[26f] my cousin let village men use me

i visited my cousin who lives in a small village on an island for vacation. the village is REALLY small, maybe 300 people in total and it’s mostly just men you see around, because women either stay inside taking care of the house or the younger ones move away for school. if they want to find a lady for themselves, they basically have to go to main land and find someone who likes them enough to move with them to the island.

i noticed this right away because when he took me to the local caffee, it was just me and 10 or so men there. the same thing happened in the afternoon, and then again the next day.

long story short, ive been here for three days when my causin said he’s organizing a drinking night for a few friends and asked if i wanna join. there’s not much to do so obviously i said yes.

i was already on my second drink with my cousin when two other men came, both in their early thirties. they had a bunch of stories about fishing and boat life and we really hit it off until eventually they started complaining how life on sea gets frustrating because there’s no one to fuck and i was quite tipsy so i asked if they ever help each other out. to my shock, they said yes.

now this guy is telling me about how they put porn on tv and jerk each other off and sometimes even give bjs, but they didn’t reach the level of desperation to actually fuck. the other guy is nodding along and i am starting to become a flustered mess, shocked by how open these bulky men are about helping each other cum.

that’s when my cousin jokingly says how maybe i can finally help em break the dry spell.

just for context, i really wanted to be in a threesome but never got a chance to. and now the chance was right in front of me, but it was out of the blue and i didnt really know them so i got really shy.

however, i could see a big buldge in my cousins pants and even though i couldn’t see the laps of the other two men, they were half staring at my boobs, half eagerly looking at me and i could feel my panties get flooded, my pussy clenching around nothing.

i think my cousin took my silence for a maybe beacuse he kept coaxing me, telling me i could just let them feel me up a bit, maybe play with my boobs and see how i like it. he told me not to worry about them doing anything i don’t want to because he will cut their fingers off and at that point, i was just nodding, eager myself.

both of them were by my side in a second, their big, rough hands on my boobs and thighs and i was moaning in seconds, fully clothed and almost as desperate as them.

my cousin was on an armchair, watching us, his hand palming the bulge in his hands.

(this turned really long so ill post part 2 if anyone wants to hear the rest)

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