple.

“Ummmm, That feels so nice.”

I knew it did and I took my time letting her enjoy the feeling of my mouth on her breast, while I caressed her arms and abdomen. She began to press her breast against my mouth, her body squirming and beginning to quiver.

I ran my hand down the front of her shorts to her crotch. She opened her legs and I began gently massaging her pussy. In a few minutes I could feel she was getting wet, so I unzipped her shorts and slipped my hand under her panties. I was anxious to touch her sweet little pussy again. It felt so familiar, it was hard to believe I had probed it for the first time only hours earlier. I focused my attention on her wet labia. She pushed her pelvis up against my hand as I let my middle finger slip into her slit. Her body quivered again and she took a deep breath.

My penis had been erect since we started, laying along my abdomen and nearly poking out of my pajamas. She began fumbling with the draw-string waistband. I left my pussy fingering long enough to open them and take the back of her hand, slipping it inside my undies until it rested on my bare penis. I was surprised how exciting it was to feel her cool little hand touch me. I was wrong to think I was far beyond such adolescent thrills.

“God. You’re so hard and so warm.”

“I can hardly wait to get inside you.”

“I’ve been thinking about this moment since I got here, yesterday.”

She had watched me masturbate this morning and was a quick learner. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger around me. “Is this how you do it?”

“Only if you want me to come right now.”

She stopped and I added, “Sorry. It feels wonderful, but why don’t you undress me instead.”

She turned her attentions to undressing me. She was in a hurry and a little clumsy. But, by the time she finished, I was buck-naked, and she was once again gently caressing the underside of my penis.

I chimed in, “My turn.”

I scooched down until I was kneeling on the floor between her legs. After some preliminary kisses on her inner thighs, I hooked my fingers over the waistband of her shorts and panties.


I slipped them down and off over her feet. Then I kissed her feet and legs as I slowly made my way back up all the way to her pussy with it’s garland of black hair. Her breathing got faster as I ran my tongue along her slit, finally lightly touching her clit. I continued crawling up her body sprinkling little kisses on her abdomen and breasts until I was lying on top of her kissing her lips, my erect penis dangling between her legs. I lifted myself, and this anxious little girl spread her legs wide for me to enter her.

“Not so quick sweetheart. We’re not quite ready.”

I motioned for her to get in the middle of the bed on the towel we had put there. Then I crawled alongside her and slipped the top sheet up over us. My rock-hard penis pressed against her soft skin. I propped my self up so I could look down at her face. I stroked her soft pussy, as we kissed, just as I had this morning when I masturbated her – this time slower and more gentle, my purpose only to get her close, but not to make her come. As my foreplay began to have its effect, her eyes slowly closed as her breathing grew heavier and faster. About 30 more seconds and she would be ready.

“It feels so good. Are you gonna make me come?”

“No, sweetheart. Just relax and let me get you ready.”

“Time to put a condom on you?”

“No. Lemme do your contraceptive, first. I want you to relax so it slips in easily. I’ll be very gentle. Now, close your eyes.”

I reached over to the night table and picked up the applicator.

“Lift your knees and open your legs for me, OK?”

I continued, “Now, reach down between your legs and hold your lips open.”

As she did, I placed the tip of the applicator between them.

She flinched, “Ooh. It’s cold.”

I let her settle before trying again. This time she held her labia open as I slid the tip of the applicator up and down her slit until I could feel the opening to her vagina. Her body tensed as soon as I began to apply pressure. The well-rounded end of the applicator didn’t go in at first. I kept the applicator pressing very lightly on her opening.

“Try to relax.”

I lightly kissed her lips. I knew the critical thing was not to rush. I kept a constant and gentle pressure. And then, as if by magic, the tip slipped inside her. I didn’t say anything more, but slowly and steadily pushed the slender plastic applicator into her vagina. I watched her expression — I needed to judge when it is deep enough – close to her cervix but not touching it. Some girls are very sensitive.

“Let me know when you feel it touch your cervix.”


I kept going very slowly until she exhaled, “OK. OK. I feel it.”


I withdrew the applicator about 1/4 of an inch, placed my index finger on the piston, and firmly delivered the dose of spermicide.

“Feel it?”



I withdrew the applicator.

