18F lost my virginity to a much older man

For some background I met Frank while I was out getting drinks with some friends. He came up to me and said I looked too young to be drinking I told him I was and we started flirting and talking and he gave me his number. He’s a lot older than me I’d guess late 40s maybe early 50s with a masculine but classy look to him, very hot. We’ve been chatting for a bit and recently he told me he’s taking me out.

He told me he’s taking me to a fancy restaurant and to look nice. I decided despite the cold I’d wear a sexy little black dress that hugged my body and barely covered my butt with a pair of heels and just a little red thong underneath. He picked me up at my dorm and he told me he was successful but I was still surprised when he helped me into probably the fanciest Mercedes I’ve ever seen. He told me I looked amazing and we made out before heading to the restaurant.

The restaurant was amazing and we got a few looks mostly from other men who were jealous, I’m sure. But I was a little nervous because Frank told me he had a hotel room for us to relax in after. We finished and he took me to the hotel.

The hotel was so fancy it’s hard to believe people live like he does.. we got to the room and it’s just as magnificent. we start making out passionately and I feel like I’m living in a dream. I’m loving feeling his lips against mine and his hands all over my body he’s so much bigger than me I feel tiny and sexy in his arms. He spins me around and spanks my ass and tells me not to worry we have all night and pours a drink and sits in chair by the windows. Me being the inpatient person I am decide I don’t want to wait all night and sit on his lap. I start kissing him passionately again and I taste the whiskey on his breath and then slide down his lap between his legs so I’m on my knees for him. I ask him if I can please have a taste and his pants are instantly down.

I know he’s got a great view of me in my dress that has now road up so my ass and thong are clearly on display and my feels still on as I look up at him and lick his shaft slowly. I lick up and down a few more times and he groans what a good girl I am. He has such a nice cock and I’m loving being able to pleasure it for him. Then I slowly take his cock in my mouth and start sucking.. up and down taking it deeper and rolling my tongue as I do. Moaning on his cock and gently sucking his balls. I keep sucking and work him as deep as I can in my mouth. Suddenly he grabs my hair and says he needs more and gets up and picks me up too.

He carries me over to the bed and pins me down and pulls my dress off. He immediately starts to suck on my tits and I can’t help but moan while he teases them with his mouth and tongue. Then he grabs my hair and pulls my head back and kisses and bites my neck which sends a shiver down my spine and makes me moan uncontrollably I feel his cock now grinding against my pussy over my thong. Each move and he slides and grinds against my pussy. I can feel myself soaking through my thong and I gasp that I’m scared and he tells me not to worry I’ll go slow. I’m so turned on everything is a blur but I’m also so nervous but also so desperate for more.

I feel him pulling my thong down and I instinctively raise my hips so he can pull it off me. He groans fuuuuck to himself as he looks at me completely naked legs spread for him. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this wet before I can feel it down my ass and everywhere. He pins me down and presses his body against mine I feel the tip of his cock touch my pussy lips. My heart is pounding now I’m both desperate for it but so scared for some reason I ask is it ok and he tells me it is and he’ll take it slow and I feel his cock press into me.

I feel my pussy spreading to take him inside me and even though he’s going slow I’m hit with such an intense feeling of pleasure, pain from feeling like I’m being stretched from the inside out and just like a primal desire to fuck. Time feels like it’s going so slow as he slides deeper into my pussy and the stretching is so intense but the pleasure of it all makes me want more. I feel like my pussy is being warmed by his cock and then suddenly he slides out and I moan so loud. The shock of feeling filled to empty was like nothing I’ve ever experienced but then he slides back in faster this time. The pain is less but still there and the stretching sensation much more enjoyable. Then he pulls out again and starts to get into a slow rhythm of thrusting his cock in and out of me. Everything is a blur and all I can do is lay there moaning every part of me focused on the waves of sensations coming from my pussy.

I don’t know if he’s been talking to me at all but I hear him ask if I want more and it harder. All I can do is nod and he tells me how perfect and tight my pussy is. And right when I thought my body was getting a grasp of the situation I feel him pull out faster and thrust in harder and deeper. I’m immediately brought back to the sensations of the first few thrusts as his cock goes deeper than I thought possible and the force of it makes my body feel useless and my pussy even hotter. I moan loud and grip the sheets as he starts to really fuck me now. Fucking my pussy hard and deep. I feel my body heating up and my pussy in unmatched pleasure then suddenly my body starts to like convulse and I feel wave after wave of pleasure radiating from my pussy out. My brain is ruined at this point all I can do is feel the waves of pleasure run through me and feel my pussy spasm around his cock. I would’ve been happy to just lay like that forever but Frank had other plans.

He keeps fucking me hard and part of me is worried I might pass out but all I can do is hold on. Then I feel his body tense up he slows down and does a few very deep and forceful thrusts into me then I feel like his cock got even harder and suddenly it starts throbbing in my pussy. I feel the throbbing pushing against my pussy as he moans and erupts in me. I feel a hot sensation in my pussy and feel his cock throb and with each throb my pussy feels hotter wetter and fuller. All I can do is lay there feeling like my whole body is vibrating in pleasure as I try to catch my breath. I feel him pull out of me and get up and as soon as he does I can feel his cum pouring out of my pussy. It’s such a hot feeling and I just take in all the sensations until I fall asleep.

I wake up the next day and he’s already up. I tell Frank thank you and it was so good. Thinking about it all is making me wet again until I remember he came in me I freak out and tell him I’m not on the pill he tells me not to worry and pulled out a plan b, guess he had already decided this was all happening. He says he’ll take me back to my dorm and he has some work to do but I tell him before that I want to thank him for yesterday and I climb on top of him.

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