[26f] my cousin let village men use me, part 2

there was a man on each side of me, one palming my breast, one squeezing my thigh and kissing my neck. my breathing was getting heavier, excited from feeling so many eager hands on my body.

“does that feel good?” my cousin asked from the armchair, the bulge in his pants now big, the outline of his dick visible. he was bigger than i expected. i licked my lips and nodded, not trusting my voice. the guy on my right slipped his hand under my shirt and squeezed my breast, once tentatively, but then firmer, with more pressure.

my head fell back and i almost moaned, but swallowed the sound before it could come out. i felt.. dirty, like i was doing something that i shouldn’t. and my cousin was right there, watching. it made my pussy leak even more, my panties getting soaked from just being touched, still fully cloathed. it was embarrassing, but exciting, in a way.

but then the other guy was taking my shirt off, leaving me topless and exposed in front of the two strangers while my cousin slowly stroked himself. i felt warm lips wrap around my nipple and this time i couldn’t hold back, a loud moan escaping my lips. i could feel more than hear the other guy swear into my ear, still squeezing my other brest, watching his friend suck my nipple.

“oh my god.” my cousin said. “you are going to be such a good little slut for us, aren’t you?” he asked and i could feel the guy suck on my nipple harsher while the other one bit into my neck and i gasped, the pleasure knocking the air out of my lungs. i could feel my pussy clench and drip, already pulsing in anticipation. “answer me.” he demanded.

“yes.” i gasped out, my shyness slowly fading away. “I’ll be a good little slut for you.”

part 3?

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