18 Days of Futa Fun – Chapter 6 by Sadistic_Dominant

Day 3 – Part 2

Cadence got out of the shower and began drying herself off. Both Kelly and Jasmine had gone home, both happily fucked, a few hours ago. Now Cadence was by herself and she had been discovering some things about herself.

After realizing that she really enjoyed hurting Jasmine, she was determined to find out what else she might be into now. And, for the past few hours, going through several different porn sites, she had learned a lot.

Besides learning that she was really a sadist and a dominant, Cadence was also intrigued by bondage and using things like nipple clamps and foggers. So she had logged into a bdsm website. She had found several things she wanted, as well as some others that looked interesting, and placed an order. They would be here in a few days.

In the meantime, Cadence would just enjoy learning more about what it was to have a dick. As she was drying off, she heard the front door open and she walked down the hall and saw her mom entering the house. “Hey honey”, Samantha said. “Your aunt Lucy is coming over for dinner tonight.”

“Awesome”, Cadence said. Lucy was her mother’s younger sister, only six years older than Cadence. Cadence had always looked at Lucy like a cool, older sister and Lucy was always happy to give her advice about boys, school, and life.

Now though, Cadence felt something else as she thought about her aunt. As with her mother and Kelly, when Cadence thought of her aunt, it was like her dick took over. Cadence pictured Lucy’s short, often brightly colored hair in a pixie cut around her heart shaped face. She pictured Lucy’s breasts, a full c cup, firm and perky above a flat tummy. And then she thought about Lucy’s round ass, so thick and perfect.

Samantha watched as her daughter’s dick grew rock hard, sticking straight out in front of her. The hunger she had felt for the past two days returned and she quickly rushed over and dropped to her knees. She began stroking Cadence’s shaft, licking the tip.

“What’s got you so horny, baby”, Samantha asked in between kicks. “I was thinking about aunt Lucy”, Cadence said, “and I couldn’t control it. Now, drain my dick like a good slut.” Samantha felt her pussy get instantly wet, soaking her panties, when Cadence spoke to her like that. She took her daughter’s dick in her mouth, swirling her tongue over the shaft as she bobbed her head.

“Holy fuck, you are the best little cocksucker ever”, Cadence groaned as she felt an orgasm building. She grabbed a handful of her mother’s long, dark hair and started fucking her face. Her balls slapped against her mother’s chin as she slammed her dick down her mother’s throat. Samantha did her best not to gag as she took her daughter down her esophagus.

Between the amazing feeling of her mother’s mouth and picturing her sexy aunt riding her dick, Cadence didn’t last long. She pulled back until just the head of her dick was inside her mother’s mouth and exploded. Samantha moaned as she felt her daughter’s cum spurting against her tongue, filling her mouth with its salty flavor.

After almost a minute, Cadence pulled her dick out of her mother’s mouth. Samantha held her mouth open, showing Cadence the huge load she was holding. “Good little slut, now swallow it”, Cadence said in a firm tone and Samantha happily obeyed. She nearly had an orgasm as she tasted Cadence’s seed and felt it flowing into her stomach.

“Fuck, I love doing that”, Samantha said as she stood and then kissed Cadence. Cadence could taste her own cum on her mother’s tongue and it turned her on. “But you have to be careful tonight. I don’t know if Lucy would be cool with you having a dick”, Samantha said. “I know”, Cadence answered with a sigh, although part of her was already planning how to fuck her aunt. “I’m going to get dressed and then go for a jog. Have food waiting for me when I get back”, Cadence said, slapping her mother’s ass before going to her bedroom.


Cadence ended up jogging to the park, trying to keep her mind on anything but her aunt. Thankfully, there were several distractions. Women all over the place, dressed in tight shorts and sports bras, were out running; women in sundresses spending time with boyfriends and husbands. Now that she had a dick, especially when she was aroused, it was like Cadence had a radar that found any and all women that were anywhere near her.

And then she saw someone that nearly made her cum, just from looking. Martha Martinez, a girl from school. She stood just over five feet tall and had a perfect figure. She was thick and had large tits, at least DDs, and a thick ass.

Cadence tried her best to hide her erection as she walked over to Martha. Both Martha and her twin sister, Erica, had reputations for being easy, which Cadence used to mock them for. But now she hoped it was true. “Hey Martha”, she said as she got closer to the girl. “Hey Cadence, how are you doing”, Martha asked.

