A coworker played with me in office today.

“Get ready for a day of fun.”

That’s the text message I woke up to. Which meant I had to wear my toy to work so he could tease me all day.

He started as soon as I said I was seated at my desk. Gentle pulses with spikes of high vibration made me twist in my chair and catch my breath.

I snuck out after an hour to a quiet stairwell and begged for mercy. Only after showing him that I was soaking through my tights and leaving a wet spot did he stop.

But at the cost of a video call on my break.

The most privacy I could find was a corner of the parking lot outside my office. As he teased me and brought me to orgasm over and over, I watched cars pass, people walk within a foot of my car, and tried to keep my composure.

Just a friendly video call to anyone else.

But the steamy windows and sweat on my face betrayed that impression. The way I shook and moaned and bit my lip couldn’t be taken for anything but passion, even if no one could hear me.

I have to go back now.

And truthfully, I am a mess. The toy is still buried in me, wetness soaks my inner thighs, and I pray my dress hides the evidence. I licked my fingers clean, but the smell of lust still lingers.

He didn’t say we were done for the day.

In fact, before he hung up, he mentioned he was going to find a song for the toy to pulse to. And that he should come to the office more often to use the toy face to face and taste his work.

In office days are going to be very interesting from now on.

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