18 Days of Futa Fun- Chapter 9 by Sadistic_Dominant

Day 4- part 2

Cadence was incredibly horny by the time she got home from school. She’d almost lost control in the locker room after cheerleading practice and she had ended up fucking Jasmine after all the other girls were gone. But it hadn’t provided anything more than immediate relief. The knowledge of what was going to happen after school kept her perpetually horny.

As she walked through her front door, Cadence saw her mother in the kitchen. She was washing dishes and looked absolutely beautiful in the dress she was wearing. Cadence walked up behind her mother and slipped her hands around her mother’s waist. “Hello sexy”, Cadence said and kissed her mother’s cheek.

“Mmm, hello”, Samantha said, feeling Cadence’s erection pressing against her ass. “Are you happy to be home”, Samantha asked her daughter, a sultry tone in her voice. “Very happy”, Cadence said, lifting her mother’s skirt and squeezing her firm ass cheeks.

“Fuck, I love your butt”, Cadence moaned as she gave her mother’s ass a slap. Samantha let out a yelp and wiggled her ass at her daughter. Cadence squeezed her mother’s cheeks once more before sliding a hand down between her legs. She moved aside her mother’s thong and rubbed a finger up and down her mother’s wet cunt.

“Mmm, Cadence”, Samantha moaned. “I really need to finish these dishes, baby.” “Later”, Cadence said as she massaged her mother’s clip. “Right now, I need you.” Cadence withdrew her fingers, causing Samantha to whine a little. But she quickly replaced her fingers with her thick cock, much to Samantha’s delight.

Samantha pushed back against her daughter as she felt Cadence’s thick dickhead rubbing against her pussy. “Stop teasing me and fuck me”, Samantha moaned and Cadence was only too happy to comply. She groaned loudly as she thrust forward, burying her thick shaft inside her mother’s depths.

“Fuck”, Samantha moaned as her pussy was filled up. She lost her grip on the sink and fell forward, bent over the edge, her dress getting wet in the soapy water. Cadence didn’t care, her mind consumed with the need to drain her balls. She held her mother in position as she rammed her cock deep inside the pussy she had come from.

“Fuck, you’re cunt feels amazing, mom. I could never get enough of this pussy”, Cadence moaned as she hammered her mother’s soaking wet gash. Her balls slapped against Samantha’s clip, sending waves of pleasure throughout the older woman as her pussy spasmed around the thick shaft buried inside her.

“I’m going to cum”, Samantha cried out, just as her pushy started to convulse. Her juices flowed out around the dick that was ramming into her, her cunt muscles squeezing Cadence’s dick like she was trying to milk it.

Cadence moaned as her mother’s pushy spasmed, never slowing down her rhythm. Her dick rammed into her mother’s wet pussy over and over again. “I’m going to flood your tight little cunt with my seed”, Cadence groaned as she started thrusting harder, going deeper into her mother’s womb. “Do it, fill me up with your cum, baby”, Samantha moaned, loving the feeling of her daughter’s dick stretching her pussy out.

Cadence thrust as deep as she could, burying the head of her dick in her mother’s cervix, before exploding in orgasm. She let loose a primal growl as her cock twitched and cum spurted into her mother’s womb. She held her mother in position until the last drop of sperm emptied from her dickhead into her mother.

As her dick began to soften and it slid out of her mother, Cadence grabbed her mother’s hair and pulled her head back. She pressed her lips against her mother’s and kissed her passionately. Both women moaned as they made out, their bodies flooded with endorphins from their respective orgasms.

Finally, after several minutes, Cadence pulled back and slapped her mother’s ass again. “Now, finish those dishes and then get started on dinner. I’ve got some friends from school coming over.” “Oh really? Do I know these friends”, Samantha asked as she resumed her washing. “Not yet. But tonight, I’m going to get to know them very well”, Cadence said with a grin.


A little while later, Samantha heard a knock on the door. As she opened it, she saw two gorgeous, Latina girls who were Cadence’s age. They were nearly identical, a little over five feet tall, long dark hair hair, large tits, and thick waists and asses. “Oh hi, you must be Cadence’s friends”, Samantha said as she let the girls in the house.

“I’m Martha and this is my twin sister Erica”, said the girl with the slightly smaller breasts. “Nice to meet you. I’m Samantha”, Samantha said and she blushed as the girls looked her up and down. She had changed into short shorts and a tank top, which barely contained her DD breasts.

“So”, Erica said, stepping closer to Samantha, “do you have a big dick like your daughter does?” Martha reprimanded her sister, but Samantha could tell that she was curious as well. “No, I’m just a regular woman”, Samantha said, smiling at the girls. “That’s too bad”, Erica said, her eyes locked onto Samantha’s body.

“What’s too bad”, Cadence said as she entered the room. She was wearing a plaid skirt and a white, button up shirt, tied just below her breasts. She looked like a sexy schoolgirl, with no hint of the big surprise beneath her skirt.

“It’s too bad your mother doesn’t have a dick too. We could have even more fun”, Erica said as she looked at Cadence. “Just because she has a pussy, doesn’t mean she isn’t fun”, Cadence said. “But, right now, she’s got to finish cooking. Why don’t you two come with me to the living room.”