“That’s right where it’s gonna be when you come, isn’t it.”

“Uh-huh. Just before I ejaculate, I’ll instinctively push up inside you – the tip of my penis right next to your cervix. I’ll hold myself deep inside you for a few seconds as the semen builds up. Then you’ll feel me react as I ejaculate four or five times, just like you saw me do this morning. Nature designed me to get my semen inside your cervix, so all those little sperm can do their job.”

“But, your penis is a lot bigger than that little plastic tube.”

“Don’t worry, you’re not gonna have any trouble taking me.”

“Is it gonna hurt?”

“No. It’s gonna feel big, but I’m gonna go slow…your vagina’s gonna stretch – it’s a muscle and it’s very elastic — some day you’re gonna deliver a 7 lb baby through there. You’re gonna spread your labia with one hand and guide my penis to your opening with the other. The most important this is to relax to let me penetrate you.”


“We’ll take as long as you need. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

“C’mon now, It’s your turn to put on my contraceptive.”

I rolled onto my back. She sat up next to me and picked up the capsule from the tray.

“Let me open it for you.”

Opening a Fourex requires squeezing the capsule until the seal breaks, then twisting to top away from the bottom apart. The wet condom unfolded on my belly in a small puddle of liquid.

“Take the end with the blue band.”

My penis was laying on my abdomen. I used both hands to hold it up for her – my whole body tingling with excitement.

“Now, slide it on me like a glove.”

I watched her delicate little fingers slide the condom onto me.

“That’s it. All the way down. Perfect.”

She lay back down alongside me. I gave her a final bit of foreplay, stroking her breasts and kissing her shoulders. She opened her legs. I moved between them, positioning myself for missionary, my penis dangling between her legs.

I felt her fingers on my penis, guiding me.

“Draw up your knees and rotate your pelvis toward me.”

I felt my penis between her labia.

“Find the spot.”

She did and her fingers she drew me forward. I felt myself beginning to enter her. I pushed and felt her opening for me. Once my glans slipped beyond the outer ring of muscles, she moved her hands onto my hips. As I entered her, that ring caressed the length of my shaft. Inside felt warm and welcoming. Oh, sweet Jesus, I was on my way to heaven.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me her mouth wide open. I felt her warmth engulf me. She rotated her hips further, taking me still deeper – her warmth crept up my rigid shaft. I had given her my full length — only stopping when my pelvis was pressing hard against hers. I gazed into her eyes and waited for her reaction.

“That’s it, isn’t it.” she said.

“Yes, sweetheart. That’s it.”

“I can’t believe how it feels.”

“Tell me.”

“It’s the most wonderful kind of full I’ve ever felt.”

We kissed first lightly, then more hungrily, as I held myself inside her, savoring the moment. As I kissed her, I tried to hold it deep inside her. But, soon we both began little movements, her expectant eyes looking up into mine. My movements soon developed into short-little strokes – maybe half an inch of withdrawal followed by full penetration, my pelvis pressing on hers. As my strokes lengthened, Susan closed her eyes and pushed back her head into the pillow. She made delicious noises as she exhaled and gave a little grunt as she felt each full penetration. Soon she was holding onto my arms and raising her pelvis to meet each thrust.

She was so tight and so warm … her young vagina was quickly doing its work on me. I closed my eyes and began to tremble. I didn’t want to come so soon, so I stopped thrusting and just held myself deep inside her, my head alongside hers trying to regain myself.

“Oh, sweetheart! Are you coming?”

“No, Susan. …just trying to hold it back.”

She pulled my lips toward hers and began to administer more kisses. I tried to resist, but her kisses excited me and without wanting to I started again. Once I did, she relaxed her grip on me. I backed away and looked into her eyes, still trying to stroke slowly to make it last. Her vagina seemed to be getting engorged and felt tighter as she lifted her pelvis each time to meet mine.

“I can feel you getting bigger. Don’t hold back.”

And this time, there would be no holding back. It began gentle enough, but quickly developed into deep thrusting. I was enthralled, watching the expression on her face, taking her scent, hearing the little sounds she was making and feeling her warmth. These were all subliminal signals directed to a place deep in my subconscious – subliminal signals that could not be ignored. She held onto my arms again as she watched me begin to lose control – I hoped she was ready for what was coming – deep rhythmic strokes pounding her pussy got faster – with each one, I grunted and she cried out. I couldn’t protect her now. She was gonna see how an animal in coitus behaves – how it ends. She held on tight as my thrusts became more violent. My body was becoming tense, my muscles stiffening and my breathing labored.

