A date with old classmate turned into rough fun in the woods!

So I (m) got in contact with an old classmate of mine (f), and started talking chatting on social media. For context, when we are school together, we never dated but went a long period of time sending each other dirty pics, videos and chats and playing dirty games.

So when we got back together, there was a bit more sexting but this time we agreed to meet up. We decided to go on a walk on a forest trail and about 10 mins in we started reminiscing over what we used to send each other. This lead to use talking more about our kinks; we are both into exhibitionism, rough play, sexting and oral stuff, so I offered to eat her out right then and there.

She loved this idea so we headed off the trail a bit and I bent of over a tree, teased her over her gym shorts whilst kissing her neck. I then stripped her down and started rubbing her clit whilst making out with her, this made me very hard I have to admit.

I then got on my knees and started eating her out (she tasted amazing!) until she came, then she wanted to return the favour by sucking me off!

After a few mins of her heavenly warm mouth kissing, licking, sucking and deepthroating me, I pushed her against the tree again, so her back was facing the tree, lifted her leg up and pushed my dick in her soaked pussy.

I fucked her very roughly; choking her, slapping her, pulling her hair and degrading her as she loved. I ended up cumming on her face and in her mouth, she swallowed most of it and even kept some on her face!

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