18 Days of Futa Fun- Chapter 8 by Sadistic_Dominant

Day 4- Part 1

Cadence sat in her English class, bored out of her mind. She hated English, but she didn’t have a choice. At least the view was good though. Mrs. Waters was incredibly sexy, as Cadence was noticing for the first time. She had long blonde hair, dark blue eyes, double D tits, and a thick ass.

Cadence could feel her dick getting hard as Mrs. Waters discussed diagramming sentences. She wished she could fuck her teacher and then it came to her. She had failed her last test, so maybe she could get some time alone with Mrs. Waters and see how things went.

When the bell finally rang, Cadence walked up to her teacher’s desk. “Mrs. Waters, would you have some time to talk about the grade I got on my last test?” “The grade stands, Cadence”, Mrs. Waters said, clearly exasperated with students trying to weasel their way out of a bad grade.

“No, I know that. I was just wanting to find ways to improve on it, maybe some extra credit”, Cadence said, trying not to stare down Mrs. Waters’ blouse. “Sure. If you’re serious, then meet me here during your lunch period”, Mrs. Waters said and Cadence smiled. “I’ll see you then”, she said and happily left the classroom.


When the lunch bell rang, Cadence excitedly made her way to Mrs. Waters’ classroom. She entered to find the woman grading papers. “Have a seat”, Mrs. Waters said, indicating the chair across from her desk. Cadence elected to sit on the desk, her legs crossed, hiding her erection.

Mrs. Waters raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. Instead, she began rattling off ways Cadence could improve her grades, which quickly bored the girl. She definitely didn’t like listening to her teacher talk. She could think of a much better use for that mouth.

“Honestly, Mrs. Waters”, Cadence said, interrupting the woman, “I had an idea for extra credit. It’s something I’ve heard of girls doing when they’re in a bind.” “Oh really”, Mrs. Waters said, rolling her eyes. “And what would that be?” “You’re a very sexy woman, Mrs. Waters”, Cadence said and her teacher quickly caught on to what was happening.

“That is entirely inappropriate, young lady. And, flattering as it seems, even if I was going to allow myself to be propositioned by a student, I’m not at all into women”, Mrs. Waters said. “Really”, Cadence said, standing and walking closer to her teacher, who was clearly uncomfortable. “Are you sure”, she said and lifted her skirt, revealing her thick, rock hard cock.

“Oh my”, Mrs. Waters said, her eyes growing wide. “How do you”, she began, but Cadence put a finger to her lips. “It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I find you sexy”, she said as she unbuttoned the hem of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. “I want you. And I always get what I want.”

Mrs. Waters stared at Cadence’s dick as it came closer to her face. She knew she should stop what was happening, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. “Now, Christine”, Cadence said, using her teacher’s first name, “suck my dick like a good little whore.”

Cadence slid her dick between her teacher’s lips and Mrs. Waters began sucking. Cadence moaned loudly as she felt Mrs. Waters tongue teasing the hole in her dickhead. Mrs. Waters loved sucking dick and had done a fair bit of it in her forty years. But she had never wanted one as much as she wanted this one.

She grabbed Cadence by the ass and pulled the girl closer, feeling the thick shaft in her mouth enter her throat. Cadence groaned as the woman took her dick all the way down to the base, before sliding her mouth off again. Mrs. Waters pulled back until just the head was in her mouth and then she began running her tongue over it in earnest, while she stroked Cadence’s shaft and massaged her balls.

“Keep that up and I’m going to cum”, Cadence moaned. “Good”, Mrs. Waters said, before taking Cadence’s shaft back into her mouth. Cadence couldn’t hold back any more and groaned as her cock began to pulse cum into her teacher’s mouth. Mrs. Waters moaned as she tasted the salty nectar she loved so much. She swallowed every drop as it filled her mouth.

When she was finally done, she pulled back and looked at Cadence. “Fuck, that’s an amazing dick you have. I don’t suppose you could go another round, could you”, she said as she stood up and slipped out of her business skirt. Cadence nearly lost control as she saw her teacher’s mature cunt, with a trimmed blonde bush just above it.

“Christine, I can go all day in your little whore cunt”, she said and she turned her teacher around and bent her over her own desk. Mrs. Waters cried out in pleasure, not used to being handled so roughly. Her husband, although he was a good lover, was always gentle and kind. He would never treat her roughly or talk dirty to her. She forgot how much she’d missed it.

But it all came rushing back when Cadence called her a whore. As Cadence slammed her dick into her teacher’s cunt, Mrs. Waters felt her orgasm explode out of her. It was more intense than she’d had in years and it kept going, probably because Cadence kept going.

As she felt Mrs. Waters’ cunt spasming on her cock, she started slamming deep inside the woman’s depths. She rammed the full length of her dick into her teacher over and over again, loving the feeling of the mature pussy gripping her young shaft.

Teacher and student were lost in a haze of lust and fucking as Cadence hammered her dick home for the better part of a half hour. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and thrust deep inside Mrs. Waters before orgasming. She pumped her seed into the woman’s womb, filling her pussy to overflowing.

As she felt Cadence’s cum filling her up, Mrs. Waters experienced her final orgasm of the day. Her juices erupted from her pussy, squirting all over the young girl. She moaned out as she rode the high of her orgasm to it’s sweet conclusion.

Afterwards, she immediately knelt and began cleaning Cadence’s dick, as she’d always thought was appropriate for a woman to do. When she was done, she looked up at the girl and smiled. “That was amazing”, she said. “It really was”, Cadence said. “You are definitely my favorite teacher. I do hope we can have more of these ‘study sessions’.” “For sure”, Mrs. Waters said, already imagining the next time.


As Cadence left the classroom and started walking toward the cafeteria, she found herself being pulled into the girl’s restroom. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was Erica Martinez who had dragged her in here. “Hello Erica”, she said while obviously checking out the Latina beauty.

Erica was a carbon copy of her sister, Martha, except that her tits were even bigger. Cadence couldn’t wait for the twins to come over to her house tonight, so she could fuck them both. “My sister made me cancel a date tonight because she says we are staying at your house.”

“That’s right”, Cadence said. “I’m sorry about your date, but you won’t be sorry tonight.” “I’ll be the judge of that”, Erica said and she dropped to her knees and pulled down Cadence’s skirt. “Damn”, she said when she saw Cadence’s thick meat. “You like what you see”, Cadence asked confidently.

“Definitely”, Erica said. “Some of the boys have big dicks, but nothing like what you’ve got.” “Show me how much you like it”, Cadence said and Erica nodded, just before taking Cadence’s dick down her throat. Erica moaned as she slid her head back and forth on Cadence’s shaft.

Cadence couldn’t believe the feeling of getting blown so soon after she’d fucked another woman. She grabbed Erica’s hair and started fucking the girl’s face, slamming her cock down Erica’s throat. Erica just moaned and took it all, clearly enjoying being treated like a fuck toy.

Cadence fucked the girl’s face until she felt an orgasm building. But she wanted to cum somewhere else. She pulled her dick out and looked down at Erica. “Take your top off and let me see those massive titties of yours.”

Erica quickly pulled her shirt and bra off, revealing breasts that put even Cadence’s to shame. Cadence groaned when she saw them and began stroking her cock. Within three strokes, she orgasmed. She moaned as she pumped spurt after spurt of cum onto Erica, painting the girl’s large tits with her seed.

Erica moaned and began rubbing the cum into her skin. “I’m definitely going to enjoy tonight”, she said as she started getting dressed. “I think we all will”, Cadence said as she got dressed and left the restroom.

To be continued…

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