A Great View from the Bottom

There’s a dude I bottom with, and the second time we fucked, it was amazing. He made me cum hard the first time we hooked up, but the second time, I had told him how bad I wanted his cock, how I was going to go down on him, and what position I wanted him to fuck me in. We sent dick and panty pics.

We were both very horned up by the time he met me at my apartment. I practically ripped his clothes off to get to his chest and dick. I rode him, and when he got excited, he started to pump my ass hard, and I leaned in and kissed him even though we had agreed not to. Got lost in the fucking. He’s a great kisser. That put it over the top. Then he put me on my back, and I watched him fuck me and stroke me off until we both came with pretty intense eye contact.

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