Squirting to dicks (F22)

I have been so horny lately! I have been rubbing my pussy and squirting to dicks online. I constantly get a flow of messages online with guys showing me pictures and videos of their dicks (I prefer the videos). I like to tease them with my pictures and see how hard they get from my … Read more

Life Can be a Dream [F] & [M]

“We shouldn’t,” she said in a soft voice, barely audible by him, “I don’t think this is a good idea.” Their faces were inching closer by the second. Their noses touching at the ends; all that could be heard was the beating of their hearts, as one in unison. They had never felt like this … Read more

A vacation with me and my step mom

It was a beautiful summer day when my stepmom, Lisa, surprised me with the news of a vacation getaway. Excitement filled the air as you packed my bags, eager to embark on this adventure together. The destination was a picturesque beachside resort, promising warm sands, clear waters, and unforgettable memories. Upon arrival, the resort greeted … Read more

In the Kitchen | Part two

**PART TWO** You turn your head as you approach to reveal a long, delicate neckline which extends in line with lush cleavage. As you inhale, your breasts blossom and I run a gentle finger along the strap of your bra down to the cup. I curl my finger around the fabric and pull lightly. A … Read more

I (63 M) passed up the chance to give a BJ at a men’s room gloryhole.

I’m 63, in the midst of a divorce, mostly straight but gave head at adult bookstore gloryholes decades ago. Today I was walking past a downtown office complex, when I needed to use a men’s room. I know some of the men’s rooms around here are known for anon gay “understall” sex, but I figured … Read more

Her Master Plan. Part 1

This is a story I made up. If you like it, be sure to upvote, comment, check out my other stories, and follow me for my most recent content. Now that you’re graduated, you need to get a job. That is what everyone kept telling me. Working nine to five just wasn’t the kind of … Read more