A Nicely Written Script from a Couple for xMas

writing this memoir because the woman iam about to share wants to check the hits.

for the last xmas, i was talking with a couple from poland. the woman lived in dubai for around 10 years, while the man came to visit her and left to the home country. so last xmas, they wanted to celebrate in dxb and they contacted me.

actually from their intro, they were so eager that they started the first message with the verification and i received a script from them. it was so detailed that i knew where we were going to meet for the first time, what they were wearing, what we were going to go, drink, drive and all. it was very rare to come up with people what they want, how they want and when they want. the message ended with requesting me to take the offer or not with a task. so i took the offer and waited for the time we were about to meet.

when the time came, i met with the woman in jbr, she was wearing as agreed, a short white dress with an appealing cleavage. she was around mid 30s, fit, around 1.70 and blonde. the man wasn’t in the scene as it was in the script. we did a small chitchat and walked together to our destination. the table was already reserved in a bar. we were drinking, getting to know each other and dancing. as the hours passed, we were getting more and more closer and that moment i realized the man also in the same bar drinking alone and watching us.

when we went to our table, the man approached to our table, asked to sit and talked with the woman. he was apologizing because he cheated on her, but she wanted him to feel how she felt.

after that scene, we went to her hotel room in marina. i poured wine for both of us while she was watching the view. soon the guy called her to apologize and that moment she said that you are going to feel what i feel that day. all the conversation was on the speaker so i could hear a lot.

that moment, she asked me to come closer so she could feel my lips. as we were kissing and moaning, the guy was hearing and kept on apologizing. she unzipped my trousers so loud that the guy couldn’t make a noise for a minute. she started to suck me off so aggressively and loud. that was the moment the guy didnt apologize anymore but just enjoying the show and playing with himself.

as i was about to cum, i pulled her hair toward me so deep that i could feel her throat. she was gagging and swallowing til the last drop. she asked me to pull her up and took a shower together. she took the phone with us and we went in to the shower. during the way i removed her dress and she was wearing only the dress for the entire night.

as we were helping each other in the shower, she started rubbing my dick and washing it while touching her pussy. i started to finger her and kissing her neck. when i was hard againm she put a condom on it, bent over against the glass and spread her legs. she was so slippery that it didnt take any force to put it inside her. she gasped with the first entry as the guy was jerking off on the other side. he was hearing the pounding sound and our moanings. she was so verbal that she wanted me to take her in any possible way.

it moved from shower to the bed, i threw her to the bed and took the phone. this time we moved to a video call, so he could see the action. as we were fucking in doggy style, the guy had a nice pov. when i gave the phone to her so i could kiss her neck and pull her hair, i heard the guy was cumming. she smiled and started biting my lips and asked me to took the condom off. that wasnt in the script though.

i was a bit surprised because so far everything was based on the script. then she pulled out the condom and started sucking me off again. that was the moment the guy came from the other room and took a seat. as she made me cum in her mouth second time, she told him that he wasn’t supposed to cum that early, that was the reason she punished him.

might continue based on her request and the reactions from reddit.

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