18 Days of Futa Fun- Chapter 7 by Sadistic_Dominant

Day 3- Part 3

Cadence Melody couldn’t help but stare for a moment when she saw her mother, Samantha,and her aunt, Lucy, hugging. It had been awhile since they had seen Lucy, so it made sense that Samantha was excited to see her sister. But, for Cadence, the sight was incredibly erotic.

Her mother was thicker, with large tits and a thick ass that Cadence loved to watch shake when she fucked her mother. Lucy, on the other hand, was more petite, although she still had amazing tits and a tight, firm ass. Cadence’s dick quickly grew erect as she watched.

“Hey, baby”, Samantha said as she pulled away from the hug and saw her daughter standing there. From the look on Cadence’s face, Samantha could tell that she was getting turned on. She sighed, hoping that Cadence wouldn’t put the moves on her aunt, but knowing it was most likely inevitable. “Look who’s here”, she said excitedly.

Lucy turned and squealed when she saw Cadence, then rushed over and hugged her tightly. “How’s my favorite niece”, she asked with a giggle. If she noticed Cadence’s hard-on, she didn’t say anything. “I’m good, aunt Lucy”, Cadence said. “How have you been?”

They all sat down at the table and Lucy told them about what had been going on in her life. She was a personal assistant to a rich businessman and she traveled all over the country with him. Cadence and Samantha had both always been a little envious, wishing they could have more excitement in their lives.

Although, now that she thought about it, Cadence had to admit that she had all the excitement she could want. “Enough about me”, Lucy said suddenly. “Tell me what’s going on with you. How’s school? Do you have a boyfriend?” Cadence laughed, loving her aunt’s perky energy, as well as her perky breasts, which Cadence found herself staring at.

“School’s fine, I keep a steady B average. And no, no boyfriend”, Cadence said. “I do have a few people I have some fun with though.” When Cadence said this, Lucy had been expecting her sister to reprimand her daughter. Samantha had always been kind of a prude. However, instead of a reprimand, Samantha laughed and she and Cadence shared a knowing look. Lucy decided to ask her niece about this later, but she let it go for now.

“That sounds like a lot of fun”, Lucy said. “Is it alright if I take a shower before dinner? I feel filthy from the airport.” “Sure”, Samantha said and Lucy headed toward the bathroom. As soon as she was out of sight, Samantha knelt before her daughter and lifted her skirt, revealing Cadence’s impressive erection.

“Baby, you’ve got to get this under control”, Samantha said as she licked up and down her daughter’s shaft. “I know, mom”, Cadence said, moaning as her mother’s tongue covered her entire shaft in saliva. “But aunt Lucy is so fucking hot. And I saw you two hugging and I started to imagine the two of you together. It’s like this dick has a mind of it’s own.”

Samantha laughed and then continued licking her daughter’s dick. “I’m sorry, baby. But you’ll figure it out. In the meantime, would you like to fuck me while your aunt is in the shower?” “Hell yes”, Cadence said with a growl and she quickly stood up.

Samantha bent over the table, wiggling her ass at her daughter. Cadence growled with desire and grabbed her mother’s legging, ripping a hole in the crotch. “Cadence, be careful”, Samantha said, but Cadence wasn’t listening. Her focus was on the dripping hole between her mother’s legs. She rubbed her thick dick up and down her mother’s pussy lips, eliciting a moan from Samantha. “Quit teasing me, baby”, she whined.

“Gladly”, Cadence said and thrust forward, burying herself inside her mother. “Fuck”, Samantha cried out as her daughter’s dick filled her pussy completely. Cadence didn’t waste any time, since she was so horny. She held her mother’s hips and started hammering at her mother’s cunt, her dick slamming deep inside her mother’s wet hole.

Samantha cried out as she orgasmed, her juices leaking out around Cadence’s dick. Cadence didn’t slow down as she felt her mother’s cunt convulsing. On the contrary, she went faster and harder, loving the feeling of a spasming pussy on her shaft.

“What the fuck”, came a voice from the hallway, Lucy’s voice. Both mother and daughter looked up to see Lucy standing there, wrapped in nothing but a towel. Cadence couldn’t stop, even knowing that they had been caught. “What’s going on here”, Lucy asked, even as another moan escaped Samantha’s lips.

“Isn’t it obvious”, Cadence said as she thrust forward hard, her balls slapping against her mother’s clit. “I’m fucking my slut of a mother.” Lucy walked closer, her eyes wide as she saw Cadence’s dick, driving in and out of her sister’s pussy. “That’s a dick”, she said, her mind reeling. “How do you have a dick, Cadence?” “Don’t ask stupid questions”, Cadence said as an idea came to her.

She pulled out of her mother and simultaneously grabbed her aunt’s shoulder and pushed her to her knees. Then she shoved her dick into her aunt’s open mouth. Lucy could taste the flavor of her sister’s cunt and she began sucking, almost as an automatic reaction.

Cadence couldn’t hold back long and soon her cock began to twitch and spurt cum into her aunt’s mouth. Lucy swallowed every drop, moaning at the delicious flavor. As she finished, she stood and licked her lips. Samantha sat up on the table and looked back and forth from her sister to her daughter.

