21F the day my bestfriends bf filled my mouth with his cum

Ive always had a bit of a name for myself for being sexually adventurous or a bit of a slut you could say im not ashamed of it. Ive gathered some experience in my time and im always happy to share it with my friends when they ask for any advice. One day my best friend explained how she wasnt completely satisfying her bf in the bedroom so i was more than happy to help out

She had been with her bf for about a year and said the sex was good but she didnt think she was great at giving blowjobs so she asked for some tips. I started telling her all the things she could do with his dick to make it feel better for him. I was going to give her a demonstration with one of my dildos but before i could even suggest this she offered up her bfs dick instead. I was abit shocked by her spontaneous suggestion but she assured me she was ok with it and it would be hot for her to watch i agreed. I didnt have much time to think this through becouse that night she got her bf to come over. The 3 of us had some drinks and as things started to spice up and we got her bfs dick out and got my friend to try out some of the new techniques i was telling her about. I could see the look of pleasure on his face whilst she was sucking him this slightly turned me on. After a while she took a break and said her bf had never came from head. Obviously i took this as a challenge and decided to show her was i was capable of. Using all my skills and special techniques after only a few minutes i made him cum in my mouth right in front of her. She was impressed and her bf was grateful and satisfied. I swallowed every last drop of his cum and then went to clean myself up. after the 3 of us spent the rest of the night having more fun and drinks i wont get into any more details but you can imagine.

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