A Hotwife is Born

There aren’t many nights you get to yourself when you have young kids, especially when you are on vacation. But when your in-laws say they will watch the kids while you and your wife enjoy a night out together, you jump on it without batting an eye.

That was the case this past spring break when we went to Charleston, SC to visit my in-laws. Both of us work in the same high school (she’s the Assistant Principal, I teach Psychology), a week away from work and school always does the trick just to recharge and reload when we return home to Nashville.

My wife, Lauren, didn’t question her parents’ suggestion. All she screamed was “See ya!”, which got all of us cracking up. But at this point, the boys were asleep, so there wasn’t anything to it. We told them we were meeting with friends and might not be back until the morning, which they didn’t mind. But enough about that; it’s time for what this story is about, which is a night that not only changed our marriage forever but, in some ways, made it stronger.

At 34, Lauren has a smile that lights up the room, with an hourglass figure to die for. Toned but not muscular (thanks to our home gym), 5’6″, dirty blonde hair with light blue eyes, tight waist, wide hips with a beautiful juicy ass, smooth strong legs, and natural DDD tits that literally grab all the eyes in the room. I’m no slouch either at 36, being 6′, 210 lbs., fit but not fully toned (I can still see my abs at least), and have a full head of brown hair with hazel eyes.

We have been married for ten years, and despite our ups and downs, my love for her hasn’t wavered, and we have an excellent family life. But like any marriage over time, things have gotten a bit stale for us, so a date night was exactly what we needed to change the pace.

I waited by the front door for her for what felt like hours, thinking we were never going to get out of the house. When I saw her walking down the hallway, I lost any thinking brain cells that existed. Her hair was wavy and cascaded over her shoulder. Her black dress was accenting every curve on her body. Her hips popped with every step she took in her heels. Her luscious breasts showed her incredible cleavage that got me hard in seconds.

She saw the tent in my pants and grabbed it, whispering to me “he better be ready later tonight”. That alone almost made me change my pants.

We headed out to our favorite pub and agreed to take the night to simply destress and not worry about work, kids, or anything. We get there around 9:00, and before we enter, I told Lauren that I think her sex appeal to guys has been fading, which I know is not true because several of the male teachers at our school eye fuck her so many times throughout the day. She’s told me and will occasionally wear tight dresses to work knowing she’s going to rile them up.

She chuckled, saying “Okay big guy, what do you have in mind?”

I proposed a date night on top of our date night, going to a separate part of the bar and getting a phone number; the loser is at the winner’s expense for the night.

She said “Deal, but that means I can’t wear my rings”.

My ring was getting resized while we were away, and I forgot to bring the silicone one. She began taking hers off, but I stopped her, saying she might have a better chance with it on. Reluctantly, she agrees to keep it on, and we enter the pub.

I sit at the closer end of the bar, while she works her way towards the middle. She ordered a glass of Cabernet, and I ordered a 15-year-old Scotch; I figured I would treat myself tonight knowing things could get interesting.

So far, the night was off to a great start, with more people entering as the night went on. To no surprise, Lauren was quickly grabbing attention. She was getting free drinks from single guys, and groups of guys, all of them unable to take their eyes off her amazing breasts.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a fucking boat.

At one point she looked over at me, and I gave her a stare that said “Well, this sucks”. She shrugged her shoulders and started laughing. My glass of Ardbeg continued to go down, and so were my chances of winning the bet. I hate losing, even if it is to my wife, but I must say, I was getting turned on to see how many guys she had gotten hot and bothered.

I can tell she was having a great time as well. She had a glowing smile hearing these different men tell her how beautiful she was. She has a very flirty personality to begin with, and mixing that with alcohol can get quite erotic.

One bold man impulsively fondled and squeezed Lauren’s breast, which she playfully pulled his hand away. I can tell she was slightly aroused when she gave him a stare letting him know that she enjoyed it.

We have never messed around with other people or couples before, but the idea of her with another guy or woman has crossed my mind; in fact, it has been my deepest fantasy, and I was hoping that tonight it would come true.

With perfect timing, that was when her next victims approached her. A group of three guys a bit younger than us, probably mid-20s, stood next to Lauren at the bar. They were dressed in polos and slacks, out to unwind from a stressful workday.

