18th Birthday

Me and my boyfriend had been waiting for me to turn 18 before he finally took my virginity but he had lots of demands. First off I am not a very sexual person but knows he has lots of sexual experiences with a lot of girls so I wanted to please him better than them.

We are in an open relationship where we are allowed to fuck other girls but no other guys (I’m bisexual and have experimented with girls before.) So for our entire relationship through high school and some college for him he has had multiple other sex friends and another girlfriend. And because of this I knew I really had to give him everything to keep him interested.

Before we ever fucked, for months, he had been telling me he was going to use my butt (which I am terrified of but will for him), have threesomes with me, use me daily, and do bondage. Which I was excited about all of it except the anal.

Anyways, on my 18th birthday after a date he brought me to a nice hotel. As we got inside he immediately shoved me to the bed and stripped me naked. He then asked if it was okay for him to do whatever he wanted. Of course, I said “yes” and he started making out with me until he started kissing my neck then down my body. Until he reached my pussy and he started licking my pussy as he rubbed my clit causing me to squirm a lot. Right as I was super close to cumming then he stopped and told me he was going to take my virginity.

I was nervous and told him to be slow. He then started to enter me slowly and as he was about half in I started to feel my pussy stretching to the point his dick wouldn’t fit it me. He kept going and got it all inside and he was huge. His length was pretty big but his girth was too much, he is soo thick but I knew I had to get used to his dick to please him daily.

After I got used to his size and the scared look I had was gone he asked if he could actually fuck me for real now, which caught me by suprise because he was already going pretty fast by this time. I agreed and he started pounding my poor pussy. Harder than I thought was possible and after a minute or two of some of the roughest sex I started cumming, grabbing the sheets and moaning (I didn’t think I was a moaner cause when I masturbate I am quiet.) After I came he didn’t stop either, he said we aren’t done unless daddy says so and kept pounding me right after my orgasm causing me to go crazy. Then after about 5 more minutes of hard pounding and what felt like more orgasms he came inside me. He then told me “good girls clean their masters” and made me suck him clean. I was finally not a virgin and belonged to him fully.

He told me he was going to have a couple more rounds today before I was finished and he was going to use me in anal. We then layed naked for a little bit cuddling before he pulled me to the bathroom. He made me push the creampie out into the toilet in front of him then pee. I was shy soo I took a while but after he peed too then told me by then end of the week I would be drinking his piss.

We then showered together while he fucked me again and fingered my butt. It felt weird like I had to poop but he told me he loosening me for after. He then gave me an enema of his piss and made me use it for him. After my ass was clean for the enema, he fucked me until he came inside. We then finished the shower and went on the bed.

Daddy then told me it is time to give him my butt. He also said that it will be extra long anal session because the pill made his dick very hard and he won’t be cumming soon because he just came in me. I was a little scared because I don’t like anal and have only played with my butt using the toys he bought me. He also won’t use lube or condoms.

Anyways he set me up ass up and my face on a pillow. He then spit on my butthole and fingered me once. He then took his dick and put just the tip in and it hurt bad. He told me to just take it and slowly put it all in which completely broke my ass causing me to cry a lot. He asked me if I needed the safe word and I said no. He then told me he was going to got hard like he did my pussy earlier. I said ok and he immediately began using my butthole like I was just a sex toy. It hurt and I cried a lot but after what felt like forever (daddy says just 20 minutes) he finally pulled out and came in my pussy. He then had he suck him clean.

After that he told me I could have a break for the night but tomorrow he is training my butthole all day and he will fuck me when I sleep tonight. I had such an amazing time that night and besides my ass being abused I loved being used like meat. If you want the full week of free use sex I endured comment😉.

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