A birthday surprise from my roommate

I, F27, had a very special birthday thanks to my roommate, F25. So the two of us have had a FWB type thing going on since we moved in together and it’s been amazing. Normally our nights consist of eating each other out and then going to bed. She took it up a notch for my birthday though.

She told me to be ready in the living room that night. So I was laying on the couch wearing nothing but my favorite sexy panties. She came out of her room wearing a brand new strap on. She took charge just how I like and made me suck the strap on and then she ate my pussy. She then dragged me to her bedroom and I didn’t even think about why she had towels covering her bed. She threw me onto the bed and I played with my pussy waiting for her to fuck me. That first push in was amazing. My whole body tingled. I was so turned on it didn’t take long for me to cum but that’s when the surprise hit. She had gotten a squirting strap on and she bought an actual gallon of cum lube. She knew how much I dreamed of being covered in cum and she made it happen.

By the end of the night the entire gallon of cum was on me or at least I was in the giant puddle. By that point I’d fucked her with the strap on a few times and we just laid on that puddle of cum making out.

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