Of course, they bought Lauren a round and tried to work their game on her. The benefit of not having any women whatsoever approach you, is you get to observe what is taking place in the room you’re in.

Two of the guys I could tell thought with their cocks, because they were trying too hard from the start and were very handsy, touching her shoulder and legs and trying to get further. I admit, they appeared to be fun to hang out with, and she was laughing and having a great time with them. To be honest I was aroused seeing her handle all three of them like she could work them over without a sweat.

At this time, she could’ve easily won the game and gotten their numbers, but I saw what she was doing; she was working with the third guy who was nice, showed Southern class and charm, and above all else, was very attractive. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, a smile to melt women, and was physically fit. His shirt fit the contours of his muscles and slim waist, and I imagined Lauren thinking of finding a way to get this guy alone with her.

She was done with the two knuckleheads and had convinced them to head in my direction and leave. The man of interest told them to go to the next bar, he said he had to finish his drink and wouldn’t be far behind. We all knew that was a lie, and I’m glad they were gone because I wanted to see Lauren work her magic.

The two of them talked alone and clearly hit it off. She took every chance she could to find a way to touch his arms and abs, usually while he was talking or after he made her laugh.

I know he noticed her wedding band; it was hard to miss shining in the light now and then. As they continued to talk, I saw his hands grazing her crossed legs, and fingers running through her hair. I don’t know what they were saying but seeing them together was starting to turn me on.

As I hoped, their conversation got heavier, and they one-upped my thoughts and began kissing each other. As they made out at the bar, I could see her hand sliding along his inner thigh, feeling his bulge over his khakis. He kissed her neck which got her riled up, grabbing the back of his neck.

A minute later he got up to go to the bathroom, which was probably his cue to not bust his load in his pants. Lauren took the time to text me to see how my night was going; I’m not surprised she has no clue how badly I struck out, due to all the attention she has been getting. I tell her how bad I lost and ask her how her new boyfriend is.

She said “I told him I’m married and told him about our game. He likes that I’m married, and he wants me even more because of it. Plus, he wants to meet you. He’s so hot, and fucking huge, and I want him bad. I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten over me. Please don’t be upset, babe.”

After reading that I knew my fantasy was going to become a reality tonight. I tried playing it cool, but I was so worked up inside. I told her it’s okay and I’ve enjoyed watching them. I told her to leave with him when he returned and ask him if we could go back to his place for a nightcap. I could tell by the look on her face reading the text that she was surprised at my approval.

They walked in my direction, and she introduced me to Jake, who I admit was a very handsome and charming guy and didn’t hesitate to offer his place to us. Of course, I quickly sized him up; we were the same height, but I had some weight on him. He gave a solid handshake, large hands like mine, and looked me in the eye. I must say, I liked his confidence and that he wasn’t soft or intimidated. He seemed like someone I would want to hang out with despite him wanting to fuck my wife.

We left the pub at midnight, and I drove the three of us to his house, which was ten minutes away. They both climbed into the middle row of my SUV, and to no surprise, began making out as soon as the car started moving. I tell them their Uber fare has started, as they laugh and continue their play.

I angled the rearview mirror to see the show, and I must say it didn’t disappoint. Lauren broke the kiss and climbed onto Jake’s lap facing me. She looked at me in the rearview mirror, giving me a lustful smile as she slowly grinded on him. He lowered the dress straps, freeing her breasts from its bra. He began massaging them, his hands lost in her soft bosom. He rubbed and squeezed, fingers between her areolas as he pinched her alert nipples, all the while kissing her neck. She gasped a couple of times and panted in his ear before they embraced in another deep kiss. How I managed to get us to Jake’s apartment without crashing still amazes me to this day. Lauren fixed her dress as we approached Jake’s apartment.

As we entered, I knew my place at the moment and located the kitchen to grab wine and glasses, as Lauren and Jake continued to claw at one another. I opened a bottle of Bordeaux, reveling in the moment that my gorgeous wife has not only won the bet tonight, but is fulfilling a fantasy of mine, and we will find out tonight if it makes or breaks our marriage.

I found them taking a break on the sofa in the living room, still holding one another, as I took the chair. So far everyone seemed fine with how the night was unfolding.

I asked Jake if he had done anything like this before. He stated, “No, but I always found a married woman much more attractive”. Lauren looked at me and smiled. I don’t blame him, she looked incredible.

