31M: Stranger at the Train Station [Gay Fantasy]

I released a heavy sigh of relief as I sat down at the bench at the local train station. It was on the cool side for a Midwestern summer night, the wind leaving a chill that almost called for a hoodie. I watched it blow the tall grass field surrounding the oil refinery tanks, rippling like waves coming into shore. It was a beautiful night out, with the sun just cresting over the horizon, leaving faint hints of purple and orange in the partly cloudy sky.

The train station was silent as usual, without a car or person to be seen. I never quite understood why such a small town had the train station, given how it was rarely used. I heard crickets and birds chirping away in the forest ten feet behind me, along with the rustling of leaves and branches from the trees sweet, sweet song. It was a gorgeous night, and I intended to enjoy it by parking my ass on this bench for at least a little while.

The bench was far out of the way from anyone who would care to even gander this way, which made it all the better to me. It had been a long and stressful day at work, capping off and long and stressful week as a whole and I needed the time to unwind and relax. Working from home certainly had its perks, but it also could feel like a tomb sometimes, a never-ending reminder of the never-ending workload. Being out on this bench away from any living soul meant I could shed the stress where no one would bother me.

I couldn’t have been anymore wrong about that, nor could I have been prepared for the events that were about to unfold.

So lost in my thoughts that I did not hear the rustling of the trees and grass behind me. Before I understood what was happening, I felt someone put their hand over my mouth. I felt something pointy and sharp against my back, and it took every ounce of strength I had from crying out.

“Do as I say, and you’ll be able to walk away without getting hurt,” I heard a man’s voice whisper in my ear. A chill crept down my spine as my mind whirled, trying to process what was happening and what my courses of action were. While being so out-of-the-way seemed nice at the time, it certainly played against me in this scenario. No one was going to help me get out of this one, and this man very well knew it.

The man stepped over the back of the bench and sat next to me on my left. He wore a ski mask on, masking his facial features. In the twilight haze, the only thing I could make out was that he was Caucasian, and about as tall as I was. He wore all black, all the way down to his boots. How stereotypical, I thought, which I immediately thought was strange that this was going through my head at a time like this.

“I think we’re going to have a little fun,” he said with a devious smile. With the pointed object still at my back, he gruffly pulled me down over his lap. My knees hit the grass and I felt my chest push against the man’s knees. My arms sprawled out in front of me, and for a moment, I had a chance to push away and run – to try and get away from this situation.

I couldn’t bring myself to leave, though. While this situation would have been frightening for most people, I found it… enticing? I was turned on at the thought of what might happen. I had always been interested in trying to be with a man sexually, but I could never bring myself to pull the trigger. I even had toys at home to play with, living out my fantasies with rubber. Having this situation forced upon me solved that issue, and almost turned me on even more. I hated to admit it, but I was ready to be this guy’s bitch, and he had no idea.

“If you play nice,” he said, matter-of-factly, “you’ll be able to go home in one piece. If you don’t, well…” He let the thought trail off, leaving the implication hanging in the air. I didn’t look up, but I nodded in acknowledgement, figuratively giving him the green light.

I felt his hands go to my back side, grabbing at my ass through my jogger’s shorts. From the feel, they were quite large, most likely bigger than mine. He squeezed my right butt cheek and gave it a resounding smack, which caused me to release a slight whimper. He smacked the other cheek for good measure, then pulled down my shorts, revealing my bare ass. The cool breeze felt good on it, especially after the slight string he put on me from slapping me, and my dick got slightly hard from the sensation. Fortunately, that fact wasn’t revealed due to the way he had me positioned on his lap.

Both of his hands were on my ass at that point, grabbing both cheeks and spreading it wide to reveal my tight hole. I heard him whistle in excitement.

“You got a tight hole, here, boy. I’m going to have lots of fun with this one.”

