[22F] wondering what my uncle is thinking about me right now

I posted about this earlier — I do fitness/wellness spots and today my uncle liked my latest one. Then a few hours later he liked every single one I’ve done.

They’re not extremely sexual.. but I feel like I get pretty objectified in them. They always dress me up in really short shorts and always direct me to have my ass facing camera. And the comments I’ve gotten from men who watch them are really graphic. And now my uncle is liking them. All of them.

I keep wondering if he’s like literally watching me right now in them while I type this. Did he watch them a lot? Just once and move on? But then why did he go back into my profile and like ALL OF THEM later. What made him go back? What was he thinking about in between all that?? What does he think about when he watches them? What’s he thinking right now?

I dunno! I get so much freakin intense attention from men these days that maybe it’s messing with my head and I’m seeing things were things aren’t. And I’m seeing it bc in some bizarre way I find it really really flattering? A man how knows shouldn’t find me attractive…does? Oh lord Sasha

Sorry. Just I’m losing sanity over here. Don’t mind me.

5 thoughts on “[22F] wondering what my uncle is thinking about me right now”

  1. You are obviously very attractive, but his interest could be completely innocent. He may have just come across it, gone hey that’s my niece, thumbs up! Then liked the others trying to support what you do.

    Sure the posts are are a little sexualised, if you are open to seeing that. But they could also be looked at as pretty innocent and “that’s just how these posts are” …… Hard to say honestly.

    I guess the real question is do you hope it’s innocent or not?


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