“Good, I’m good”, Cadence said, her eyes wandering over the girl’s body. “Um, could I ask you for a favor?” “Sure, what’s up”, Martha said, her Latina accent making her words sound sexy. “Well, there’s not a lock on the stalls at the public restroom here. Could you stand guard for me while I use the toilet?”

Martha laughed and nodded. “Sure, I understand”, she said and the two of them walked to the brick building that housed the toilets. Once inside, Cadence quickly locked the door, bringing an inquisitive look to Martha’s face. “What’s going on”, she asked.

Without a word, Cadence pulled her shorts down, her stiff dick sticking straight out. “Oh my god”, Martha said as she walked closer, wrapping her hand around Cadence’s thick shaft. “Who knew a white girl could pack such and impressive cock”, she said as she dropped to her knees.

Cadence moaned as Martha expertly began licking and sucking her dick, Martha’s tongue teasing the hole in Cadence’s dickhead, even as Martha’s hands fondled Cadence’s balls. “Mmm, someone likes what I’m doing”, Martha purred and then stood back up.

“A monster like that deserves more than a mouth”, she said as she pulled her shorts down and tossed them on the floor. Cadence groaned at the sight of Martha’s pussy, a neat, trimmed patch of curly, black hair just above it. Martha placed her hands on the sink, sticking her ass out. “Fuck me hard”, she said firmly and Cadence quickly complied.

She stood behind the girl and rubbed her dick up and down Martha’s wet slit, using the girl’s pussy juice to lubricate her shaft. Then she shoved her dick into Martha’s cunt, burying several inches in one thrust. Martha cried out in Spanish as her pussy convulsed in orgasm, juices squirting out all over Cadence.

Cadence moaned loudly as Martha’s cunt spammed on her dick. She held the girl’s wide hips and started sliding back and forth, her dick going deeper with each thrust. Martha cried out in pleasure as Cadence stretched her pussy out, Cadence’s huge dick going deep inside her twat.

“Fuck, now I know why all the guys love you”, Cadence groaned as she finally buried herself completely in Martha’s cunt. “Does your sister feel this good?” “I don’t know”, Martha said with a coy smile. “Maybe you’ll just have to try her out too. I know she would love to experience this big dick.”

Cadence moaned as she imagined having both sisters at once. She pulled her dick back and then rammed it forward hard, eliciting another cry from Martha. She did this several times, roughly abusing the girl’s pussy with her dick. Then she started speeding up, using faster, shallow strokes as she felt her orgasm building.

“Cum in me, perra”, Martha moaned as her pussy spasmed in orgasm once again. The sexy way that Martha spoke, combined with her convulsing pussy, pushed Cadence over the edge. She thrust hard and deep, burying herself in the girl’s cervix, and exploded.

Her cum pulsed in Martha’s pussy, flooding her womb with Cadence’s seed. “Take it, bitch. Take all of my jizz”, Cadence groaned as she held the girl fast until her cock stopped twitching. As she slid out of Martha’s gaping hole, she smiled. “Damn, that was good. But I definitely want to fuck that ass too.”

“That sounds amazing”, Martha said, a purr in her voice. “How about my sister and I sleep over at your house tomorrow after school? Think you could handle both of us?” “Oh, I can definitely handle both of you”, Cadence said as she pulled her shorts back up. “Good. Then I’ll see you tomorrow”, Martha said as she got dressed and then left.


By the time Cadence got home, she could smell food cooking. She walked into the kitchen, finding her mother at the stove. “I’m home”, she said as she grabbed her mother’s ass, squeezing her firm left cheek. Samantha yelped, but smiled back at her daughter. “Did you have a good run?”

“I did”, Cadence said, thinking about Martha and excited about tomorrow. “Good. Now go take a shower. Lucy will be here soon”, Samantha said. “Alright”, Cadence said and slapped her mother’s ass before walking away.

As she rinsed off in the shower, Cadence’s mind turned to her aunt. Her dick began to stiffen as she thought about Lucy and she knew she had to at least try to fuck her. After she toweled off, Cadence got dressed in a skirt that would just barely cover her ass and a top that showed off her large tits.

As she walked down the stairs, she heard laughter, recognizing her aunt’s voice. “Aunt Lucy”, she squealed as she walked into the kitchen and found her mother and aunt hugging. She stopped as she felt her cock twitching. Seeing the two women hugging was the hottest thing ever. And the evening was just starting.

To be continued…

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