A hunter watched me get fucked in the woods

I had arranged to go out on a hike with a guy I’ve been seeing. We knew before we left where things were heading. Fucking out in nature is one of m favorite things to do, and I can’t resist a good fuck during a hike. It’s the perfect way to experience the beautiful scenery and I find it so hot to be outdoors where anyone could see me.

Even though we were out in the open, we had hiked to a very quiet spot out in the woods where I wasn’t expecting to see another person. We had gotten far enough out that I think we could have walked for an hour before seeing another person. Still, I should know what I’m getting into when I play outdoors. The thing is, that day I was taken by surprise.

We were fucking on a blanket laid out on the floor. Both of us were entirely naked, confident that we wouldn’t be disturbed. At that point, I had sucked his cock and had climbed on top. I was riding his cock hard and fast, my tits bouncing as I rode him. It felt incredible, and I was getting closer and closer to cumming. Moaning, I was starting to get louder and louder. I came hard, then slowed down. I paused to get my breath back, enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm with the guy’s cock still inside of me.

Then, I heard movement in the trees. I looked around, unable to spot where the sound had come from. Then, I saw him. There was a hunter, dressed in camo, passing by just near enough that we could catch each other’s eyes and know that we were looking at each other. I saw him smile, enjoying the view, before moving on.

I guess you never really know if you’re being watched in a situation like that lmao.

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  1. Just imagine for how long he was staying there, it’s literally the thing he has to do to get animals, to wait camouflaged in a hiding spot for his chance at getting animals, you saw and heard him because he thought it might be a little funny


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