Samantha went back to cooking and Cadence let Martha and Erica into the living room. She sat on the sofa and the twins sat on either side of her. Cadence grabbed the remote and quickly found a sexy movie on TV. “Just to get things in the mood”, she said as Martha put a hand on her thigh. “My sister and I don’t need anything to get us in the mood”, she said, a seductive look on her face.

Martha lifted Cadence’s skirt, revealing her massive election. Both girls moaned as Erica slid down on the floor in front of Cadence and Martha gripped Cadence’s shaft in her hand. Cadence moaned as Martha began stroking her shaft and running her tongue over Cadence’s dickhead, while Erica began licking Cadence’s balls.

“OH fuck, you two are good”, Cadence moaned, grabbing a handful of Martha’s hair. “We know”, Erica said, her voice cocky, before returning to licking Cadence’s balls. Martha lowered her head down, taking Cadence’s dick deeper and deeper into her throat, until her face rested against Cadence’s groin.

Cadence moaned loudly Martha hummed, sending vibrations up Cadence’s cock. The way Martha and Erica were using their mouths was driving Cadence crazy and she knew she wouldn’t last long. “Both of you, on your knees”, she growled and both girls hurried to assume the position.

Cadence stroked her shaft twice before exploding, her cum spurting from her dick and painting the twins’ faces. Martha and Erica moaned as Cadence’s hot spunk landed on their faces and in their hair. The second Cadence’s dick stopped cumming, the twins turned toward each other and began to lick each other’s face clean.

“Fuck, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen”, Cadence groaned as she watched first Erica, then Martha, lick her sister’s face until there wasn’t a drop of cum left on it. Afterwards, the two girls began to kiss passionately and Cadence could see her cum being swapped between them.

After a few moments, both girls swallowed and looked up at Cadence, showing their empty mouths. “You’re still hard”, Martha said. “That’s good, because we’re just getting started.” Both girls quickly stripped out of their clothes, their nude bodies displayed as they stood in front of Cadence.

“Fuck, you two are sexy”, Cadence moaned, beginning to feel that familiar, primal feeling come over her. “Now, you”, she said, pointing to Martha, “lay on your back on the sofa. Your sister is going to eat your cunt while I fuck hers.” “Yes ma’am”, Martha said and quickly laid on the sofa as Cadence stood up.

Erica got on her hands and knees and eagerly drove her face in between her sister’s legs. It was clear to Cadence that they’d enjoyed each other’s bodies before. And, as Erica ate her sister’s snatch, she wiggled her ass at Cadence, her cunt leaking juices. Cadence took the hint and stepped up behind the girl, rubbing her dick up and down her wet slit, before ramming it into her twat.

Erica cried out in pleasure as Cadence’s dick stretched out her cunt. Her face buried in her sister’s snatch each time Cadence thrust forward, causing both Martha and Erica to moan loudly. Martha grabbed her sister’s hair and ground her cunt against her sister’s face, loving how it felt to have Erica’s tongue thrust deep in her pussy.

Cadence held Erica’s thick hips as she pounded the girls soaking wet slit, hammering it harder than Erica had ever experienced before. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, Erica moaned as she felt her pussy beginning to spasm in orgasm. Her cunt convulsed on Cadence’s huge dick, which was still thrusting in and out of her, her juices erupting from her hole and running down her legs.

Cadence groaned and thrust hard and deep inside Erica a final time before sliding out of her pussy. Erica looked back and whined, feeling a void inside her gaping hole. “Don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet, you sexy slut”, Cadence said and moved her dick up to Erica’s asshole.

“I’ve never been fucked there”, Erica said, clearly a little apprehensive. “After tonight, you won’t be able to say that anymore”, Cadence said with a growl as she rubbed some of Erica’s pussy juices on her asshole for lube. “Look at me”, Martha said and Erica turned toward her sister. “I’m right here with you. After she pops your anal cherry, she’s taking mine”, Martha said with a sultry tone in her voice.

“Alright”, Erica said and resumed lapping her sister’s cunt. It was familiar and would help her stay calm as Cadence pushed her big dick inside the girl’s anus. Martha moaned as she once again felt her sister’s tongue lapping at her pussy.

Cadence applied pressure to Erica’s virgin asshole, her dickhead trying to force it’s way inside. Finally, with a pop, she slid into the tight, velvety backdoor. “Fuck, that hurts”, Erica moaned into her sister’s cunt. “I know, but it feels good to me”, Cadence said as she started moving her hips back and forth.

Her dick slid a little further inside Erica with each push. Cadence could feel Erica’s virgin asshole stretch further and further as her thick shaft invaded the girl’s anus. Finally, after several minutes of small thrusts, Cadence’s dick was completely buried in Erica’s asshole. Both girls moaned and Cadence slapped Erica’s ass cheeks, eliciting a yelp from the girl.

As Cadence pulled back, prepared to ram her dick completely back inside Erica, Samantha walked into the room. “Dinner’s ready girls”, she said, but stopped when she saw Cadence buried inside Erica’s ass. “Dinner can wait. Get over here and lick this slut’s pussy while I fuck her ass”, Cadence said. Samantha quickly obeyed her daughter, crawling underneath Erica and shoving her face in the girl’s cunt. As she tasted the Latina girl’s wet pussy, she knew that tonight was going to be a lot of fun.

To be continued…

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