I mentioned, “We haven’t done anything like this ever. But by the looks of it, I think we all agree we are good moving forward”. With that we all confirmed and drank more wine.

We found out more about this stud; that he’s single with no steady girlfriend, played Lacrosse at Duke University, and tore his knee his junior year, losing his chances of trying out for a professional team. He helps coach the local high school, winning the state title last year. He has his MBA and works for his dad in selling medical equipment to different hospitals and facilities, so he’s always traveling. He plans on taking over the business when his dad decides to retire in a few years.

The more we talk, the more I realize we have similar interests and hobbies, and I admit I like this guy. I look at Lauren and she hears the conversation and engages, but she only has one thing on her mind, and it’s between Jake’s legs. She’s done with the familiarities, gives him that sultry look, and tells him to stand up.

She gets on her knees in front of him and unbuckles his pants as he takes his shirt off. I take another sip of wine as she slowly lowers his pants and boxers down. Inch by inch she exposes his huge veiny cock, until the pants hit the floor and his cock springs up, almost smacking Lauren in the face.

She marvels at how big her soon-to-be lover is. With a trimmed nine-inch cock, and balls the size of golf balls to match, I would be shocked if she didn’t have an orgasm right there. She grips her fingers around his swollen member and slowly runs her hand the length of his shaft, as she feels his heavy balls dancing in her other hand.

Seeing her worship Jake’s manhood got me very excited, and I knew I had to join their fun. I strip off my clothes and walk over to them, sarcastically telling Lauren “Let’s compare sizes”.

I am no slouch, at seven inches, but I know sizing us up would drive Lauren’s insatiably high libido through the roof. She asks for us all to go to the bedroom, and holds both our cocks, stroking us until we reach Jake’s bed. She has us face each other, then begins to strip out of her dress and panties, leaving only her bra on.

She gets on her knees and gives us a few more strokes before placing my pulsing on top of his. Side-by-side would have been fine, but the view of his member being a support beam for mine was a different site. The two-inch gap between my cock and his pubic bone makes him smile. He’s a little wider than me, not much, and his balls were a little larger than mine, but his sack hung low with all the built-up sperm churning. Jake then takes his cock, lifts it up, and lets the heavy hammer drop onto mine, causing a loud smacking sound. It was as if his fuck rod was trash-talking mine and asserting dominance.

I don’t know if it was the site of our cocks together or the sound of them smacking, but I looked at Lauren and she was drooling. She placed my cock back on top of his, clamped them down with her hands, and began rubbing us slow and hard.

I was taken aback by her unique approach, but the strange sensation I was feeling with our cocks together started feeling good, and almost made me cum. She smiles, then gets between Jake and I. She continues to stroke Jake’s fat cock as she starts giving me a blowjob. The power in this woman’s mouth, I am amazed I didn’t combust that moment. She works my shaft and deepthroats me with ease like she’s done so many times.

After getting me slick and pulsing, she turns to Jake and wants to take her time with him. She again marvels at his size, kissing down to the base and licking up the shaft along each of his cock’s veins, as she reaches his purple head. She slowly sucks just his head, with one hand stroking his shaft and the other juggling his balls. Jake softly moans as she slowly lowers inch by inch.

He places his hands on her head and gives a couple of thrusts, slowly fucking my wife’s mouth. She had a couple of inches left and seemed to hit the wall and gags before coming up for air; but I know how competitive Lauren can be, and she was determined to take him all the way down, no matter what.

She wraps her lips around him again, hitting the same point. She reached around and grabbed his firm ass cheeks, pulled his hips into her face, and loosens her jaw as she slides the rest of his throbbing cock down her throat. Her nose was buried in his pubic bone, and it completely took the air out of Jake. His eyes rolled back as he let out a groan of complete submission to the goddess in front of him. He grabs her head to grind a couple of seconds on her face before she retreats and gasps for air.

Admiring her own accomplishment, she gives Jake the best blowjob of his life. She knew she was in complete control of his world. I told you earlier, the power of this woman’s mouth is something else.

Lauren releases her mouth from Jake’s head with a popping sound and continues to stroke him, giving him a penetrating lust-filled stare into his eyes. As she stares at her new lover, I couldn’t help but admire her wedding ring shining on her finger as it moved up and down Jake’s slick thick cock. This goddess has us both at her mercy tonight.

