A collection most depraved stories; an experiment – (Introcution

I am a writer and have always wanted to write something, and the the more I developed my sexuality and discovered my kinks when I discovered most of them being “taboo” and “extreme”
I reached out to people like me, and found a calling to write something meant for just us “freaks”

A little project in the format of a book, which will be a collection meant for people like me that don’t agree with the specific rules in society that look down on certain things and view them as disgusting or taboo; a book of fantasies and experiences with fetishes labeled as “taboo” for us to think about getting intimate, or to immerse ourselves into our dirtiest desires in a life where we don’t have people that accept them and we can´t make them come true.

So I talked to a vary large amount of people like me, that have developed kinks in the deepest and darkest depths of sexual desire, considered to be most taboo by a large part of the world, and told them about my project and it’s purpose, many of them agreed to send me their darkest fantasies or real life experiences that they don´t tell many people if any because of fear of being seen as depraved freaks, and gave me permisision to include in my work by keeping their name out.

I touched on many various dark fetishes, the only ones I didn’t touch were >!Pedophilia and Rape !<for obvious reasons, But I have so far only written a few of the first parts of my book, and decided that while i work on the rest, I will slowly publish the ones I have finished, which have these themes:
Incest, Scat and Piss, Spying, Degradation, and an honorable mention, of a rare one I have not heard much of; Fetish for drinking Menstrual blood

I will format every chapter in a very erotic way, they will have vivid depictions, and link pictures closest to the what will be described. So one can Immerse themselves as deeply ass possible:

I was originally planning to have this project be somewhat private between my circle of “freaks” but after discovering this sub I decided to start a little experiment: every day I will post something out of the project, to see how it will be received, and I will either continue, or end the experiment, depending on the feedback.

And to add some fun to this experiment, I mentioned before that some of these are fiction, and some of these happened….I will keep it hidden which ones are what, and let you be the judge of that.

I will also use this post as an opportunity to let you choose which piece from my project I should release tomorrow out of 4 stories, each big on incest in the roots, but different in other aspect. The 4 options will be down below, feel free to “vote” which one you would like to see the most tomorrow.

1. >!Spying on Mommy (Incest, Spying, Masturbation) !<
2. >!I never ate the dinner at the table, but rather the toilet (Scat, piss, toilet play, incest)!<
3. >!I wished i was my sister, so I became her (Crossdressing, worship, incest)!<
4. >!Once a month, I got fed (Tampon eating, menstrual blood, incest)!<

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