It began and I could feel the semen building up at the base of my penis. My legs began to tremble, my thrusting irregular. I would only be able to resist the urge for only a few more seconds. I closed my eyes and tried to hold on. But, I was slipping down the rabbit hole. Falling into wonderland. I delivered the final involuntarily thrust, holding myself deep inside her – the first ejaculation imminent.


My whole body convulsed – muscles clenched squeezing out the first large bolus of semen. I held her tight letting out another guttural grunt as my orgasm broke over me like a giant wave. I took a quick stroke pushing even harder – deep inside for a second ejaculation. After that, I just held myself inside her as deep as I could go, pulling down on her shoulders and grinding my pelvis against hers, rocking from side to side, as several more spasms of my pelvic muscles pushed more semen into her. They began to fade – each becoming less intense. Susan held me close the whole time and for a while after. My orgasm was over, I was completely spent. Once I regained my senses, I drew a deep breath,

“Susan, that was so good. I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“No, sweetheart. But, that got pretty wild. Nothing I saw this morning could have prepared me for that.”

“Yeah, I sort of lose it when I come.”

I was done and began to withdraw.

“No. Not yet. Stay inside me.”

I wasn’t surprised that she was enjoying the feeling of my still hard penis up inside her. Barb always wanted me to stay inside, long after I was ready to come out. My sexual fires were quenched. Now, I had absolutely no desire for sex. All that uncontrollable lust had evaporated, leaving not a trace. I could barely remember it. How strange.

After a few minutes, worried my erection would start to soften, I explained to Susan that I needed to remove the condom so it wouldn’t slip off inside her. While for me, the irresistible sex drive had receded to memory, she hadn’t come. She reluctantly released her hold on me.

“I know your still waiting. So, now it’s your turn.”

She kissed me…still eager to go. I reached down and held the condom as I withdrew from her. Then sat-up on my haunches then slipped off the rather-full condom and wrapped it in one of the tissues placing it on the bedside table. I retreived the handkerchief I had put there earlier. I kissed her lips, then her neck, then slid down, first kissing her breasts, then her abdomen, then still lower places.

“What are you gonna do?”

There was no reason to answer. She would know soon enough if she couldn’t already guess. I lay on the bed between her legs. First, I wiped as much of the nasty-tasting spermicide away from her pussy as I could. Then I penetrated her with a handkerchief wrapped finger several times and finally wiped her slit again.

Now that she was clean, I gently touched her labia with my tongue.

“Oh my god. What are you…”

I grasped her arms just above the elbow firmly hold her onto the bed. I knew from experience that I would need to steady her as I went to work. She was very ready, so it didn’t take me long to get her off. Every woman’s approach to orgasm is different. Like her sister, Susan writhed and made indecipherable sounds, then her body tensed, and she began to shake. She was stronger than Barbara and I could hardly hold her down when she arched her back crying out “Oh, no, no, no…” just before she released her sexual energy. Her orgasm came as a body shaking series of spasms. I loved hearing her cries and watching her slender young body convulsing in sexual ecstasy.

Experience had taught me how to play a woman’s orgasm. I wanted to keep Susan going as long as I could – easing her down and then taking her to another peak. Finally, she was squirming, trying to get away from my relentless tongue and begging me to stop.

I had given her the best cunnilingus I knew. Unlike Barbara, she rewarded me by not holding anything back. Until now, I had fought off post-coital fatigue to please her, but now that she was satisfied there was no reason to resist. I gave her a sprinkling of body kisses as I crawled up alongside her and took her in my arms. We were both hot and sweaty. But, I pulled up the top-sheet knowing we would soon need it to keep us snug and warm. She tasted herself on my lips, as we lay in each others arms sinking deep into post-coital bliss – not quite asleep and not quite awake – we just lay there for a long time enjoying the shared warmth of our entwined bodies and the sweet taste of each others lips. Between kisses, we shared the whispered intimacies of what we had just experienced.

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