I felt his right hand leave my ass and heard him pop his finger in his mouth to wet it, sucking on it loud (and proud, I thought.) He brought it back down and ran it along my crack, slowly gliding it down until it landed at insertion point. Slowly, he slid his finger inside. I felt the movement of the digit as it slowly crept up my hole, stretching me out. I let out an audible gasp as he slid it in further, wiggling it around inside me as it went knuckle-deep. He began to slowly finger my asshole, bringing it in and out as he moaned slightly. I could feel him get hard, his bulge pushing up against my chest. Nervousness and excitement ran through me as continued to finger me, and I could feel myself getting harder.

After a moment or two, he pulled his finger out. “Kneel up on this bench,” he demanded forcefully, which I immediately complied. “You got a pretty mouth and I want to see how well you can use it.”

He pulled down the black sweatpants, revealing his cock for me to see. The dick was cut, like mine, with a bit more girth than mine had. The length (if I had to ballpark it) was somewhere around the seven-inch mark, only slightly bigger than the dildo I had at home. As he was getting situated, I got up on the bench, kneeling so that I could keep my ass up in the air.

Before I knew what was happening, he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me down onto his crotch. Forcefully, he directed my head along his shaft, rubbing it along my lips.

“Open up for me, bitch,” he said. He pulled on my hair and brought my head up so that my mouth was resting on the tip of his cock, which brought me a taste of precum on my lips. Slowly, I opened my mouth. As I did, he brought my head down onto his cock and started to thrust it into my mouth. It took me a few seconds to catch my bearings, but eventually I caught onto the rhythm and collected myself. As he brought my head up and down on his hard cock, I started to wiggle my tongue, running it along the shaft and head. My whole mind was lost in the ecstasy of the moment, and I was loving every second of it. I could feel that my dick had become fully erect at this point.

He let out a moan and started to slow the thrusting of my head down a bit. However, I found myself keeping up with the previous pace, no longer feeling the forceful pressure of his hand on the back of my head as I continued to go down on him. Instinctually, I brought my hand up to his shaft, holding it firmly in my grasp as I slowed my progress, focusing more on teasing his head with my tongue.

“Holy shit, you’re enjoying this, aren’t you,” he asked, sounding more than a little confused. In response, I shifted my hand away from his shaft and took the whole thing in my mouth, feeling his head go down my throat. I stayed down for a few seconds, before finally popping back up. I looked up at him and gave him a sly smile, letting him know that I was indeed enjoying myself.

I stuck my ass up in the air further, inviting him to work it more. As I did, I wrapped my mouth back around his hard cock, running my tongue around and playing with his head further, moaning softly as I did. I brought my right hand to cup his balls as I went up and down on him, rubbing them gently as I started to slightly suck on his head. I released his cock from my mouth for a moment, and grabbed his right hand in my left, popping his index and middle finger into my mouth and sucking on them, making sure to lube them up well with my spit. After releasing his hand, he finally got the hint and brought his wet fingers to my asshole, slowly sliding them into my ass, stretching it wide.

I promptly went back down on him, taking his whole cock down my throat again and again as he continued to finger my ass. At this point, I was lost in the ecstasy of the moment. I felt myself gagging each time his head slid down my throat, but I pushed it aside and kept going. He moved his other hand to the back of my head, gripping my hair and forcing my head down as he thrust into my mouth. I could tell he was close to finishing.

“Oh god … so good,” he said out-loud as he continued to face fuck me. “Are you ready for this load?”

He thrusted into my mouth at an elevated pace, going quicker and quicker until I finally felt the explosion of cum leak into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed the whole load, savoring it as I continued to slowly suckle on his dick. To finish off, I slid my mouth all the way down his shaft until my bottom lip touched his balls. I left it down my throat for a few seconds before finally pulling up.

He pushed me off him, quickly pulled up his pants, and ran off into the woods. That was that. One second, I was deepthroating his hard cock, and the next second, he was gone. As I pulled up my pants, I felt a weird sense of emptiness, coupled with an extreme feeling of horniness. The experience was better than what I had fantasized about, but now I knew that it would provide me with a sense of longing. Was this the only time I would get to experience this?

I wasn’t sure, but I did vow to come back to this spot regularly, in hopes to see what else might unfold.

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