She looks at me, sees how hard I still am, and repositions herself on the bed. She gets into her favorite position, standing and leaning her elbows on the mattress. She signals Jake to lie down in front of her so she can continue admiring his manhood, then looks to me and says, “I want you inside me first”. I stand behind her, admiring the curvy vixen that’s bent over in front of me. Her hips elevated to welcome me in, as her beautiful breasts lay on Jake’s legs.

I got down on my knees so I could taste her juices. Before I start, I could feel the heat radiating from her vagina. I start to lick her lips, then her clit, savoring the sweet taste of her precum. I could spend the night in that position, but a husband’s duties called.

I slide my cock into Lauren’s soaking wet pussy, which showed zero resistance; this woman is in pure heat right now. I grab her hips and slowly thrust in and out, then pick up my pace as she continues to worship Jake. His balls are too big for her mouth, so she playfully bites them as if they were a chew toy while still stroking him. I know I could cum at this time, but I want to savor the night and reclaim her later, so I pull out, give Lauren’s swollen vagina a kiss, then move to the side of the bed.

I tell Jake “It’s time for what she really wants”.

He smiles in agreement and gets off the bed to position behind Lauren, as I stand with one knee on the corner of the bed. He grabs a Magnum condom from his nightstand, but Lauren stops him. She says “That cock is too beautiful to cover up”.

It surprised me that she did not want to use a condom. She was on birth control, so there was no worry there, but to at least protect herself from what he might have. But who was I to stop what was happening?

Her eyes widened as she felt him rubbing his large cock head against her vagina’s lips. She grabs my cock and leans over to kiss me with our tongues entangled.

I tell her to tell me everything that was happening, loud enough for Jake to hear. She tells me how he’s an asshole for teasing her so much. We all laugh as he places one hand on her ass cheek, the other on his shaft, and slowly enters her soaked pussy.

She sighs and whispers “He’s sliding inside me. Oh god, he’s so thick”.

Jake feels how tight she is and goes slow, inch by inch until his hips meet with Lauren’s. Her eyes are closed, mouth open as he pushes past the furthest depths of her pussy. She tells me “I feel so full”.

His other hand spanks and grabs the other cheek, giving her a rush, as he goes very slow to get Lauren adjusted to the new size. She softly moans as he readjusts her walls, her pussy clamping down on his thick cock. She half-heartedly starts stroking and sucking my dick, but her emotions are too much in overdrive to comprehend anything else at the moment.

I asked her how she was feeling, but she told me to shut up so she could concentrate. A few more strokes and what seemed like pain at first was now pure pleasure. She begins to slowly buck back onto Jake, letting him know her body is ready.

She looks into my eyes and says “His cock feels so good. It’s so deep, and thick. I want more”. She then tells Jake, without breaking my eye contact, “I want you to fuck my brains out”.

It didn’t take too many more thrusts before Jake grabbed Lauren’s ass harder and thrusts his huge cock deep and hard into her. She lets go of my aching cock so she could brace herself on the bed. Her full ample breasts were held by her bra bouncing back and forth; her ass cheeks rippled into his hips, making a loud and aggressive clapping noise; Jake’s heavy balls swinging like a wrecking ball with each aggressive thrust; my wife staring into my eyes, moaning and loving every second.

She pauses her moans and says with a smile, “I love this fucking cock so much”.

I could’ve came right then and there, I’ve never seen my wife in this state of mind before. I tell her I love her, she returns “I love you, and I love this cock”.

Jake lets go of her hips and grabs her wrists to pull her arms back towards him. Her head lowers towards the bed as he pulls her whole body into him, driving as hard and deep as he can go.
Lauren can’t help but scream in ecstasy as he turns her into his personal sex toy. It isn’t much longer until I hear those magic words from Lauren, “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!”

She moans like I’ve never heard her before, almost animalistic, as she erupts all over his cock, her legs shaking for what seemed like an orgasm that would last forever.

I was taken aback, for this was the first time she came from pure penetration. I was always able to get her off from friction or my mouth, but this was clearly the next level for her. Her new bull had now slowed his rhythm, returning his hands to her hips, and kept his fat cock inside her as she recovered. I take this time to raid Jake’s bar and grab another bottle of wine. Hey, I might as well have another glass or two while I wait.

