A Night Out Pt. 1 by CorruptedAngel

Selena runs her fingers through her waist-length blonde hair, letting the curls loosen up to create beach waves. Tonight the kids have all stayed with Jessica so Jeremy and Selena can have a nice evening out. It’s been a while since the married couple has been able to enjoy an evening to themselves. Selena has been in school getting her master’s degree in psychology which takes up a lot of her time and the rest of the time is spent with her kids. The couple finds time to spend together in stolen moments like when Jeremy catches Selena in the shower. Tonight it’s finally time for the couple to get reacquainted with each other.

Selena finishes up with her hair and puts the finishing touches on her lipstick before she slips into a red dress that stops just above her knees. The open back reveals a hint of the intricate lace design of her lower back tattoo. The three footprints of her children run up her shoulders with their names and birth information. She turns away from her vanity to see Jeremy propped up against the doorway watching her and blushes the color of her dress. He grins “You look stunning.”

She bites her lower lip trying to step past him but he stops her by putting his hand out to catch her belly. She stops and looks up at him just as he leans down to gently press his lips to her own, kissing her. She leans into his lips as she sighs into the kiss. Jeremy bites on her lower lip, “Let’s stay home and make another baby.”

She pulls away from him swatting his chest, “This is my only break from school for sixteen weeks. I want dinner and a movie.” She moves into the living room, pushing past the baby toys and pulls her purse strap over her shoulder. “Now. I’m sorry to keep you waiting but I’m ready now.” She grins playfully before going to the vehicle.

Once at the restaurant, the couple is seated at a private table in the back. The waitress takes their drink order and leaves to give them a few minutes to decide on what to get as far as food. Selena never looks away from the menu, but can see her husband looking at her hungrily. She smirks and looks up touching his lip, “You’re drooling love. I promise you’ll get your dessert.”

He smirks back at her, under the table slipping his hand on his wife’s knee. “I’m going to have my dessert now.” His hand travels up her thick thighs, getting closer to her core.

Selena realizes what’s he’s doing a little too late, his hand already brushing against her inner thigh. She doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves so she parts her legs ever so slightly, just enough to allow his hand between them. She looks at his face trying to keep her color normal. She grins at the look on his face when he realizes she’s not wearing anything under her dress, giving him direct access to her core.

Jeremy grins brushing his fingertips across her mound, watching his wife shiver with pleasure. “Someone’s begging for me to tease them.” He pinches her clit, making her jerk and look around. He scoots his chair closer to her for better access. She digs her nails into his thigh trying to keep her composure in the restaurant. She was suddenly grateful for the private table.

Jeremy does circles on her swollen clit, making her eyes roll back in her head and her cheeks flush. Just as he slips a finger into her tight space the waitress brings the couple their drinks. “I have a glass of red wine,” she sits the glass down in front of Selena. Selena bites her lower lip, “thank you” she squeaks feeling Jeremy thrusting his finger in and out of her hard. She is struggling to keep a moan from escaping her mouth. The waitress sits down a glass of Dr. Pepper in front of Jeremy, “Now, what would you two like to eat?” She waits patiently with her pen in hand.

Selena looks down at the menu swallowing hard, clearing her throat. “I’d like this please,” she points to the item on the menu, squeezing her thighs together as she feels her climax coming. She puts her hands in her lap, grabbing the sides of the chair pushing her hips into his hand. Jeremy grins taking his time ordering from the menu as his hand works on her core fiercely. After a few minutes, the waitress walks away, completely unaware of what’s going on at the table she just left.

Selena leans over and stuffs her face into her husband’s neck as she cums all over his fingers, moaning into his neck. As she comes down from her climax she relaxes and whispers into his ear, “You’ll pay for that dear.”

Jeremy grins pulling his cum covered fingers from her core and sucks them clean, “I ain’t scared.” Selena rolls her eyes and slips a napkin under the table to clean the mess her husband made between her thighs, hoping it didn’t go through her dress.

The couple enjoys their meal chatting about life with their kids and business adventures. Selena tells her husband about the things she learned about in her classes, as well as her plans for after graduation in a few months. She’s excited to be almost done with her master’s but dreading the two more years to complete her Ph.D. program. Once all of her schoolings are complete she’ll be a licensed psychologist. It’s her dream and it’s almost complete. The couple leaves the restaurant and gets back into the van, Jeremy starting the engine. It’s now completely dark outside and they still have an hour before their movie starts.

Jeremy looks over at her, “Let’s be like before the kids came along and have a make-out session in the back seat.”

Selena laughs out loud, “Somebody is really horny today aren’t you?”

Jeremy nods and slips into the backseat. Selena looks around to see they are parked away from other people and crawls over the seat to join her husband. He instantly pulls her to his lap, pushing her dress up enough to allow her legs to straddle his chest. He leans in and kisses her deeply, wrapping his arms around her back. She kisses back wrapping her arms around his neck. It isn’t long before Jeremy strays his lips from hers and kisses to her earlobe and down to her neck. She pulls her hair away from him and tilts her head, “Don’t stop baby..” she rubs her fingers through his hair holding his head to her neck. His hands travel to her plump ass cheeks, partly exposed, squeezing them and pulling them apart. She can feel his length growing under her thighs at her moans. She bounces her ass in his hands slightly, running her lips just over his length. She shudders. Jeremy quickly shoved his hands under her dress and grabs her bare ass, slapping at it. He lets his finger tease her back hole while his other hand spreads her cheeks apart. She tilts her head back moaning his name lovingly, “Oh Jeremy, yes.”

He whispers into her neck, “I need to be inside you now..” he bites down on her neck as she lets out a yelp of pleasure. She unbuttons his jeans, pushing them down as far as she could before positioning his erect cock to her entrance. Before she has a chance to sit down on it he pushed up into her hard, a loud scream escaping her lips. She sits down on his full length, burying him inside of her womb. She slowly begins to bounce on his rod, her breast bouncing out of the dresses plunging neckline. Jeremy leans down to take one of her now exposed nipples into his mouth, sucking on it. Her milk dripping into his mouth, bulged from not pumping before leaving the house. She lets out a whimper of relief as the pressure is released.

Selena continues to move on his rod, the skin rubbing her clit as she moves. The pressure within Selena starts to build as her climax gets closer and closer. Jeremy grunts as his rod begin to pulse in her depths. They both release their load about the same time and Selena collapses into her husband’s chest. She lays her head down on his shoulder facing his neck breathing heavily. Jeremy holds Selena in his arms, “I love you.” Selena pants, “I love you too. Oh and I’m ovulating so we may end up making a baby..”

Jeremy grins, “Well, oh well. I’m nowhere finished with you yet.”

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