“Okay, you two need to tell me what’s going on”, Lucy said, so Cadence began the tale. Once she finished, Lucy just shook her head in disbelief. “That’s crazy, but I can’t think of any other explanation. What I don’t understand is how you two started fucking.”

“Well, just look at that magnificent piece of meat”, Samantha said, grabbing Cadence’s still hard cock and giving it a few strokes. “Smell her musky scent and tell me that it doesn’t drive you crazy.” Lucy couldn’t help but nod, biting her lip as she looked at it. “Well, her cum did taste delicious”, she admitted. “I know, right”, Samantha said. “And she definitely knows how to fuck. No one has ever fucked me better than Cadence.”

Cadence smiled at the compliment just as the air filled with the smell of delicious food. “I need to check on dinner”, Samantha said and went to the oven. Lucy looked her niece up and down. “That is a rather impressive dick.” “Thank you”, Cadence said. “I’m really enjoying it.” “I’ll bet”, Lucy said with a smirk. “Tell me, are you always so rough when you fuck?” “Always”, Cadence said with a grin. “Good”, Lucy said as she dropped her towel, revealing her body to her niece.

Cadence’s dick twitched as she saw her aunt’s firm, perky tits, her flat stomach, and her smooth pubic region above a tight looking slit. Cadence walked over and grabbed her aunt’s waist, lifting up the smaller woman and setting her on the table.

She took Lucy’s left nipple in her mouth, suckling and flicking it with her tongue before biting down. Lucy let out a yelp, her pussy getting wetter with each passing moment. Cadence’s fingers moved to Lucy’s other breast, massaging her fleshy mound and pinching her nipple. Lucy cried out and moaned as she ran her fingers through her niece’s hair.

After a few moments, Cadence moved up and kissed her aunt. Lucy kisses back passionately, her tongue slipping into the younger woman’s mouth. They made out for a little while, their hands wandering over each other’s bodies. Then Cadence pulled back and growled. “Now, slut, I’m going to destroy that pussy.” Lucy felt her cunt spasm when Cadence called her a slut. She laid back and spread her legs, revealing her sopping wet slit.

“Damn, that looks good”, Cadence said as she stepped closer to her aunt. She rubbed her dick up and down Lucy’s wet slit, before pushing inside. Lucy let out a cry of pleasure as she felt Cadence stretching her pussy out. “Fuck, you’re big”, Lucy moaned as Cadence thrust deeper inside her.

“You’re fucking tight as hell”, Cadence groaned, her aunt’s pussy gripping her dick like a glove. “When’s the last time you got fucked?” “Yesterday, by my boss”, Lucy said with a grin. “I just make sure to keep it tight.” “Well, whatever you’re doing is working”, Cadence said, moaning as she finally buried her shaft inside Lucy’s cunt.

Lucy felt an orgasm rip through her as Cadence’s full girth filled her pussy beyond capacity. Her juices squirted out as Cadence started sliding back and forth, her aunt’s convulsing pussy massaging her shaft. “The food is done”, Samantha said, coming back into the room.

“Guess what”, Cadence said with a smirk as she thrust hard into her aunt. “Aunt Lucy doesn’t mind me having a dick. Now, get up on the table and sit on your sister’s face, slut.” Samantha bit her lip, her pussy gushing as her daughter ordered her around. She eagerly obeyed, climbing onto the table and straddling her sister’s face.

Lucy had never seen her sister’s cunt before, although she had thought about it a few times when they were younger. And now it was directly above her mouth, dripping pussy juice. “Eat her out, slut”, Cadence said, followed by a particularly hard thrust.

Lucy groaned and grabbed her sister’s hips, pulling her down. She shoved her tongue into Samantha’s cunt, swirling her tongue around and tasting her older sister’s sweet nectar. “Fuck, you’re good at that”, Samantha moaned, her sister using her tongue in a way that Samantha had never experienced before.

Watching her aunt eat her mother’s pussy was one of the most erotic things Cadence had ever seen. She started fucking Lucy’s pussy faster, her orgasm quickly building. “Fuck, I’m about to cum”, Lucy moaned into her sister’s cunt. “Me too”, Cadence said as she felt herself go over the edge.

She thrust hard, going as deep as she could and her dick exploded. Cum spurted from her dickhead, filling her aunt’s tight, wet cunt. “Holy fuck”, Lucy moaned, the feeling of Cadence’s jizz pumping inside her setting off her own orgasm.

As Samantha watched her daughter filling her little sister’s pussy, she orgasmed as well. Lucy swallowed as much as she could, trying not to drown in her sister’s pussy juice. The room soon filled with the smell of sex as all three women came down from the high of orgasm.

“Fuck, that was amazing”, Samantha said as she got down from the table. “I know”, Lucy said. “That pussy of yours is delicious. And you”, she said, pointing to Cadence, “you know how to fuck better than anyone I’ve ever been with.” “Well, it helps that I have such a sexy family”, Cadence said. “Now, let’s eat and then we’ll have some more fun.”

To be continued…

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