A few minutes went by, and still, out of breath, she said to Jake, “It’s my turn now”. She signals for him to lie on the bed as she climbs on top of him.

There was no need to warm up as they both were still drenched from the fuckfest that occurred in front of me. She lowers her hips onto his, giving out a loud moan, as she unfastens her bra to expose her beautiful breasts.

I make a move and stand on the bed and offer her my still-erect cock to suck on. She says, “I’m sorry babe, I haven’t given you much attention”. I tell her “You don’t need to apologize for anything. You two look so hot right now”.

And she did, my wife impaled on the biggest cock she’s ever had and loved every second of it. She grabbed my ass and shoved my cock down her throat as if she hadn’t eaten for days. She wanted me to cum in her mouth, but I had other plans, and that was to reclaim her after Jake had drained his balls into her.

Lauren’s large nipples were at attention, as Jake took a breast in each hand and massaged them. She grinds her hips deep and hard, bending over and giving Jake a long kiss. She breaks when he starts playing with her nipples, then begins to suck one as he toys with the other.

It’s obvious Lauren enjoys this as she increases her motion. She says to Jake “Don’t fucking stop,” as she sits up to press both her hands into his chest. She wants him to switch nipples, which he does and presses his hips up deeper into her.

She bucks and grinds even harder, soon panting and saying between breaths “Ooh, I’m cumming again. Fuck me harder”. Her orgasm shakes through her body as Jake lets go of her breasts and grabs her hips, thrusting into her. She buries her head next to his and grabs his soft hair.

A few thrusts later he rolls Lauren onto her back still inside her. He lifts her ass off the bed, with her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his back, and bites his neck as he savagely fucks my wife’s brains out. The force of him driving into her I could’ve sworn the bed was going to break.

Their sex was intense, as they gave each other a long and passionate kiss in the midst of their pounding. It wasn’t much longer until I heard Jake whisper to Lauren, “I’m gonna cum”. She whispered back, “Cum inside me, baby”.

That’s all it took for Jake to flood my wife’s womb as he grunted and groaned. It seemed like a solid minute that he was pouring ounces of cum into her. His huge sack constricted with each shot of cum, outlining his massive balls. The lust my wife had earlier turned to love, and she had fallen in love with this stranger’s massive cock as his sperm poured out of my wife while he kept cumming inside her.

By the time he finished, he was spent and rolled off to clean up. Lauren was breathing heavily as I climbed on top of her, giving her a deep passionate kiss.

I use Jake’s cum as lube and slid inside her. God this guy came a gallon inside her. She looks at me and says she loves me so much. I tell her I love her too, as my thrusting causes Jake’s cum to shoot out of Lauren’s swollen pussy. She grinds her hips into mine as we make love to one another.

Jake, reading the room, retreats to the corner of the bed and watches us together. She grinds harder against me and grips my back as she cums on my swollen cock, which causes me to erupt in her, adding to the reservoir of cum she already had. She clamps her pussy down on my cock to milk out every last drop. If there’s one thing Lauren loves more than cock, it’s her vagina filled with cum.

I look at the clock and it’s 3:00. My god, did we really have sex for three hours? And by we I mean Lauren and Jake for three hours? Nevertheless, it was the most intense sex we have ever had.

Lauren and I head to the bathroom to clean up. I pull her into me and give her a deep long kiss, professing my love for her. She returns the same affection and we head to the bedroom, where all three of us sleep together, exhausted from our wild night.

I hear my 6:00 alarm go off and get up, forgot to cancel the damn thing. After Lauren and I got dressed to leave, I told Jake he was more than welcome to stay with us if he was ever in the area. If he wasn’t such a gentleman and a genuinely sincere good man, I would not have offered; I liked the guy for who he was. Without hesitating he accepted my proposal. Lauren at first was a bit reluctant to offer our family home to a stranger, but with one glance at his semi-erect cock, she agreed and said, “he’s welcomed anytime”. We laughed as we left Jake’s house and drove away.

We reflected on how we enjoyed our new friend’s company and how incredible the night was. Then it hit me, I realized that I forgot to give him our numbers. Lauren chuckled and pulled up his number on her phone, saying, “You really think I would lose our bet?” I smiled and gave Lauren a kiss on her head. I cannot wait for what adventures lie ahead with our newfound love life.

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