35M , I got catfished but gave her the dick anyway

Matched with this woman on tinder , she was thick and was in town on business and told me to come to her hotel room.

I get to the room and knock and a much older woman answered and said you must be here for Judy and told me to come in.

This woman had to be at least 60, long hair with gray in it , and she was only wearing a very thin robe.

I came in the room and asked what was up?

She said her friend had to take a call and was talk to her husband in her car and would be up when she was done and had asked her to let me in so that I didn’t leave.

I said fine and we sat on the two beds looking at each other awkwardly making conversation.

She was very nice and said I was very handsome and she can see why her friend wanted me, which felt weird coming from someone her age.

Then she mentioned the pics I had sent her friend and how they were very impressive,
She blushed and said she had never seen a dick as big as mine.

I was really taken back when she said it but I also started to get hard thinking about her looking at my pics, so I asked her if she wanted to see it in person, she said no at first then changed her mind and said ok let me see .

I stood up and slowly pulled out my hard cock for this old lady.

She just stared at it while I played with it at first before I told her to feel on it , and I walked closer and softly rubbed it ahi her cheeks and she smiled and gave it a kiss and started to lick the head.

As it started to get really hard she started to stroke me while licking the head then started to suck it.

I then asked what her friend would say when she walked in?

That’s when she came clean, there was no friend, those were pics of her granddaughter and she was sorry and didn’t mean to have me over but once she saw my dick pics she had too see it in person, she said all of this while still licking on my dick.

I was frozen then started to pull my dick away, but she grabbed it and started to plead with me to fuck her with, she just wants to feel it fuck her a little please, I can go raw , and cum inside her , she opens her legs and shows me her beautiful pussy and starts trying to guide my cock inside her.

I stopped her and thought for a moment then I fucked that pretty pussy all night.

I made her beg for it and thank me when I filled her up.

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